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					Indonesia, Indonesia and Indonesia's new economic pillars: tourism

 Indonesian economy Indonesian
 tourism industry in Indonesia is a country extremely rich tourist resources,
geographical location, natural beauty, rich in marine , volcanoes and lakes and other
natural landscape around the temple around the mountains, and colorful folk culture,
so that in the development of tourism in Indonesia has a number of other countries
can not compare strengths and advantages. Indonesia's tourism a late start, but the
rapid development since the mid-70s, foreign tourists and the tourism foreign
exchange earnings and annual increments. The rapid tourism development, not only
for the national economy 带来 a lot of foreign exchange earnings, the related
industries in the development, in particular yes for commercial, hotel industry and the
production of tourist commodities has brought vitality, but also solve a large number
of social idlers of employment. Indonesia's tourism has become a pillar industry of
national economy.

  1, the rapid rise of tourism
  976 foreign tourists in Indonesia, 40 million people, rose to 50.1 million in 1979,
1981, 60 million in 1982 to 592 000 people. In the period from 1983 to 1989, the
number of foreign tourists traveling to Indonesia to 15.6% average annual growth rate,
the number of foreign tourists in Indonesia received from the 1983's 64.4 million to
106 million in 1987 (for the first time exceeded a million mark), 1988, 130.1 million
and 162 million in 1989. Direct foreign exchange earnings from the tourism industry
is also the 440 million U.S. dollars in 1983 rose to 1.06 billion U.S. dollars in 1988
and 1989 to 12.8 billion dollars. Into the 90s later, the Indonesian tourism industry
continued to show vitality. 1990, Indonesia received 217 million overseas tourists,
tourism foreign exchange income 1.89 billion U.S. dollars, respectively, over the
previous year by 33.9% and 47.3%. 1991, organized by the Government of Indonesia,
"Indonesia's Tourism Year 1991", welcome visitors from around the world to
Indonesia tourism, the results then foreign visitors to Indonesia reached 250 million,
2.52 billion U.S. dollars of foreign exchange earnings, for the first time more than
rubber industry second only to oil and gas, textiles and clothing, and plywood industry,
the fourth largest foreign exchange line industry. 1992 and 1993, Indonesia to attract
foreign tourists were 320 million and 340 million foreign currency earnings and
further rose to 3.27 billion U.S. dollars and 36.4 billion dollars. Indonesia Tourism
from 1994 to 400 million foreign tourists break mark, exceeding the original goal of
390 million people, 4.6 billion of foreign exchange earnings, an increase of 17.8%
over 1993. December 31, 1994, President Suharto announced the 1995 "independence
of the Republic of Indonesia for half a century year" to further enhance the
attractiveness of Indonesia's tourist industry, so that more foreign tourists to
Indonesia's tourism. Indonesia in 1995 is expected to attract 450 million foreign
tourists. According to the Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Telecommunications
forecasts, by 1999, tourism is likely to replace oil and gas, textile and plywood
industries to become Indonesia's largest foreign exchange earner for the industry.
Foreign tourists to Indonesia travel mainly from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and
Australia. Foreign tourists stay in Indonesia, an average of 12 days, more than most
Asian countries. Each foreign tourists in Indonesia's consumption is improving year
by year, each foreign tourists in 1990, the average consumption in Indonesia
amounted to 966.81 U.S. dollars, 81.79 U.S. dollars per day; in 1994, the average of
each foreign visitor spending up to 1194 .43 dollars, an average of 115.63 U.S. dollars
a day.

 2, the Government's policy measures
 rapid development of tourism in Indonesia, not only due to natural and geographical
conditions and cultural tradition, but also benefit more from the Government for the
development of the tourism industry effective policies and measures taken:

. Simplification of procedures in April 1983 the Government of Indonesia on ASEAN,
the European Community and 28 countries and regions, tourists stay within 2 months,
require a visa to enter Indonesia's decision. The end of 1993, the Indonesian
government have both announced that 45 countries on visa-free visitors, tourists
visa-free entry of these foreign tourists in Indonesia over 90% of the total.

. The establishment of specialized agencies, the tourism development plan included in
the national economy, and invested heavily in the tourism industry since 1969,
Indonesia attaches importance to developing tourism, the establishment of tourism,
post and telecommunications department, set up under the Tourism Bureau in charge
of tourism ; from the second five-year plan began, the Indonesian official to promote
the development of tourism in national economic development plan, then, the
Indonesian government to formulate a few five-year economic and social
development projects in the development of tourism target specific provisions.
October 1990, Indonesia promulgated the "Tourism Act." In order to promote tourism
development, the Indonesian government has allocated substantial funds each year to
develop tourism. Government investment in the tourism sector in 1992 was 1.3 billion
U.S. dollars, 1993 and 1994 were 552 million U.S. dollars and 4.05 billion dollars.
The Government also encourages private investment in the tourism industry, to
accelerate the construction of tourist facilities.

