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Moscow_ the Republic of Altai Republic


									Moscow, the Republic of Altai Republic of

 in the Altai Republic in Moscow

  I. Overview
. Location
  Eurasia Center is located in the Altai Republic, West Siberia, the Altai mountains in
southern, east Twa Republic, South and Kazakhstan, which borders China and
Mongolia, North and take the world Kemerovo, Altai border northwest is area. It
ranges in longitude 84 ° 00 'to 89 ° 50', latitude 49 ° 05 'to 52 ° 35', central city Gorno
- altaysk 3641 km from the capital Moscow, and Moscow time difference is 3 hours
  is located in the Republic of Altai mountains, the terrain is more complex: hills,
mountains, valleys and gentle hill slope and height above sea level, the disparity in the
Peak District, the main mountain ranges in the southeast, that cartoon mountains and
Qurei mountains; in the northwest Ministry is cut a less mountains and
bashcheleakskiy mountains, Belukha mountain altitude 4506 meters, is the highest
mountain range in Siberia. Mountain grassland lowland is mainly Abay grassland,
grassland and Ochoa Qurei grassland and so many mountains and rivers, lakes,
everywhere is the region's major geographical features.

. Natural resources,
  (1) Land Resources: Altai Republic is rich in land resources. 1998 statistics, the
Republic of the agricultural land area of 1,280,600 hectares, of which 140,500 ha of
cultivated land. On soil composition, the soil of the Republic can be divided into three
zones: one with a mountain of soil, that alpine permafrost, alpine meadows and
mountain grassland, the second mountain forest belt, he incurs the erosion of forest
land, three are montane steppe zone. The first soil with poor quality, climatic
conditions are not suitable for crop growth, but large grassland area, could harvest a
lot of forage, grazing is more suitable for the development industry. The second soil
with gravel everywhere, there are rocks and cliffs, barren soil, where students
Zhangzhuoxuduo tall trees worthy of exploitation and soil conservation, climate
regulation and the role of health care. Can be used to grow silage and other feed
limited land area suitable for the development of the rest of the industry and the red
deer grazing cattle and sheep farming. The third soil with slopes and mountains to the
piedmont depressions mainly focused on more than half of the Republic of arable land,
the quality of most of chernozem, for planting grain, cash crops, vegetables, fruits and
fodder crops.

  (2) Water resources: the Republic of Altai mountains and giant river criss-cross, the
size of lakes. The main rivers are: cartoon River - the left tributary of the Ob river
length of 688 km, drainage area of 60,900 square kilometers, and its major tributaries
are argut River, Ochoa River, Koksa River and Xie Maer River, etc. ; Biya River - the
main tributary of the Ob River on the right, originated teletskoye Lake, length 301 km,
drainage area of 73,000 square kilometers. The Republic of Russia, Siberia and the
Far East as well as one of the highest concentration of lakes, more than 7,000 lakes,
most of them karst lake, moraine lake and natural lake dikes, most notably when the
number of teletskoye Lake. Teletskoye Lake in the local known as the "golden lakes"
reputation, is located 434 meters northeast of the Altai Mountain Division, an area of
223 square km, depth 325 meters, 40 cubic kilometers of water quality above. The
Republic of groundwater resources are abundant. Glacier Water is the important part
of the Republic. Have been identified, a total of 1,500 glaciers are more than a total
area of more than 900 square kilometers, the volume over 57 cubic kilometers, or 52
cubic kilometers of water volume over the Altai Republic of the river's annual flow
40,000 cubic km.
  (3) Forest resources: Forest Resources of the Republic of Altai area of 3,685,000
hectares total, of which 2.34 million ha of forest cover, forest cover was 41.5%,
timber stock volume was 4.72 billion cubic meters mature forest and mature forest
had about 50%. Conifers the majority, the main species of the Siberian fir and spruce.
  (4) Mineral resources: Altai Republic of underground buried many precious metals
and rare metals such as gold, mercury, molybdenum, cobalt, tantalum and lithium. All
of the Republic has proven more than 20 tungsten, molybdenum, cobalt, nickel,
bismuth, and tin producing area, southwest of the Republic also found copper,
manganese, tin, coal lignite origin. Including bismuth, tantalum, lithium, rubidium
and cesium is rich reserves, not only in the Russian Far East, and Russia is unique in
the whole, the development and use of mineral resources on the Russian defense
industry and other high-tech industry has an important value. Silver Mountain Water
released Qurei, Saransk mountains and 恰雷什斯科 - Jieliekesi Mountains, the
development prospects of the most abundant of which is Qurei silver mountain water.
In addition, the Republic also has abundant resources of iron ore and various building
materials. Such as the Hall were mountains of magnetite reserves of 800 million tons.
  (5) animal and plant resources: According to incomplete statistics, the Republic has
more than 60 kinds of mammals, 220 species of birds and 11 species of reptiles, and
other amphibians, rivers and lakes have more than 20 kinds of fish, only the Czech
Republic Liecikeye the lake there are 13 different kinds of fish, including whitefish
teletskoye is unprecedented in the whole Russia. More than 50 species of animals and
birds with hunting value, the Republic of Altai mountains in Siberia has become one
of the best natural hunting ground for hunting enthusiasts attractive hunting tourists.
Suitable climatic conditions and complex terrain conditions for the formation of a
variety of local flora. The Republic grew more than 2,000 species of plants, of which
more than 40 species of all kinds of berries, high content of vitamin antibacterial
ingredients. So far, more than 100 species of roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit
formally used in medicine production.

. Territorial and administrative divisions
  the current administrative divisions, the 10 administrative regions under the
jurisdiction of the Altai Republic, 88 administrative villages and one city. 10
administrative regions is kosh-agach area (an area of 19,900 square km, population
1.62 million), Myoma areas (surface / center>

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