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					Human Capital Human Resources into Human Capital

  human resources into human capital,
  in today's society, human resources have become fashionable and widely accepted
terminology, the original have renamed the Human Resources Ministry of Personnel
has Department, if you go to candidates, HR people are no longer to look high above
you, they are very modest, and great respect for you and will even Daobei Shui to you,
if your job is rejected, you may also receive an acknowledgment letter, the letter will
be first to thank you for the trust company and then routinely praise you two, and
finally do some "Due to limited places," like the explanation, and said that if the
future hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with you and so, although you can
hardly expect the other party will again come to you real cooperation, but this attitude
still makes us feel very comfortable because we finally feel that they are respected
"talent", we are no longer submissive to pick election to the bricks, we have become
an important and much-needed business "resources." However, only the human as a
resource is not enough, should be human into capital, making it the company's wealth,
allowed for the enterprise, and constantly add value to the enterprise to create more

 resource and capital although only one word, but essentially different, first of all,
resources are natural, undeveloped, while capital is through the careful development
and planning, the enterprise produces profit basis. Second, the resources and capital
into account in the use of completely different point of view, if resources and
everyone wants the best money the better, more advanced technology the better, more
capable people as possible, but as capital, people will give more consideration to the
relationship between input and output will care costs, the profit will be considered.
Third, the reference to resource people to give more consideration to seek possession,
and that capital will be more people to consider how to add value to make a profit,
without the development of capital resources, capital development and utilization of

 because of these differences, the human capital as a resource and as very different.

, In personnel recruitment on:

  If we are looking for a job, we read the 10 copies of job advertisements, you will
find five copies of the content may be very similar: 35 years of age, bachelor
education, more than three years relevant work experience, fluent in English and so
on, are there so many companies demand for talent is the same?

 I have heard a friend of mine complained about his work in recruitment requirements
are fluent in English communication, then, this is very common to find a job applicant
before he was really in the Speaking up and down a lot to interview candidates and
examiners eloquent and smooth customs clearance, the result is near half a year, in
addition to "Hello, beybey" no said anything like English.

 recruitment is to the people as a resource, only one-sided pursuit of good, regardless
of whether all requirements Bachelor degree or above, fluent in English and so on, as
long as someone else asked, I asked. This method of recruitment, or unnecessary for
enterprises to increase labor costs, or a staff of instability.

 we can analyze a person's ability is different from the salaries and prospects of its
requirements will be different, a do not speak fluent English and one can carry out
oral and written English The people will pay very different expectations, just as a
marketing professional and an MBA graduate of the college students on the pay
demands will be different, a person with more knowledge and skills, the society
provided him with more job opportunities and makes them vulnerable instability,
while, as he became more scarce talent, the community available to him the higher
pay levels may also, if a company Xiang to recruit and retain such talents, Zhineng
according to social standards higher salaries paid to him, which means that we
increase costs. If, as we will be human capital, which we will naturally consider the
question: Can we pay the cost of benefits to us?

 assume that a business only do domestic trade, estimated that within a year will not
be dealing with foreign companies, if the recruitment of non-required good English
skills, which will only bring the two businesses kinds of results:

 (1) increased wage costs. Wage costs have been in the sales department may be
15,000 yuan / month, due to the high-quality staff to meet the salary requirements, so
that wage costs increased to 30,000 yuan / month, while the increase in the cost of
15,000 yuan does not bring any value to the enterprise.

 (2) causing flow to increase the recruitment and training costs. If the company can
not offer competitive salaries, bringing the staff know their income will be
discontented, and then find another job, so that not only the company has been
spending the recruitment training Fei failed to be implemented, have to Buduan go
"waste" recruitment and training costs to maintain the company's talent for the high
demand, and these increased costs does not give the business to bring value.

, In the use of human resources:

 a company to recruit a new employee, in the recruitment of its conditions are fully
comply with the company, but the trial ended, the employee has not to complete the
company's work, they have been dismissed, but who is at fault? Company?

 difficult for us to say that this is entirely the fault of one, but we know, on the same
staff, be regarded as capital or as a resource to have completely different results. Now
let us look at the story of Mr. Sun.

  Mr. Sun after graduation candidates to X company to sales staff, three months later,
fired, then, Mr. Sun went to the Y company, sales are very good, less than a years, and
was promoted to sales director, the same person, why so different performance? Let
us go and see after the recruitment, X, Y companies have done.

  Mr. Sun went to X company, Human Resources to fill out a variety of forms, and
then let him go to work to the sales department. Sales Manager will be a pile of
product and company information for his presentation, arranged for him to go to the
executive department led the pen, the other appliances, and briefed him on other
departmental colleagues, and finally, to the handing down of a sales target, and let him
ride to desk work. Mr. Sun no sales experience, as information is received publicity
materials issued to customers on the product's introduction is very simple, Mr. Sun
products also do not quite understand what is only their blind Chuang, results, three
months later , is still at a loss, not to mention the sales task is simply no opening, the
result was fired.

 company in the Y Mr. Sun has a different experience to the Human Resources report,
the human resources they had on the corporate culture, company history, company
rules and regulations such as training, to enable Sun President of the company have a
comprehensive understanding to the sales department, limited by product knowledge,
selling techniques from the training, followed by sales Jingliqinzi with him to watch
the Qi-site sales sales process and after that will be allowed to work independently.
Regular meeting in the weekly sales, sales manager, sales will continue to be
organized to discuss the difficult problems to help people solve problems and
constantly improve. Mr. Sun dumb not stupid, in this thorough training and
counseling, they quickly enter the door, with Mr. Sun Hard work, sales rose rapidly,
gradually become the leader in sales staff.

