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 dialogue on moral education teachers and students

  teacher is a bridge to communicate with a human yesterday and tomorrow; teacher is
the gardener, their dedication, unknown; Recently, some authors, that teacher is a poet,
each student is the poem he wrote, is made outstanding students of poetry. The image
of the metaphor, are highly praised the teachers in the important role of education, but
if we look at from the perspective of another one, but not difficult to find: the analogy
too much emphasis on the dominant position of the teachers. The history of modern
education in China since 810 BC that "respect knowledge, respect talent," the slogan,
examination-oriented education also emerged, in order to meet the test, most teachers
teach like a machine, play the role of education authority teachers have the dominant
position of the establishment of high level, the neglect of education should be the
double of the main activities of mutual assistance. This led the students into a vessel
of knowledge, moral mouthpiece, the goal of education is also anticipating the
alienation obedient to cultivate a "slave" at home and listen to your mother, listen to
teachers in schools. I address this a phenomenon, write this article about the Modern
School Moral Education 1 point.
  moral education is that teachers develop students purposefully moral, political and
ideological activities. Very great importance to moral education in ancient China,
"university" in the outset: "The doctrines put the family in the PFP, in all worlds. ""
Mean "also had a saying:" Heaven-endowed nature, whims of that Road, cultivating
of that religion. "Tang dynasty writer Han Yu educator's" preaching, Tuition, FAQ, "it
points out the moral is the purpose, direction, Tuition, and FAQ is the process and
means. However, moral education in ancient China was mainly to force through social
rationality and norms, the Chinese feudal oppression of human nature, personality and
enterprising spirit, self-esteem, confidence and self-love is destroyed, or even kill, all
from under the constraints of society the inculcation of a rational model. Mr. Lu is
also deeply ironic that such an education: "to impose Shi Hu-style education, they can
use henchmen, impose sheep style education, they went to extreme emergency, but
also with one pair of poor angle. However, we applied what kind of education do,
even a small angle can not be there, the apocalyptic, the only way to escape it like
rabbits. "〔" Northern and southern mobilization of Funan and fled, "〕 Clearly, our
existing moral system, born out of traditional moral education, an area of heavy
German inherit the fine traditions; the other one, too, by the negative impact of
traditional moral education, such as re- external form of restraint, the refinement of
the inner light, and many teachers have two magic weapons: a mind is a loving
mother for all students to set up a tender trap, obedient to measure whether students
with good or bad; 2 is the strict father role to play students to intimidation, ridicule
and scoff at the soft under the sheep. Our children's psychological health of many
problems, such as timid inferiority, depression, withdrawal, weariness, anxiety,
personality weird, unsociable, and emotional fragility, weak, over-reliance on the lack
of viability and ability to resist setback, poor self-regulation, etc.; 2001 In January,
took place in Zhejiang Jinhua good student Shamu shocking case, the reasons are
mainly caused by inculcating moral consequences.
  moral education is the students knowledge, feeling, consciousness and the
integration of education, should be the adoption of "know" students "affection" and
freedom of consciousness within the "line" of education, not should be developing
and training the so-called obedient "slave." Therefore, moral education must emphasis
the internalization of moral character, but also difficult to account of moral education
is one kind of dialogue and exchange of students, which includes the following three
  1 emotional and moral dialogue
  develop have to rely on emotions can turn into something inherent to the students,
because moral notion of moral understanding, moral emotion, moral will, is 1 of the
consolidated knowing, OK Xinlipinzhi crystals, and the Qi Zhong is one kind of
moral feeling tremendous power It can promote ethical behavior and moral awareness
into the development of moral beliefs. If the lack of moral sentiments, even if moral
knowledge can only remain on the surface, rather than moral behavior from the heart,
as in inculcating moral education mode, students doing good just to get recognition or
face the good-looking, speaks This is 1 point. Therefore, the moral course, emotion
plays a central role, educators should pay attention to feelings of culture, the famous
scholar Zhu Xiaoman in an article pointed out: "From the depth of view, the lack of
emotional functionality of the existing moral defect. Did not present moral emotions
as its core objectives, and the deep moral nature of call should be made love;
voluntary act. "Also into the Step 1 states:" Education to Moral Education as a core
and soul of the fundamental guarantee for its healthy development, and moral training
as the emotional core of the pursuit of its objectives is to build attractive key to moral
education. "〔" Education "in 2000 4〕 Northeast Normal University, Professor Wang
Fengxian in a second speech had an image of the summary: people now use the
money 2 buy intellectual, buy sports, but only moral not to buy. Delicious intellectual,
physical delicious, but only moral and tasteless. Moral tasteless Why? I think a lack of
emotional flow, but rigid rules and regulations and statutory provisions. Between
teachers and students, only boring sermons, but not extremely rich emotional
communication. This moral framework is to use a set of the students, the teachers are
hard-block forced upon the students is passive acceptance, not to put into a moral
emotion in moral cognition, will, let alone to guide their thoughts and behavior.
