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No kids no kids with Woodpecker


									No kids no kids with woodpeckers

 Woodpecker no kids trees

  language class, we had to write words to practice Figure. Two images, the first
painting of an old tree grandfather was sick, the body of many insects, trees Grandpa
is very painful. A woodpecker fly, give him to catch insects. The second picture is the
woodpeckers to trees grandfather finished catch insects, trees grandfather's illness
well, grinned. Simple tips, the students began to write words, and then exchange.
  first up to read is Tom Jia Rui. He not only stated in Figure Italy, also wrote the
dialogue trees grandfather and woodpeckers, are very specific. Especially the last
sentence: "trees grandfather Woodpecker said: 'Thank you! You tarry here now!'" Full
of deep human touch, very moving. Students also affirmed that the woodpeckers that
live in trees.
  recognition of some enlightening comments, the second student read together. She
called the Woodpecker Woodpecker Miss, some students laugh. But she did not call
the old tree grandfather said to the old tree, I asked the students what a good call. By
comparison, the students certainly the latter, because the more polite term grandfather
trees, is to talk to the people to speak politely.
  third reading is up Wu Di. When he read "the woodpecker pecked out the bugs one
by one to feed his children," we shouted in Minzhe immediately countered: "No!
Woodpecker no kids!" I could not help laughing. What a sweet and innocent child!
  "on! Woodpecker no kids."
  "his children at home!"
  rebuttal to the students are proud of Wu Di some stiff in there. Perhaps He thought it
was a written most successful too! Because no other students thought of catching a
bug going woodpeckers feed his baby, he thought.
, but the map does not draw woodpeckers children. The how to guide these students,
not hurt their self-esteem, but also to encourage them to do bold imagination and
  I said: "Students get really careful observation. Map does not draw woodpeckers
children. Then usually Woodpecker catch the worm is not going to feed his children
think of it? "
" of course, fed, or else how his baby grow up? "is the voice of Choi Jin.
  "do not feed the baby if he died of hunger." Liu Yifei added.
  "then we look at Figure. Trees grandfather was ill, he was very painful. This time
he's most looking forward to what?" I further inspire students.
  "for the woodpecker hurry to complete his body to catch insects." Is the voice of
many students.
  "grandfather trees so painful to see the woodpecker is a cure would let Grandpa? Or
first go to feed his children?" I say this, Wu Di some understand: "Oh, if the first
feeding kids home If, on the delay time. or would let Grandpa treatment must bear. "
" then there is neither delay to the grandfather treatment without delay feeding her
baby do? "I have this question, again children's thinking activated:
 "can catch up on the side of the first worm, and other finished sending home the
whole catch."
 "in his mouth do not swallow, then spit it back home . "
" baby if hungry, they can not feed first. and so caught the bug again next feed. "
 ... ...
 student wrote the words to enrich the content changes, read on . This class, on the
very full.

  analysis: to encourage students to free expression and creative expression, shackles
on student writing, writing for the students to provide favorable conditions for
independent and broad space, is the new curriculum of the writing requirement for
training Students interested in writing an important prerequisite. The practice writing
words, I pay attention to the protection of student innovation and imagination to the
students own writing left a wide space, so a success.
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