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									Kharkiv National City Schools, National School of Management

 National Institute of Urban Management School

  Dear friends:
  I am very honored on behalf of Kharkov National City School of Management,
many students and colleagues paid tribute to you.
  school with 80 years of our history and our careful care and strive to be rich in a long
tradition. In this gallery on the history of the era who once worked in different
buildings and urban construction master, declared outstanding educators and highly
talented, they created a brilliant history of the motherland. Hospital but the only one
in Ukraine has its own emphasis on institutions of higher learning, in architecture,
urban construction, science, electricity, water, gas, heating supplies, lighting,
transportation, urban infrastructure, geographic information system, ecological and
engineering support, tourism, hotel management to ensure the Government and the
modern urban life, the culture of the many specialized talents.
  successful school graduates work in state and local government agencies,
departments, cities and public relations services to businesses, teaching in institutions
of higher learning, leading scientific research, leading major companies, banks and
  I can assert that the modern city needs a new generation of professionals in the
future, choose our school as your means of access to higher education is your right
  we will be very happy to see you in our school.

 College President's of Ukraine Academy of Engineering Sciences
 LH Shu Jinka Dr.

 Kharkov Institute of Management, National City was built in 1922. Institute over the
years have had different names, but no change for the life of the community to protect
cities and provide a high level professionals.
 current institutions - four-star train 25 professional and academic professionals in
higher education institutions.
 at the Kharkov Institute of Management, National City has 12,000 students enrolled,
including 500 from 50 countries of foreign students.
 as an important academic and scientific centers, the Institute provides all levels of
higher education 11 undergraduate, master's, Ph.D. Vice Expo building, and Dr. rover.
Also available in the College of the second advanced degree.

 Kharkov National Institute of Municipal Administration in accordance with the
following professional disciplines and is divided into 10 departments.
 Urban Construction Department: Construction, industrial and residential
construction, geographic information systems and technology, the use of the building
works, construction labor protection,
  Department of Economic and Management: Business economy, accounting audit,
management, tourism, international tourism management, logistics, hotel management,
governance, urban infrastructure, information management, project management,
  city engineering ecosystems: ecological and environmental protection, water supply
and water discharge, water treatment, heating, air supply and ventilation
  power supply and urban lighting systems: electric power engineering system demand
for electricity, light engineering and light source, urban electric transportation, power
transportation, the city transportation system, urban transportation labor safety and
security of electricity
  Department of Foreign Cooperation: Foreign civic education and international
cooperation, correspondence department, part-time education,
  Department of Education staff studies and re: the Institute, based on staff re-training
or post-graduate
  after the closure of the Department of Education: The Institute, based Professional
  second pre-university preparatory department (lectures and two schools): lectures,
based on
  secondary education of residents and public schools: Accounting accounting,
full-time and correspondence education system, tourism, the overall service
management services Merchandise and economic activities, green building and
garden management, industrial greening
  electro-mechanical Institute: machine maintenance, full-time and correspondence
education, corporate power settings, and the installation and use of civilian facilities,
vehicles and tools for the production of electricity

 professional description

 architecture students complete architectural knowledge. Graduates have in the
construction, urban construction, building landscaping, reconstruction and restoration
of original buildings, the design of urban resources theory and practice of capacity.
State and private planning unit, the municipal government, scientific and educational
institutions have great hiring needs.
 industrial and residential building
 main target of this discipline in the education of computer technology used in the
buildings and facilities under the accounting (accounting and components). Graduates
with settlement building project accounting, and engineering process management.
The technical staff in engineering companies and organizations, large construction
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