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					November 2008 Mao Dun current political literature

  Current Mao Dun Literature Association
  1, the domestic parts: one of the founders of modern genetic science, Professor Tan
Jiazhen, at 7:18 on the November 1 points in the Shanghai East Hospital, died at the
age of 100. (See here) highly anticipated seventh Literature Award presentation
ceremony on November 2 evening hometown of Mao Dun - Jiangnan Water Town
Wuzhen Zhejiang held. Member of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau,
Secretariat of the CPC Central Propaganda Department director Liu Yunshan attended
the ceremony and the award-winning writer for the award. Literature Award
sponsored by the Chinese Writers Association, according to Mr. Mao last wish was
established in 1981 to praise good novel creation, is the highest honor our country
with one of literary awards. The scope of the current selection in 2003 to 2006,
published or published novel. Jia's "Qin Opera", Chi Zijian's "right bank of the
Argun", Zhou Daxin's "lake", Mak's "plot" four novel award. At 11:45 on the 3rd, the
Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait Chairman Chen Yunlin, ARATS
consultations led by the delegation arrived in Taiwan and Taiwan. Chen Yunlin,
president of the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait on the 4th morning
and Chiang Pin-kung, chairman of Taiwan's Straits Exchange Foundation, held talks
in Taipei. The two sides of cross-strait air links, direct shipping, postal cooperation,
food safety and other issues were discussed, on the mainland residents to Taiwan to
continue to promote tourism, and cooperation to tackle the financial crisis, strengthen
the dialogue carried out cross-strait economic exchanges, and on the next stage two
negotiation issues, strengthening the Association's liaison to carry out exchanges and
cooperation in exchange of views on such matters. 2008 Fourth World Urban Forum
at 9 o'clock on the 3rd opened in Nanjing. Member of the CPC Central Committee
Political Bureau, Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang attended the opening ceremony. He
pointed out that China's urbanization strategy, we must fully reflect the requirements
of the scientific development concept, through practice and exploration, to embark on
a road of urbanization with Chinese characteristics. Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao
arrived in the morning of the 4th High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Institute study recently completed Beijing Electron Positron Collider Upgrade Project,
and discussions with scientists. Beijing Electron Positron Collider is the world's eight
high-energy accelerator centers. Converted from 30-ton oil tanker tonnage of the
world's largest floating production storage vessel - "Apollo Matsuhisa" round, Nov. 5
in the smooth delivery of Dalian COSCO Shipyard owner MODEC Japanese
companies. The wheel assembly offshore oil production, processing, storage,
transportation as a whole, the master 315 m, type width of 60 meters, as a small
refinery. This series of modified shipping orders to undertake and implement, modify
shipment marks the history of China's shipbuilding industry entered a new phase. 6
morning, the ARATS and the SEF Grand Hotel in Taipei, rare plants and animals give
each other a press conference held on the mainland giant pandas presented to Taiwan
compatriots and the dove tree saplings, donated to the Taiwan compatriots on the
mainland serow and sika deer. Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou on the 6th morning at the
Taipei Guest House met with ARATS Chairman Chen Yunlin and consultation
Members of the delegation, such as SEF, SEF Chairman Chiang Pin-kung staff. Both
sides in a cordial and friendly atmosphere, give each other a gift. November 7, the
CPC Central Committee, State Council, Central Military Commission in Beijing's
Great Hall to celebrate the Shenzhou VII manned space mission a complete success
the General Assembly. CPC Central Committee General Secretary and State President
and CMC Chairman Hu Jintao for the astronauts Zhai Zhigang, Liu Boming, Jing
Haipeng were presented with medals and certificates. CPC Central Committee
Political Bureau Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee Chairman
Jia Qinglin met with 7 famous entrepreneur in Hong Kong, Tsang Hin Chi, chairman
of Mr. Zeng Xianzi Manned Space Foundation, on behalf of the CPC Central
Committee Jia Qinglin at the meeting and the State Council on the Tsang Hin Chi
donor set up a foundation to support the motherland, Mr. Space thanked the cause of
patriotic move. November 7, the World Health Organization's first Congress on
Traditional Medicine in Beijing. WHO Director-General Margaret Chan said the
system of traditional medicine and Western medicine systems do not conflict with
each other, especially in the context of primary health care, the two can live in
harmony, learn from each other. 3-day Conference, including the international
intergovernmental forum, adopted and issued the "Beijing Declaration" and traditional
medicine, acupuncture therapy and human health, health treatment practices, health
care systems of self-care and other four satellites will be from 80 1100 people
attended a number of countries. China International Friendship Cities Conference on
November 8 in Beijing. Vice President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony and
delivered a speech entitled "Strengthening international exchanges and cooperation in
the city of Friends, to promote friendship between peoples of the world" speech. The
International Sister Cities Conference in China by the Chinese People's Association
for Friendship with Foreign Countries and China jointly organized the International
Sister Cities Association. The theme is "Harmonious world: their friendship, to jointly
cooperate and build a peaceful and common development." From 34 countries, more
than 70 provinces, states, cities and foreign countries on behalf of local government
organization, Sister Cities Association, and Chinese local governments are responsible
for about 500 people who attended. Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council
executive meeting recently, decided to implement a nationwide VAT reform,
considered and approved in principle the "Provisional Regulations on Value Added
Tax The People's Republic of China (Revised Draft)", "The People's Republic of
China Interim Regulations on Consumption Tax (Amendment Bill) "and" The
People's Republic of China Interim Regulations on Business Tax (Amendment Bill). "
The meeting decided that, since January 1, 2009 onwards, in all parts of the country,
all industries to implement VAT reforms. The main elements of reform are: to allow
companies to offset the VAT contained in the newly acquired equipment, while the
abolition of capital gains tax exemption of imported equipment and foreign-funded
enterprises purchasing domestic equipment, value-added tax rebate policy, the
small-scale VAT taxpayers uniform rate to 3%, the minerals back to the 17% VAT rate.
November 11th CPC Central Committee, met with a forum to commemorate the
110th birth anniversary of Comrade Liu Shaoqi. November 11, the China Disabled
Persons Federation Fifth National People's Congress opened in Beijing's Great Hall.
Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao, Jia Qinglin, Li Changchun, Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, He
Guoqiang, Zhou Yongkang, seated on the rostrum, congratulated the session. Hu
Jintao, Vice Premier Li Keqiang on behalf of the CPC Central Committee, State
Council, delivered a speech entitled "Promoting the cause of persons with disabilities
in the new starting point to speed development to win new victories in building a
moderately prosperous society the common struggle," the speech. Second, the
international section: Germany, hundreds of thousands of non-ferrous metals and
electronics workers went on strike Nov. 3 to require substantially higher wages.
German trade union IG Metall said workers at work on the 3rd took part in the strike.
Affected companies, including industrial giant Siemens and the car manufacturers
Daimler and Ford. Workers demanded wage increases of 8%, but the employer agreed
to pay only 2.1%. IG Metall trade union that the company's profitable growth in
Germany than German workers much faster salary growth. But the German company
said the global financial crisis to make a more substantial salary increases become less
realistic. Up to two years in the U.S. 2008 presidential election finally over, Obama
won a landslide election victory, as American history,
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