X, Y company personnel reflects the different treatment of different talent, X
company personnel only as a resource, as long as the bills come in, even if the job
done, and talents as a capital Y will, according to the needs of enterprises for their
continuous business development, to appreciate, as the source of profits of enterprises.
A result of the two approaches can be imagined: X in saying that "hard to find talent,"
has been busy struggling to find a good "human resources", Y companies have many
talents, constantly enhance economic efficiency, but in fact they have the same Mr.
Sun had the resources of date.

 Now, we understand the human as a "resource" and "capital" of the different
approaches and different results, we know that only the human as capital, the most
economical way to have talent and have sufficient personnel, and to growing talent,
bringing a steady stream of profits for enterprises, then should we do to "human
resources" to "human capital"?
 1, in personnel recruitment

, Recruitment planning before: Now many companies not yet able to do a
comprehensive human resources planning, at least in the recruitment before a
recruitment plan for this, the planning should include the following:

 Job purpose: Why recruit this person?

 candidate's tasks: to recruit them what the person will complete the work

  requirement of the candidates: In order to complete the work, candidates who need
the knowledge and skills which% D % A
, pursuit of "perfect match"

 farmer marry the princess is a beautiful fantasy of course, but if the farmer could not
afford in the future because of Princess Princess Erzao abandoned, it might as well
start marrying The money for life together, and the U.S. United States for Life.
Recruitment is the case, do not blindly pursue high level, and to the pursuit of

 fundamental papers from [worry documentation] to collect and
organize, for the original author! According to business recruitment requirements
need to be identified. We have analyzed in the preceding, the request will result in
high labor costs increase or frequent mobility.

  more transparent, fully confirm cooperation. Human Resources should try to attract
talent for the enterprise, but to attract talent to be competitive by the human resources
policy, and not only by recruiting skills. "Deceive" the door, holding on, as I would
not let the door, so should be with the recruiters in the recruitment of full
communication, first of all, he should let candidates know what the company will
work to complete the task, which requires skills, to enable candidates to determine if
they like and do the job, and secondly, an objective should be to the candidate about
the company can provide treatment and equal opportunities, so that although the loss
of some talent, but people are willing to enter the company's relatively stable for the
company, thereby reducing the flow of talent caused by the recruitment and training,
the cost of losses.

 2, in human resources use:

, Talent development:

 (1) talent development purposes:
 Talent talent into the community. While we in the recruitment of candidates when to
do the basic quality requirements and review basic, but wants the ability to make
candidates fully for our use, but also requires us to carry out further training. For
example: When we recruit a sales representative may ask that he have good language
skills, but if we do not carry out the company and his product knowledge training, he
still can not very well Xiang Ke Hu introduce our company and products, only to
provide appropriate support, staff can only be exploited to bring economic benefits to
the enterprise.

 talent to adapt to business change and development. As the market changes,
companies will keep developing and changing, therefore, the demands for talent will
continue to change and improve, and companies can not depend on frequent
substitutions Lai adapt to this change, the only feasible way is according to enterprise
The demand for staff to enhance learning opportunities to the growing ability of
employees to adapt to the development of enterprises.

  (2) The main method of human resource development: human resource development
is the primary means of the training can be used many ways, that can participate in
training courses, it can be in the workplace, counseling and training can also be used
to encourage employees to staff their own way of learning through reading, school,
education and other methods of personal training, because it is thought that for the
purpose of business development talent, so either way, should be professionals from
the business knowledge and skills demand driven by business requirements to
encourage employees to continue to improve.

, People who use:

 proper use of talent, can mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, to create more value
for the enterprise, and can guide the staff in the right direction, thus a positive impact
on enterprise development.

 comparison of human capital and other capital is unique, that is, its ability to create
profits a lot of flexibility, a worker can produce 20 items per day, can produce 50
products per day , a salesperson may bring one hundred thousand yuan of profits each
year, you can also bring about 400 thousand yuan of profits each year, it lies in how to
use enterprise employees. From the perspective of human capital development,
rational use of the staff includes two aspects:

 (1) to provide good working conditions: To enable personnel to create the greatest
value, it is necessary to provide work for employees required for a variety of support,
including training related to the corresponding office equipment, with other
departments so that employees work to get handy to maintain a high working
efficiency, so as to bring much more benefits.
 (2) Incentive:

 The role of incentives: incentives on the one hand can mobilize the enthusiasm of
staff to enable them to do more work for the company, on the other hand can on staff
to guide, encourage employees to do the right thing, so that staff quality has increased,
so that professionals value.

 motivation approach: incentives can meet the material needs and spiritual needs of
employees are two ways to achieve, to meet the material needs through wages,
bonuses, benefits and other means to achieve, to meet the spiritual needs by providing
promotion or development opportunities, emotional care, performance recognition,
etc. to achieve this thesis from [worry documentation] to collect and
organize, for the original author! / Center>