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 secondary language creative thinking ability in

 rural high school language teaching creative thinking ability

  Abstract 】 innovative thinking, serves as a source of creativity. To cultivate
innovative people, we must first develop their creative thinking. Secondary language
of the weak in rural areas, the responsibility of cultivating innovative thinking in
teachers. In order to develop students creative thinking, we must update the concept
of teachers, improve teacher quality, pay attention to prioritize, to play a role in the
classroom and carry out appropriate activities.
  Key words middle school language teaching; creative thinking; culture
  knowledge economy calls for more integrated with the innovation talent, while
"fostering the development of innovative capabilities, only from its relationship to the
state and the nation the survival of this highly prosperous understand, to grasp the
profound significance of fostering innovation and the importance of encouraging us to
continue to develop the innovative capacity of individuals, enterprises or units where
individual innovation and our ability to innovate throughout the nation. "[1] to create
power is an important part of intellectual component. Modern psychological research
shows that all normal people, starting from childhood, have the ability to create, but
with the size of the points. However, different elements of creativity and other
intelligence, it is a potential ability to provide a relaxed, if not pay attention to and
independent of the environment to stimulate it, it is easy to kill one's creativity, and a
lack of creative people more not to mention innovation. Cultivate children's creative
ability is mainly refers to cultivate children's creative thinking ability. Creative
thinking is what is known from a new perspective on the new way to re-think, put
forward new and unique perspective; or the unknown unprecedented exploratory and
creative thinking. Advocates quality education, especially in today's education,
particularly primary schools of basic education, engaged in educational undertakings
of our people, put forward higher requirements, how to Jiajiangxuesheng the same
basic knowledge but also a Gai Yi Wang spoon of Education, training creative
thinking, is before us an important issue. The bulk of language teaching in rural areas,
difficulties in rural areas, hope in rural areas. We can say that language teaching in
rural areas for rural middle school teachers provides a difficult but promising big
stage. That difficult, because the narrow life of rural students, little experience, less
time, wide viewing angle is not the kind of urban children, content and more creative
thinking. That prospect, because as long as we recognize this, and take all effective
means of approach to the students conscious cultivation of creative thinking, can
bring a variety of capabilities, thereby enhancing the quality of language teaching.
  train students in creative thinking, we must get rid of the shackles of traditional
thinking, innovative thinking to promote open education, through classroom teaching
and extra-curricular activities to inspire students divergent thinking, to develop
students awareness of innovation, so that students become innovative spirit and
practical ability of the people. To achieve this goal, we must do the following work:
 1, the concept of teachers must be updated
 "teaching profession is a specialized profession, teachers are teaching professionals
to fulfill, according to some social requirements in a planned, organized and exert
influence on the students to become competent members of society. "[2] According to
this concept of innovative thinking to students, teachers, the idea must be updated. To
break the "universal teacher" and "overweening" concept, allowing students to
explore on their own, to accommodate different views, to give up authoritarian orders,
so that students can learn according to their abilities and interests. Teachers should
play an active leading role. As a prerequisite for innovative education teachers respect
their students and to establish an equal relationship, a way to inspire and guide the
initiative to mobilize students to accept their views, so that students in an atmosphere
of unfettered self-learning, active learning. At the same time, teachers should establish
no authority in the classroom learning environment, without critical learning
atmosphere. In addition, the realization of educational concepts to the information
civilization innovative educational concept of change, we must establish a large
education and the concept of lifelong education, to impart knowledge by the concept
of teaching to teaching students how to learn the concept of change, and then to train
students to implement innovative spirit and practical ability to focus on quality
education. "Teachers use the curriculum reform of the new educational concept to
guide teaching practice, classroom teaching behavior change as soon as possible.
