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Human Resource Management of Human Resource Management and Development


									Human Resource Management of Human Resource Management and Development

  Human Resource Management and Development
  Summary: knowledge-based economy is the core talent competition, business
competition, the focus gradually shifted to the competition for human resources of
enterprise human resource management of the new requirements. To make the role of
human resources into full play, must conform to the time of development, reform the
traditional personnel management. To this end, enterprises can be dynamic,
information technology and diversification in a bid to promote human resource
management and development.
  Key words: Knowledge of Human Resource Management Development
  0 Introduction
  market economy is the core of the competition of capital, knowledge-based economy
is the core competition of talents. In this new economy, human capital over physical
capital and natural capital, as growth in wealth creation and economic advantages.
  1 knowledge economy requirements of Human Resource Management
  1.1 establish the humanity as a knowledge economy-oriented enterprises, establish
one of the management-oriented management philosophy is not only change, but also
out of its own economic the development of rational consideration. Therefore, the
new century is the century of human management, business success comes from the
staff, which in turn promote the strategic partnership between business and employee
relations style of win-win. This requires human resources management must focus on
employee career planning, career development staff to grasp the trend, understand
their needs, abilities and self-goal, according to staff interests, strengths and
development needs of the company's knowledge, the combination of the training
development plan full potential, so that employees maximize their potential, to
achieve the common development of enterprises and the good wishes of employees,
employee career development and business to find the best starting point and
  1.2 importance of learning management in the context of knowledge-based economy,
the strength of corporate learning and mastery of learning skills constitute an
important source of competitive advantage, corporate human resource management
also showed more learning features. Enterprises through learning management, more
attention to the accumulation of knowledge and update, create a seamless learning and
working environment, study and work closely to create a new educational model,
life-long education for talented people to continuously acquire new knowledge to
create a supportive environment, and gradually enterprise developed into learning
  1.3 change corporate culture in today's market environment, corporate culture is the
invisible spiritual force business growth, the successful achievement of organizational
goals is important to ensure, at the same time, the context of corporate culture
knowledge-based economy should be based on human full liberation and
comprehensive development, production and use of knowledge as the main spiritual
and cultural content. Therefore, the new economic era in the enterprise culture must
pay attention to internal knowledge sharing, learning and creativity, to form a color
with an open culture, encouraging the individual's skills and experience to integrate
the system into organizational knowledge.
  2 Human Resource Management in Knowledge Economy Innovation of the
  2.1 change in business environment and technological development to improve the
skills of human resource management and business demands for the quality of staff to
enable enterprises to more reliance on knowledge-based employees, therefore, human
resource management become important strategic work, human resources
management must be the personal capacity of knowledge workers and business
objectives, integrated business and human resources for sustainable development.
  2.2 popularity of the Internet network has changed the traditional concept of time
and space, also on human resource management business has had a major impact:
Yifang Mian increasingly fierce competition for talent, on the other hand it is facing
an unprecedented talent loose free environment; how to select qualified personnel to
maintain the stability of existing talent and attract talented people to become human
resources management need to be solved problems.
  2.3 Organization Change in knowledge and network to flatten the organizational
structure as possible, in the flat organizational structure, the more important creative
work, participatory management of the colors more intense, talented people to work
flexible working hours and autonomy demands, and the pursuit of self-worth needs to
achieve more intense. Clearly, the traditional human resource management is no
longer suitable for personnel working and living environment on the quality
requirements, would deter people's enthusiasm and vitality. Through this form of
change and innovation, introduce new team, the formation of learning,
knowledge-based organization.
  2.4 Scientific View of the requirements in the strategic requirements of scientific
talent, companies have to change the old human resources management system,
strengthen the concept of people, and promote the healthy growth and talents into full
play the role of human resources; to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all kinds of
talents, initiative and creativity; vigorously create a favorable personnel development
institutions, mechanisms and the environment, give full play to their potential and
value of human resources; reform of all kinds of talent evaluation methods, and
establish a performance evaluation at the core of all personnel index system, an open,
equitable, and competitive talent selection and appointment mechanism.

 3 Development of Human Resource Management
 3.1 human resources management in the dynamic of the information explosion, rapid
renewal of knowledge, technological advance of the times, require corresponding
changes in the dynamic development human resources management. Human
resources development and management is a highly technical management of its
management theories and methods involved in management, psychology,
organizational behavior, education, engineering, information management and other
aspects of knowledge.
  3.2 focus on the overall dynamic management of modern dynamic management of
human resources management not only embodies the lives of employees in the whole
process of vertical management, so that the selection of personnel recruitment,
training, appraisal, pay and other incentive and retirement security organically linked;
it reflected in the horizontal division across the limitations of the enterprise sector,
will all the staff as a whole and unified management.
  3.3 Market-driven dynamic management of human resources management
innovation can not simply buried in the internal affairs only, limited to recruitment,
contract management staff, attendance, performance evaluation, salary system,
mobilization, training and internal staff-related matters, but also to external customers
is also seen as a corporate human resources, focus on the customer and market
demand changes, to help employees understand the market trends, enterprises,
markets, and grasp the overall development of the industry, companies should
establish a more attention to the needs of and the dynamic changes in the market of
human resources management. This is important.
  & n this paper from [worry documentation] to collect and
organize, for the original author! bsp; 3.4 form of human resource management
human resources management, virtualization, virtualization is the use of modern
information technology companies to outsource human resource management
functions in the form of internal human resource management will be some of the
functions gradually separated from the social or other organizations and individuals
committed by them to provide services for enterprise management. Through virtual
training has many of the advantages, virtual training with immersion, autonomy,
sensitivity, real-time interactivity, operability, openness and sharing of resources,
learners can control the training process, trainees and between trainees and to share
information between the training and communication, for the trainee's learning and
conversion to provide a convenient and improve trainee motivation to learn.
  4 Conclusion
  human resource management innovation is multifaceted, so that enterprises focus on
the talent to take into account the different needs of human resources. It is better to
practice for different individuals of management staff to take a different incentive
system, forms of assessment methods or training staff to meet the different needs,
mobilizing staff, encouraging them to continue to enhance self-worth, encouraging
them to better business services.
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