Loyalty to win the loyalty of employees

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					Loyalty to win employee loyalty

  to win the loyalty of employees
  new relationship between employees and enterprises more like a two sides to give
more and more to relationships.
  international management consulting firm TowersPerrin (translation editor: Palin
companies) to a survey conducted by the staff concerns focused on management
effectiveness. Previously, most workers have not understand corporate strategy,
profitability and competitive market for global issues. Now businesses and employees
in the business and financial information sharing, to help them with business linked
on their work and work for more specific guidance.
, therefore, affect the employee's loyalty and dedication are a few key issues: whether
employees understand the company's development goals? They can directly affect
business success? Able to clear their duties?

  career guidance staff need effective management support, to provide them with the
information needed to complete the work. They want to know what the role of the
enterprise. If everyone on this are ambiguous, the relationship between staff and
management will be broken.
  "Clearly, the current staff are aware of these," Palin's main leader,
TheEmployeeCommitmentStudies (employee loyalty research), author of
Stephen.M.Bookbinder (Bubin maple) said, "but it also lead to more negative results,
that they understand the things that affect them within the enterprise. "
  survey found that people are thinking they work hard, but do not always feel that
others are too hard. Majority of respondents feel that their employees within the
enterprise, "shirk responsibilities." As the work load and pressure, the staff felt the
need to maintain a home of their own skill level and performance. Therefore, if
half-hearted work colleagues, the manager left unchecked, they will become
  "future, there will be more and more managers to become business leaders, their
main role will be to motivate staff, and then bending Tuikai," Challenger, Gray
& Christmas, Inc. (Editor's translation: CGC Inc.) Executive Vice President
JohnA.Challenger (Chai Linzhe) said. Staff is expected is to encourage and guide
them, particularly to keep good communication with their managers.
  constant communication helps to support organizational goals. "Employees are the
heart and soul," Boeing RocketdynePropulsion & Power (Editor's
translation: Luo Dien Propulsion and Power division) vice president of staff and
exchange SharonFaltemier (Fu Sha United States) said. She said that in 2016 the
company's vision is to become "the world's rocket propulsion, space power and the
best provider of high-energy laser systems." To achieve this vision, the company has
developed two measures to ensure the success of their are the increase in stock value
and growth and develop the active participation of dedicated employees committed.
  Luo Dien plans to win through the following five aspects of employee loyalty: the
employees to enhance cooperation; provide meaningful tasks; implementation of the
highest ethical standards; staff through training and development to promote personal
growth and ability improved; recognized individual and team contributions. Fu Sha
explained that the United States, all working groups, each company must be
successful on its own be responsible for the vision to support programs and the
implementation of quarterly verification. Expected annual leadership development
program. 1998, the company's leadership development activities are centered on
leadership, quality culture and continuous learning.

  strong co-operation of staff loyalty in the new rules, an interesting content of
employees and managers, managers and the relationship between the team becomes
more important. Staff willing to stay within the team, will not accept other
employment units, as between them and a higher unbreakable relationship, worried
that other units may not be able build such a relationship.
, therefore, more to encourage companies to enhance communication between
employees and their superiors, employees across the enterprise stronger sense of
belonging. After all employees every day to work, and where they are dealing with the
team, not the large enterprise as a whole. Therefore, the company more closely to
strengthen and adjust the relations of cooperation between employees and their
superiors will be more solid.
  winning business employees more willing to dedicated, want to become a member of
the team victory. Winning companies can show them a variety of different forms, such
as media, employee surveys, the benchmark reference, state and local incentives.
  "we find a phenomenon that when employees of the company's direction confident,
they will be more willing to work for the company. They believe the company will be
the winner in the global market," AonConsultingWorldwide (Editor's translation:
Angen global consulting company) affiliated LoyaltyInstitute (Editor's translation:
Integrity Research Institute) Director David.L.Stum (Dam) said.
  Sun Microsystems (SunMicrosystems) leading to the crystal clear image of the victor.
Computer and office equipment industry, Sun Microsystems is the world's most
respected one of the manufacturers. But the company did not rest on its laurels, the
company leading the company introduced a new image at the turn of the century
  "Sun Microsystems has been to determine the direction," Vice President of Human
Resources LoraColflesh (Ke Lok radish) that "the work of employees willing to
accept change, willing to achieve the development goals of companies actively initiate
change difficult . in the Sun Microsystems, employees can carry forward the initiative,
and responsibility for the results produced. "

 shared outcome of the vision is usually charming staff will create a stronger
ownership of Yi Shi. But today's employees want to be entrusted with the task of
driving the train, not just standing outside the side Road, watched it roaring past. All
the experts and studies have confirmed this point, they believe, 在 their enterprises
in the development direction of the participation by staff so more and more,
businesses can Gengweixunsu more goals to Da Dao, Erju everyone in business 中
shared victory Cheng Guo .
  key measure is to do a scene and to provide support for change. For most employees,
corporate restructuring or mergers and cultural change makes people feel as if
corporate press the "fast forward" button, causing the development of enterprises out
of control. Unless the employees to understand the actual happening, or what they see
is a mess. If they do not know the secret of business change, they often generate
resentment. "The fact is that most of resistance are difficult to perceive, even more
difficult to solve," KenHultman (Hartmann) in MakingChangeIrresistible (defuse
resistance to change), wrote an article.
  Angen's expert advice, in order to make any changes to achieve greater success, you
need to know about his employee's expectations, word for creating opportunities for
staff, support and reward work in 改进 play pioneering spirit, but also improve
communication, particularly in business situations changes the communication and
exchange. As long as you make more efforts to perfect and effective open-door policy
that your employees more solidarity with you. This paper from
[worry documentation] to collect and organize, for the original author! /

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