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Human Resource Human Resource Management Model of Outsourcing


									Human Resource Outsourcing of Human Resource Management Model of

 Human Resources Management Model

 Paper Keywords: human resources; outsourcing; recruitment functions of the
 abstract : Human resource management outsourcing as a human resources
management from transactional management functions based management strategy
based management to change an effective way to become more and more enterprises
choose to achieve lower costs, improve efficiency, gain competitive advantage human
resources The purpose of strategic management.

 1, human resource management outsourcing meaning

  human resource management outsourcing is some duplication of business,
transactional, corporate secrets do not involve human resources outsource the
management of professional organizations engaged in the business to pay the other
party to pay a production of the corresponding service management strategy. From the
development of human resource management outsourcing trends, the business
enterprise has penetrated into all areas of human resources management, including
human resources strategy, systems design and innovation, process integration,
employee satisfaction surveys, salary and benefits management, performance
management, training and development, employee relationship management,
conditioning and other aspects of the labor dispute is the enterprises to reduce the risk
of human capital investment, optimize human resources management, a new choice.

 2, Human resource management outsourcing the general pattern of

  (i) outsourcing of recruitment functions of the model
  human resource-related laws and regulations change, and the changing external
environment to the enterprise's recruitment policy, recruitment has brought greater
risks; the same time, the mobility of employees and replacement is also growing.
Therefore, the recruitment to the degree of outsourcing more and more. Recruitment
Outsourcing is the corporate customer will be fully entrusted to the recruitment
process for professional intermediaries, corporate clients by selecting, training,
assessment, management professional intermediaries to complete the recruitment.
Recruitment Outsourcing can be divided into long-term outsourcing and temporary
outsourcing. Long-term outsourcing refers to the outsourcer and the client signed a
one-year or multi-year recruitment outsourcing agreement, as the only designated
recruitment outsourcing customer service. Outsourcing refers to the temporary ad hoc
client projects often encounter the need to recruit a large number of personnel in a
short time. Outsourcing providers can address this situation, tailor-made for customers,
to solve the recruitment problem. Recruitment outsourcing is generally the object of
an external recruitment company. Recruitment in the way recruitment is generally not
suitable for outsourcing, because the internal recruitment costs for the outsourcer in
terms of its relatively high. They must spend a long time to get familiar with the
operations and business of their own circumstances of each employee; in the process
of understanding and further investigation would be the normal production and
business operations, thus affecting staff from contradiction, do not believe in
outsourcing business The judge, potentially increasing the cost of corporate
outsourcing. Recruitment Outsourcing enables companies to get a good professional
service, access to more extensive human resources, while increasing the efficiency of
recruitment and quality, reduce costs and optimize the recruitment process.
  (b) of the training functions of the outsourcing model
  There are two main forms of business training, internal training and outsourcing to
professional training institutions. Because such training often requires more extensive
level, there are many types of enterprise can not do, so the training of socialization
emerged. Training Outsourcing is the society's training institutions to implement
corporate employee training. Training Outsourcing including the development of
training programs, design courses, registration process report, a timetable, to provide
logistical support, select lecturers, curriculum evaluation. Select the training
outsourcing companies, many factors should be considered in order to achieve the
intended purpose. (1) conduct training needs analysis. This is essential for enterprises
to choose the training outsourcing preparation. First of all, through training needs
analysis, companies can examine by in-house training and training outsourcing costs,
to determine whether the training outsourcing. Second, effective training needs
analysis allows businesses to clear training objective to be achieved, targeted to select
the required training company. (2) determine the content of the training outsourcing.
Training Outsourcing decisions should be based on existing staff capacity and the cost
of specific training programs may be. If the business is now in his development, and
training programs needed to analyze that can not quickly enough, in a timely manner
to have the ability to hire trained personnel, therefore, businesses should consider
outsourcing some or all of the training activities. (3) Select the appropriate training
provider. Training market is huge, many without any resources of the institution full
of them. Training providers in the choice of when to have clear criteria. The first
training provider to understand the extent of the company; Second, the training
capacity of the company; Third, training providers are able to quickly cut into the
training and propose effective solutions; 4 is the price; five courses designed to train
teachers whether companies need to , the proposed training requirements for
companies, trainers should understand the basis for its inclusion in their curriculum,
rather than get the company public speaking class intact. This ensures that business
courses to introduce the most appropriate. (4) training in the implementation process
