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									Interview types of civil service examinations: Structured Interview Civil Service

 civil service examination interview structure

  practice in the interview, there are many different interview forms, which are more
typical and applications extensive is the structured interviews, scenario simulation
interview, leaderless group discussion interviews, documents and presentations Act
basket test interview five interviews. Blooms Research Center civil service
examinations interview experts should be noted that the yes, the form of these
interviews are relatively used to, not a unique Xing, Mouge unit may use the structure
化 interview, it may use leaderless group discussion interview, Huan possible five
other form than the typical form, different employers are more likely to occur between
the different forms of the specific interview, so candidates should be based on
improving the self-cultivation and the overall level of knowledge, not only remains in
the form of in-depth study some interview on.
, of course, if the various interview forms, especially that of the typical form of a
considerable degree of familiarity, you can raise your performance level, on the
outstanding examination results are not without benefit. The following chart from the
Chinese Research Center of the civil service exam will interview experts in each of
the five described a typical interview format, hope that help the vast number of
  1, structured interviews
  structured interview is currently the most widely used practice interview an
interview method, the civil service entrance examinations and open selection of party
and government leading cadres of the interview, competition and so regarded it as a
major approaches.
  1. Structured Interview features
  structured interview is an interview before the interview that the content involved,
test score standards, scoring a series of issues such as structure of the system design of
the interview. Although the structured interview by the examiner and the candidates
are talking way, but from form to content, which highlight the characteristics of the
system architecture to ensure that this interview method is more effective, objective,
fair and scientific. Structured interview is a key requirement for candidates sitting the
same test the same job interview questions.
  structured interview system structured mainly in:
  (1) the composition of the structured examiner
  is formed by the examiner was not arbitrary, but by a certain number (usually five or
seven names) according to the selection examiner positions required by the
professional, job and age, sex allocation of a certain percentage of science, of which
one is the interviewer, he is responsible for general questions to candidates and the
total of the entire interview process.
  (2) evaluation of the structural elements
  First of all, what measure, what topics to test according to pre-test to analyze the
work done to determine, according to a certain order and proportion of different
structural scores design. Furthermore, we should factor in the evaluation or
observation of the following points clear measurement points. Finally, the evaluation
point is to test the following topics, each test subject has a topic idea or answer
reference points for the reference examiner score.
  (3) evaluation criteria structured
  factor score is conspicuously the weight coefficients of the structure, elements of the
score for each evaluation level are structures (usually carved in scoring excellent,
good, , poor 4), the final candidates after the interview results are statistical treatment
of the scientific method (ie, the examiner removed many elements of the highest
points score in the lowest points, and then come to the arithmetic average, then under
the weight of synthetic score). As a scientific valuation examiner score and rate the
fairness of the examiner's supervision, also set a standard score, look at each examiner
scoring points with the standard dispersion.
  (4) the timing of the interview process and the structure of
  structured interview is to strictly follow certain procedures (such as the examiner, the
examination room of choice, monitoring mechanisms and procedures for the
establishment of points, etc.), normally Each candidate's interview time of 30 minutes.
  structured interview identified with the content, procedures, strict, uniform rate, form
flexible. In recent years, the interview experience from the point of view, the validity
of its measurement, high reliability, more suitable for large-scale, organized,
standardized strong recruitment, selection and examination. Therefore, structured
interviews have become the basic method of recruitment interviews.
  2. The organization and implementation of structured interview procedures
  structured interview is an interview widely used evaluation method, its organization
and implementation procedures will include the establishment of examiners,
examination and supervision team, life system questions , selection and arrangement
of interviews the examination room to interview the four areas of specific operations.
  structured interview are generally composed of five or seven examiners, one for the
examiner. The composition of the examiner, their gender, age, professional structure,
functions should have the right mix. In order to ensure that the structured interview
just, fair, according to actual needs can choose two supervisors (by discipline
inspection and supervision departments, or notary comrades as) in the entire interview
process. Meanwhile, according to the size of the workload, with a certain amount of
examination personnel, such as the marker, invigilation staff.
  structured interview examination room at the choice to focus on four issues: First,
the location of the examination room environment must be clean, quiet; Second, the
examination room area should be moderate, generally 30 to 40 square meters is
appropriate; Third, the temperature , plenty of light appropriate; four separate
interviews of each examination room, in addition to outside examiners, but also
according to the number of candidates set up a number of Waiting Room, Waiting
Room for the main examination room should be chosen to maintain a certain distance,
so as not to influence each other.
  proposition in a structured interview before the job candidate should do in-depth
analysis, the focus is clear that the position (job) and what kind of quality, how to
interview through a structured evaluation of this quality out. Order system should be
tested good questions to understand their applicability and differentiated, to
repeatedly revised and improved. From the experience point of view, a group of
candidates, each element of life measurement system 2 to 3 title is appropriate: too
much, then the marking is difficult to unity; too little, due to the level of propositions
to limit or evaluation elements are too complex and difficult to cover Evaluation
target all you want.
  accompanying questions are formulated with "structured interview score sheet,"
"evaluation factor operational definition or observation points" and "structured
interview results summary table."
  3. Familiar with the structured interview following the steps
  (1) access to interview candidates to explain the overall plan of this interview
arrangements, notes, examination room discipline;
  (2) by drawing lots determine the order of candidate interviews and candidate
number order of registration, name;
  (3) the interview began, followed by the invigilator or examination personnel to lead
candidates into the examination room, and notify the person under examination, a
candidate preparation;
  (4) 1 each interview, the examiner by the examiner or other division of labor
according to the prior, according to the candidates face questions in this question,
candidates answer according to the situation, the other examiner may ask, plug asked,
and score sheets for different elements of scoring;
  (5) questions to each candidate generally 6 to 7 is appropriate, each candidate's
interview time is 30 minutes;
  (6) end of the interview, examiner declared candidates withdrew. Collection from the
examination personnel examiners in the hands of each interview score sheet to the
scorekeeper, scorer, under the supervision of monitors statistics in the interview score,
and fill in the candidate structured interview performance summary;
  (7) marker , supervisors, examiners in turn results in an interview on the signature
matrix, structured interview ended.
  4. Structured Interview for Evaluation of elements
  different categories, levels of civil servants, their capacity requirements, ability is not
the same. According to the Ministry of Personnel and the National School of
Administration jointly organized training needs of civil servants serving the findings,
we obtained the capacity of the civil service structure elements, see the capacity of the
civil service structure of the table.
  capacity of the civil service structure of the table
  capacity based on ability to name the times demand
  1. Macro trends of the government management capacity
  2. To master modern information technology to enhance the operational capacity of
the social needs of% post D% A 1. the needs of reform, promote reform and capacity-
  2. comprehensive analysis, grasp the overall situation, to resolve conflicts capacity
  3. planning and management capacity
 4. to mobilize community resources to meet the capacity of civil administration
needs management of the overall demand for 1. according to the administrative
 2. the establishment of market economic development consistent with the
administration of the institutional capacity to run
 3. to rule the administrative capacity to manage the abstract
 4. Scientific management organization Requirements 1. organization and
coordination capacity
 2. Survey Research and Analysis of handling capacity
 3. organizational design capacity
 4. Human Resources Development and Management capacity
 5. sector management capacity% D % A 6. institutional building capacity
 7. the financial ability to office needs a reasonable use. scientific decision-making
 2. predictive ability
 3. grasp the overall capacity
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