Concept of the most important issue is education reform. Only when the concept of
consciously reflected in the teaching operation, when seeking to become the spiritual
teacher can play function of guiding teaching practice. "[3]
 Second, teachers should have the higher quality
 First of all, teachers must follow the curricula and teaching activities planned to use
creative thinking strategies, with the course to provide students with opportunities to
apply imagination, develop their sharp edge, fluency, flexibility, originality, and
careful thinking. And teachers should be aware that creative thinking is not a special
or unconventional teaching methods of teaching and traditional teaching methods do
not conflict, but complement each other. Second, teachers should promote innovation,
enhance creativity, good at absorbing the latest education research results, to master
creative thinking and innovative approaches in education, teaching innovation,
constantly enrich and improve the knowledge structure, improve the art of teaching so
that students can take the initiative , happily, successfully and creatively to acquire
knowledge and ability, personality, freedom to fully develop their potential by the
maximum release. Third, teachers should have the mental health knowledge and
application of multimedia technology, master the creation of science, education,
philosophy, education, economics, computer science, information science and related
disciplines of knowledge. "Psychological quality of teachers will directly affect their
quality of education and teaching. Therefore, the majority of teachers should be to
strengthen self-cultivation, and constantly improve the level of their psychological
qualities." [4]
 3, focus Training self-study ability and innovative ability
  to do anything should pay attention to the Lord a time, rural secondary school
language teaching creative thinking training, students must also be heard reading and
writing in general basis, focused on cultivating self-learning ability and innovation,
this is because "learning ability and innovation is to promote the overall development
of students, sustainable development and life-long development must have the core
competencies." [5]
  4, the main channel to play the role of classroom teaching
  "schools are the main front of quality education, classroom teaching is the main way
of quality education." [6] Similarly, classroom training is innovative thinking the main
channel, so that teachers teaching in the classroom to create open, interactive learning
environment, building a "'All for the development of students'", "focus on building",
"The emphasis on practice" for the purpose of the new class [7], promoting interactive
teaching and learning, foster student spirit, sense of innovation, creativity and healthy
development of the new teaching system, students in active participation, the premise
of active learning, creative thinking by training and culture.
  (a) the desire to stimulate students creative thinking.
  to foster innovative thinking ability of students, first of all language teaching should
enable students to feel the "innovation" is everywhere.
, for example, over the years, the college entrance essay topic, usually rewritten,
continue to write, abbreviations, essays and other parodies, and imagined that the
daily reading of the article text and not "innovation" is almost non-existent.
  (b) teach students to innovative ways of thinking.
  saying goes, "to teach him to fish, rather teach him to fish." To foster creative
thinking, the church were also important. Students lost in the past of "habit", get rid of
the interference of one-way thinking, to "reverse", "multi", "divergence", "advanced",
"comprehensive", "variant", "alternative" thinking.
, for example, in junior high school ninth-grade Chinese language version of the next
volume of the contents of the sixth unit of oral communication, organized "to not pay
attention to details of life" issue. Should guide students to multi-angle, multi-faceted
thinking, eliminate the "either-or" thinking.
  senior Chinese PEP second unit writing the first book content, with "imagination and
association" as the subject. In the clear "Imagine" and "association" based on the
concept, can give "the sky's Market" and "to" zero "connection" as an example, so
that students learn more.
  & n article from [the website of Education] collection
and sorting, to thank the original author. bsp; (c) encourage students to use creative
  to make the students creative thinking can really be a "skills" in language teaching
should continue to consolidate, to transform traditional concepts for the students
practical way for innovative thinking.
  full use of textbook resources, strengthen capacity of training. If the rewrite "Mulan"
rewrite "CAO debate," rewrite "15 army sign", writing a "Samurai and the gourd,"
etc., to encourage students to make bold innovations.
  5, carry out various activities, all-round students innovative thinking
 to carry out an appropriate amount of extra-curricular activities, students creative
thinking and practical ability is necessary, it can allow students to try new
experiences , who are interested in exploring things further. Schools should carry out
some extra-curricular activities to encourage students to participate, to enable students
to place in them, look, listen, try to explore and operate, to enable students to make
full use of language, words, pictures, etc. to fully express their ideas, show their work
to to full training and innovative thinking to improve.
  short, purposeful, planned to enhance creative thinking abilities, is to improve the
quality of Chinese teaching in rural areas the most effective methods.
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