in the communication and control. In the training process often requires the
implementation of internal training of professionals, managers and other support
personnel, because they are more familiar than the outsider the situation in this
business, the staff has a better demonstration effect and affinity. At the same time to
monitor the quality of various outsourcing training activities and time schedule,
regular monitoring of services, cost and quality of training programs.
  (c) outsourcing of payroll functions of the outsourcing model
  state compensation management includes two aspects, first of all, by the professional
human resources organizations to meet the needs of enterprise development, program
design and staff salaries performance appraisal. With the internal human resource
management planning requirements, analysis of pay data to develop and comply with
incentives pay demands of cost control programs. Program is determined, according
to results of performance appraisal of staff, development of standards and salaries
paid on behalf of the payment of wages. Secondly, along with the development of
state enterprises, industry standard variable pay, employee performance and other
factors, by a third party professional organization to track the operation at all times to
ensure that employees pay a fair state. At present, the salary management outsourcing
mainly senior management remuneration, staff salaries and wages paid design. Bank
of China on behalf of many enterprises to adopt the form of wages, this is not
outsourcing the complete sense within the meaning of salary management. Payroll
functions suitable for outsourcing companies have the following characteristics: has a
lot of salary management activities and is closely related with the market data;
commitment to proper management compensation plan; expected savings in
administration costs incurred in the time to devote more time to pay the design related
to its operations. But will pay management as a core capability of business
management outsourcing is not suitable for pay. At the same time that the salary of
management is too sensitive or too unique and difficult external suppliers to provide
effective support to the enterprise; difficult to effectively manage external service
companies, are not suitable for salary management outsourcing. Salary management
outsourcing business in the choice of when to pay as much as possible to avoid the
risk of outsourcing, need to do the following: (1) clear objectives. Must be clear for
the enterprise outsourcing management can create value. Established for cooperation
between business performance management criteria should be that outsourcing can
achieve business objectives and achieve goals. (2) clearly define responsibilities and
obligations. Outsourcing outsourcing service providers should be responsible for
achieving targets. Enterprises should develop performance standards and assessment
scales in order to clear, continuous assessment of the performance of outsourcing
service providers to maintain a good partnership. (3) a clear transition management
plan. Pay within the enterprise sector will take some time to adjust to the transition of
payroll outsourcing companies, during the transition period, pay departments will
work from the daily management to strategic planning. Staffing requirements will
change correspondingly, the internal role is no longer focused on data analysis and
project management, it focuses on a broad and compensation-related business
  (d) of the welfare functions of the outsourcing model
  benefits management services of human resources activities, companies will spend a
lot of time, such as records of employee information, timely payment of pensions and
other insurance, or very trivial. While many legal issues involved in benefits
administration, benefits administration within the system is not the most effective way.
Businesses will benefit and allowance benefits planning and management to
professional management companies, will enhance the efficiency of benefits
administration. Specializing in benefits administration outsourcing service provider
familiarity with the law and benefits administration experience are not available in a
short time enterprise. Now many companies will the business benefits and allowances
can be managed by professional bodies, the aim is to get professional and quality
services, and professional the cost-effectiveness. Such as employee benefits at the
American Centre in New York, you can reply by voice system to answer to retired
workers and companies involved in the pension bonus and other "personal" issue. In
China, the state statutory benefits, such as endowment insurance, unemployment
insurance, medical insurance, housing fund and other transactional work can also be
considered for outsourcing.

 3, the conclusion

 With increasing market competition, speed and efficiency of a production and
development of key, the corresponding change of enterprise human resource
management functions, improve efficiency a higher-level requirements, and human
resource management outsourcing has increasingly shown its importance and
necessity of >>>>> this article from [worry
document] collection and sorting, to thank the original author. .
Europe and the United States the practice shows that many large companies to
implement human resource management outsourcing actually yes right the company's
human resources management and the entire organization Yunzuoshijia external
management to personnel management, enterprise technology resource management,
corporate services provided by the operation of a much higher 各 efficiency, and
achieve lower costs.

 [1] Zhou Xiao. How start-ups of human resources outsourcing [J]. Economic Theory,
2006, (10).
 [2] Bing, Complicated Cases. Outsourcing of Human Resource Management Theory
and Methods [M]. Beijing: China Economic Publishing House, 2006.
>>>>> This article from [worry document] collection and sorting, to thank the original author. / Center>

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