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 trust teachers to learn to understand

  teacher will not only have to teach, but also will be educating people, teaching
students how to learn, learn to behave. To study the relationship between teaching and
guidance. Tao old man said: "Of course teachers need to teach, but are particularly
useful working guide. Conductance is the senior guide."
  little girl in our class called Xinli Yao, as more pet parents, so develop her
insufferably arrogant The Miss temper, can not suffer a bit. Once at noon, I walked
into the classroom batch job, saw her book to write a word no. Then she immediately
opposite the children raise their hands to tell me: "Xinli Yao has been playing, she did
not do their homework." Xinli Yao immediately see the girl staring at (they could
have been a good friend), cried to her: "I do not and you play, and can no longer
ignore you. "Xinli Yao I called around and put her in his arms and said to her:" Tell
the teacher, how can you not complete the job. "Her head down, did not speak. I see a
stack of her book: "This is the operation of this class children, only who do not pay
it?" "Me." "So good you feel good." "Bad." Tone is still very stiff, head also towards
the other side, "I would ignore her." Her mind was still thinking about the original
small partner snitch thing. "Why ignore her?" Her mouth muttering: "Anyway, I can
not and she played." "What do you think about why she should tell the teacher?" She
not ring. "The kids tell the teacher is to make you hurry up with the job done, no time
you will finish the job first and then play with. You think, you do not do their
homework and play even when the mind has been thinking about working there is no
complete peace of mind is not playing also play ah. in turn, think about if the job is
done, then go out and play again ... ... "" I can gratification of playing. "She looked up
at me. "What do you say hello to the children, or harm you ah?" "Good for me." "If
you click on the ignore others, who knows no class, people are willing to play with
you, you looking for other children to speak, people still reluctant to reason with you,
how do you do? "I said the other children:" You is not ah? you are fierce and exciting,
like being unreasonable and who play a fast you? "Other children would say:" We do
not want. "a few mischievous children said:" We all ignore you, then. "Then her eyes
open, and looked at me, mouth and said: "I do not, I do not want." "That went over
their children what to say to that." She walked over to the girl opposite, said: "We'll
play with good or bad." generous little girl said: "Well . "Then she returned to his seat,
start the job seriously. After Xiong Baba's temper get out of her many, work is also
always on time.
  by this issue, I understand the problems encountered in the students a moment to
figure out in the fierce ideological struggle, we do not use the old look of death he
used harsh words to stimulate him, forced him to how to do it. Then the teacher must
be calm, the wind blows, motherhood, for him to consider the time, skillfully to him
the solution, let him choose, so as to enable students to distinguish right from wrong,
know how to care for and love others.
  I use the principles of the conversation focused. Talk to the students to grasp the real,
targeted; talk to grasp practical content to enable students to understand and accept;
talk to seize the opportunity, so that students are willing to accept.
  proven educational practice: teachers in psychological characteristics of the child to
do the education ethics guidance, education would be effective and efficient.

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