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					Middle School Chemistry Teaching Chemistry Teaching students how to develop

 chemistry students

  Abstract teach learning strategies teach students how to learn is an important channel
for this article From the understanding of strategies to maintain strategies,
organization strategies, practice strategies, four aspects of student learning Strategy.
  Key words learning strategies; Chemistry Teaching
  teaching learning strategies to teach students how to learn is an important channel,
the level of student learning strategies will directly affect the learning efficiency, a
good learning strategy, can achieve. Multiplier "effect. Therefore, strategies to
improve student learning level, encourage them to become efficient learners, is an
important task of teaching. Learning strategy can be broken down into understandable
strategy to maintain strategies, organization strategies, practice strategies .
  comprehension strategies
I.I departure from existing knowledge and experience to understand new knowledge
and understanding is to make the new learning materials and the mind has knowledge
and experience to establish a link in the process. to in-depth understanding of
knowledge, must with three conditions: ① have to learn new knowledge necessary
for perceptual experience or knowledge base; ② with the new learning materials and
the mind has been linked to heart to knowledge and experience; ③ have to link the
old and new methods of knowledge and practical operational capability. In order to
promote students to master knowledge. teachers must try to help them learn new
knowledge and existing knowledge and experience to establish links within and in the
process to improve the students to understand the inclination and ability of knowledge.
For example, : high school chemistry knowledge of redox reactions in the middle
point of the study oxidation and reduction reactions on the basis of expanded. through
middle school, students know the reaction if the oxidation reaction of oxygen is, is
lost when oxygen reduction reaction. But when we high school teaching to the
students to demonstrate reaction of hydrogen and copper oxide chemical equation,
students type their response to the classification of the doubts, although contact the
old knowledge, but can not be accurately classified to their old knowledge and
teachers to
  can lead to new knowledge and old knowledge, new knowledge and understanding
of the basis.
I.2 question the value of design thinking and design problems presented plane is
thought the source of the problem situation, it is the power of thinking . Therefore, the
value of teachers to design problems with thinking, and fully mobilize the students
experience, will and creativity, the potential to stimulate students thinking, positive
thinking so that students in the course of a profound understanding of the knowledge.
What kind of question is thinking Value? value problem with thinking the following
characteristics: ① ② have greater thinking capacity with the appropriate degree of
difficulty ③ with the appropriate gradient. learning activities are not isolated, it
produces in certain situations, the plane and there is a reasonable set meaningful
context, not only stimulate students thinking motivation. You can also help students
think of the problem. For example: learning the color reaction of flame, you can let
students watch the fireworks show video, students will think in this situation colorful
colors under how the generated.
I.3 exploring scientific experiments, accurate understanding of knowledge as the basis
of the experimental features of chemistry, scientific inquiry is to run through the new
curriculum, an important role in chemistry, chemistry is the chemistry experiment
exploring the scientific inquiry explore the most important way, the same time,
chemistry experiment is the most important students learning chemistry, with facts
and help students understand the correct knowledge.
  Retention Strategy
  .1 forget to follow the law, reasonable arrangements review time goals in the Bloom
Taxonomy, memorizing though the minimum goal to acquire knowledge, but this is
not easy to achieve the minimum target. as forgetting the role of law, knowledge is
always in a constant process of being forgotten, learning process is to fight with the
process of forgetting. We often hear students complain about the back of the forgotten
knowledge, how easily forgotten, this is the forgotten role of the law.
  teachers guide students to forget the law under arrangements for their review. guide
students to develop study plans, pay attention to timely review the specific
requirements of the time to complete memory tasks, knowledge of the day to do the
day to digest this week's knowledge, review this week.
  .2 attention to collate and analyze knowledge enhance students remember a list of
facts to enable students to remember a lot of students would feel a heavy burden of
memory, if the sum of these facts to be refined, Ethical Functions, Memory effect will
increase substantially. induction strategy has the following four methods are classified
Law, Jane English induction, Poetry Ballad induction, induction and other graphics.