. Actively develop the international aviation industry since 1984, the Indonesian
state-owned Garuda airline has opened up international flights, currently the company
has with the world's 28 cities have regular flights operating. In addition, Indonesia
also allowed 28 foreign airlines to open routes in Indonesia, in order to attract more
foreign tourists to Indonesia in 1989, announced the opening of Jakarta's Sukarno -
Hatta International Airport, Medan, PO Luo Nixi International Airport, Bali Wu Lalai
International Airport and 10 000 Jay Lo's 萨姆拉杜朗 appropriate international

. The construction of tourist hotels, enhance training, improve the quality of services
the Indonesian government investment in tourism in recent years mainly for the
construction of tourist hotels. Indonesia There are currently 623 international standard
hotel, of which 29 for the five-star, 51 four-star, the total number of 57,389 rooms. It
is predicted that by 2005 Indonesia will have to build 140,000 rooms to meet the
growing needs. Indonesia has set up 35 tourism in the country colleges, 60
polytechnic tourism and travel and hotel employees in more than 30 training centers,
designed to transport qualified for the tourism sector personnel, improve service

. Tourism cooperation with neighboring countries Indonesia has reached an agreement
with Singapore and Malaysia to jointly invest 570 million U.S. dollars, the three
coastal areas developed into an international tourist resort, built "Eastern Caribbean
tourism" . Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia with travel agencies to establish a
permanent co-ordination Tourism Union institutions, to strengthen mutual cooperation
between the three countries the tourism industry, promoting the joint use and joint
development. Indonesia and Myanmar also signed a tourism cooperation agreement,
ready to help Myanmar to training high-level tourism management and service staff,
thus promoting tourism cooperation between the two countries.

  3, trend
  Although Indonesia among the world's 20 largest tourism ranks of power, but still
lags far behind its ASEAN neighbors - Thailand and Singapore, even if Malaysia also
has a lot of difference compared to. The Indonesian domestic oil demand is increasing,
very Keneng Zai Shi You stopped exporting in 2000, Indonesia's textile exports
already face China, Vietnam, Pakistan and other countries Tonglei products amid
tougher competition from Europe and the United States Geguomaoyi quotas plywood
for export growth Sudu has started to decline. Therefore, tourism in Indonesia's
position and role of the economy will be increasingly important. To this end, the
Indonesian Government to develop tourism in the future several new initiatives:
enhanced promotional activities to further improve people's travel Yi value; build
tourism facilities, improving service quality; the development of new tourist
attractions; creation of new tourism projects, the development of conference tourism
and marine tourism; strengthen tourism professional, and so on, to promote the
Indonesian tourism industry to a new level.

 strengthening of external publicity, the Indonesian government plans to set up more
offices overseas. Currently in Singapore, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Sydney, and Los Angeles
established the Indonesian Tourism Promotion Center, in the future in the Netherlands,
France, Canada has also set up similar bodies. Indonesia is also prepared to use every
opportunity to introduce various forms of travel and tourism activities, the
Government following the 1991 host "Tourism in Indonesia", the again in January
1992 launched a period of 10 years, "Welcome to Indonesia's Tourism" campaign . As
part of the activities in Yogyakarta, Indonesia hosted the 1995 International Tourism
and Culture Conference, held in Surabaya, the General Assembly, the World yacht
race, and year round Indonesian cultural events held in Europe. Meanwhile, Indonesia
also plans to send more delegations abroad to visit the art show, organized by culture,
art exhibitions abroad to promote Indonesia's tourism appeal.

 development of the Indonesian government has been aware of the "Conference
Tourism" the importance of, and promote this as a focus for future tourism
development. To this end, the Indonesian government to the international regional
meetings held in a modern meeting place, supporting advanced communications
equipment, trained staff, convenient transportation, and arranged for the participants
will be between rich and varied programs and will after the entertainment. Since the
90's, held in Jakarta, the Indonesian government has a "Travel Expo Indonesia 1990"
"1991, Trade and Tourism Fair" and "Pacific Asia Travel Association Forum," this
paper from [worry document] collection and collation, thanks to
original author! , Held in Bandung, "the Asian tourism industry seminar" held in Bali,
"40th Annual Pacific Asia Travel Association," and "World Travel Congress," and so
on. In 1993, Indonesia to host the World Tourism Organization 10th General
Assembly and the Non-Aligned Summit. November 1994, the second APEC informal
summit was held in Bogor, Indonesia. According to statistics, in 1993, Indonesia has
held 642 international conferences, was a total of 12 thousand people. 1994, Indonesia
received a total of 14 thousand people attended 753 international conferences. These
meetings not only bring a large number of Indonesia's foreign exchange earnings, but
also improves the Indonesia's international reputation. Now the Indonesian
government is committed to the construction of the International Conference Center,
and plans to Jakarta, Medan, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Dunbar Pan
brake and when the other eight cities in the clouds gradually developed into a tourist
center meeting.

 The Indonesian government hoped that the "Sixth Five-Year Plan" at the end of 1999,
foreign tourists to Indonesia increased to 600 million, rising to 700 million in 2000 to
1,100 in 2005 to further increase million people, Indonesia will be more than Thailand,
foreign tourists in Southeast Asia than any other country.
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