  teacher, therefore, not only to students as a pocket, not to our moral education as
such honest, industrious, brave, modest virtues of the vehicles; not to our moral
education of people as machines become one kind of hard to model; better not to
moral education as one kind of a line, the surface on the charge of simple Zuodao,
patient, conscientious and careful. The emotional exchange with students in dialogue,
so that emotions influence the students, the moral quality of the students into one kind
of essence within.
  2 character dialogue
  personality is a person's knowledge, training and overall quality of the integration
ability of teachers to students of personality personality had a tremendous impact that
teachers can better reflection of personality personality of students and to promote
students in the formation of good character. "The body is, do not make it; misbehave;
although that is not from. "〔" Zi "〕 teachers to take full account of their personal
impact on students, and as the one kind of moral education the way the United States.
I think that teachers should have a good personality is a noble morality, it is embodied
in the knowledge of the cause of the attitude of daily life, must be rigorous study of
knowledge, a silk careful attitude; on the cause must be indomitable spirit, the spirit of
pursuit; daily life 1 made a line must give expression to the love of life and the
cultivation of virtuous influence on students. Of course, the teacher's personality
should be reflected in the moral evaluation of the teaching content, such as an
unyielding sincere respect and admiration, the anger of the evil whipped, can be a
reflection of personal glory, to the students a strong infection, the infection can be said
that one kind of special language, it is one kind of silent students in the dialogue, this
is not preaching, not cutesy, it makes people feel their students read their lines, diving
moist, ripe to receive the education effect.
  course teachers should have a love of education and the students love love is a cause
of, the well-known effect Pigemali Weng illustrated the power of love is great.
Shanghai Yangpu District, founded in 1997 the first domestic one particular junior
high school vocational school Windsurfing, specializing in ordinary schools have
homework every one stop to the repeater, known as repeaters school, it is the most
fundamental idea is & mdash ; - the teacher is your mother, this is a
successful example of love of education. Respect, understanding students, exchange
of love with love is the key to harmonious relations between teachers and students.
Germany, Husserl believes that between the main body is one kind of causal
relationship can not, and should not be one kind of pure forms of logic, but one kind
of same-sex relationships. Should be mutual respect between teachers and students
love the friends, in a decent husband and friends Face lively, students will
undoubtedly prefer the latter.
  dialogue on the environment 3
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Educational Environment "is a one important issue can not be ignored. Early
emphasis on environmental education in China, Meng Mu 3 to move the story so far
for the elephants, "Man is born without moral sense, and no moral status at all, and
therefore, their moral development depends entirely on the environment impact. "〔"
Human development "〕 western scientific theory of human development generally
considered complete by the interaction of genetic and environmental factors
determined, and humanistic theories of moral indoctrination against the rigid morality,
doctrine, and mechanical behavior, advocated the establishment of moral atmosphere,
but also substantial that the importance of education by environment.
  environment, including physical and mental environment, educating people to
achieve good results, the physical environment such as the beautiful campus clean,
simple and dignified school, bright and clean room, reasonable layout of other
buildings. Spirit of the environment is: a rhythmic sequence of teaching activities and
rest arrangements, democratic and disciplined style of class, school spirit, the correct
guidance of public opinion, a good teacher-student relationship, a strong collective
sense of honor, courage to open up awareness of innovation, creation of publicity
spirit of the times of the blackboard, exhibition windows. Thus, the formation of one
kind of unity, tension, serious, lively atmosphere in a classroom. In this way, the
environment of dialogue with students is one kind of silent language, is one kind of
intangible education, and that this language, more than any sermon rich meaning
empty, more appealing, this moral impact on students appear cordial, natural.
 "moral self-discipline is based on the human spirit. 〔〕Marx language education for
every one who bears an important historical mission of moral education, how to
establish a foundation that will become increasingly interested in education to the
general concern of the people. On the above, I only talk about the present situation of
moral education from the 1:00 superficial opinions, to teach at Fang.
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