For example, the solubility of substances can be borrowed to master formulas,
"Almighty soluble potassium, sodium ammonium nitrate, hydrochloric acid, mercury,
excluding Bank of Asia. Insoluble barium sulfate have lead, barium calcium
potassium, sodium ammonium Alkali. "For another example control rules can be
summarized hydrolyzed formulas salts" who the weak who hydrolysis, who was who
of strong; weaker the more hydrolysis, are weak double hydrolysis. "Knowledge
organization is good or bad, on the application of knowledge to solve the problem of
the thinking process has great influence, and learning is closely related to the success
or failure. Teachers should help students in mind, orderly and efficient construction of
knowledge systems learning strategies.
  organizational strategy "
  knowledge of organizational strategy that is structured and efficient learning
strategies, organizational strategies require students knowledge of chemical facts are
classified according to certain clues, sorting, and so scattered, isolated knowledge into
each other between the interrelated whole, form a systematic, structured knowledge
networks. Structured through knowledge, is conducive to student storage memory, and
it helps students to quickly extract information, to improve the efficiency and ability
to solve problems. Organizational strategy to construct knowledge structures there are
many different ideas, in practice the study, which Si Lu Yun Yong Yao Genjujuti
determine the content and tasks Lai, Yi Xia Zhi was one of several enumerated.
. I Homologous Relations Organization in accordance with certain common chemical
properties of particles or substance of Homologous a knowledge organization. For
example, the periodic table of elements with the cycle of nature Homologous:
NaMgAlSiPSCl metallic elements gradually become weak, non-metallic nature
. 2 order relations organizations to form a single mass the same elements and
compounds the level of valence of the element as a clue, the different types of
material together into the knowledge of the main line. For example: knowledge of the
main line of sulfur and its compounds as ....
. 3 causality causal relationship between organizational knowledge. According to its
internal logic can create the appropriate knowledge structure. For example: the
structure of matter determine the nature of matter, the nature of physical existence
also decided to prepare and use. Paper presented Thesis
. 4 Organization of chemical substances can be transformed into relations of mutual
transformation, transformation process is not haphazard, but there is a pattern, this can
create a knowledge structure.
. The same function relationship of 5 different organizations can have the same
chemical features. This can be summed up and organize to form a knowledge
structure, improve the efficiency of knowledge retrieval and problem-solving ability.
For example: the material has a bleaching effect.
  Practice strategies
  learning strategy in the understanding of strategies to maintain strategy,
organizational strategy the main objective is to help students effectively structure the
knowledge in the brain. However, knowledge of learning not to learn and study, is to
use knowledge, the development of intelligence and learning. "Learn to use" in the
knowledge plays an important role in learning. Therefore, teachers should focus on
training students to practice strategies.
. I practice targeted to raise the consciousness of students to practice on the
knowledge there to be a clear objective, target practice for, check your mastery of the
knowledge of whether the compliance.
. 2 ways to improve practice, practice is not reasonable arrangements to practice the
density the better problems to do, but do question the pursuit of good results, so that
help students understand and grasp the knowledge. So the way to practice Active
Learning Exercise can be used classic is tinted training, examination and training
combined with other methods, and pay attention to exercise reasonable arrangements
for the density, that is, the number of exercises, questions and time.
. 3 teacher feedback, students practice time error correction one of the purposes is to
test student mastery of knowledge, so the results for practice and timely feedback to
teachers so that students know immediately mistakes, errors in time to find reasons to
adjust the knowledge to understand and memory, so that knowledge and application
of knowledge to improve the accuracy of.
. 4 After the reflective practice to improve student learning through practice, whether
the results of the study to achieve the desired goal of self-evaluation, if not achieve
our goals, we should reflect a timely manner, not only reflect on the learning content,
more important is the learning strategies anti-En, find out the reasons, to improve
learning. .
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