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Mexican Mexican Mexican meals meals


									Mexican Mexican Mexican meals meals

 Mexican meals in Mexico, three meals a

 Note: "Modern Spanish" in the text of on Almuerzo be explained as a lunch, but in
real life this is the meaning of brunch, lunch is a real comer, perhaps the English of
Latin America and our lunch with a time lag in the relationship right.

 Mexican breakfast?


leche (milk, milk)

 Afé (coffee, coffee)

 Hocolate (chocolate, chocolate, as high drink like Lego)

jugo (juice, juice) defrutas (frute, fruit) ... juice

 fruit juice do have: manzana (apple) naranja (orange) toronja (grapefruit)

huvosfritos (omelette) revueltos (scrambled, mixed) conjamon (ham) conchorizo
 Mexico, three meals a day
 rijoles (bean, beans) fritos (fried, boiled off) revueltos ... said that this is a delicious

salsa (sauce, Sha Si, soy sauce)

tortilla famous Mexican food, KFC volume outside the Mexican chicken wrapped in
white bread chicken out, and more like the Chinese Chun Bing.

Queso (cheese, cheese), Mexico, three meals a

 - China's milk under way, saying lechedesoja (soya, soybean) Spanish text Country Learning Network / center>

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