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					Staff restaurant of Hotel Employee Turnover Problems

 hotel staff turnover
 Abstract: Along with the increasing competition in the hotel industry, excellent staff,
especially staff at the hotel in the increasingly prominent role. Hotel employee
turnover is too high, especially in the continuous loss of talented employees has
become a difficult problem faced by many hotels. The author from the hotel staff start
with the loss of the causes and effects, on how we should look at staff turnover and
how to solve the problem of turnover is to do some research.
 Keywords: hotel business; Employee Turnover; causes; measures

  recent years, with China's rapid economic growth and international and domestic
market demand, the Chinese restaurants in terms of quantity and quality have a larger
development. Meanwhile, the growing diversity of consumer demand and industry
competition to further intensify the hotel human resources management was also put
forward higher requirements, which the movement of employees, especially the loss
of good staff is plagued in recent years, human resource managers of hotel of a
problem. Although from the management point of view, the appropriate staff turnover
is conducive to the hotel, "renewal and" out of the introduction of high-quality
low-quality staff of employees, thereby enhancing the hotel's service quality and
efficiency, but high turnover will inevitably Hotel operation and management of a few

 1, the hotel staff turnover because

 1. Pursuit of higher salaries. Now an undeniable fact that the hotel industry in recent
years, the wage level is not as China's economic growth and a corresponding increase,
between hotels of different sizes and between the hotel industry and other industries
there is a clear pay gap. In a market economy, many workers to pay their own values
as a measure of how much a major scale, the pursuit of higher wages has become an
important incentive for staff turnover.
 2. In search of better opportunities. Reward is when people are more concerned
about choice of occupation, a factor, but it is not the only people to make the final
decision-making basis. The fact that many people in order to get more development
opportunities, they would rather give up the higher pay. Some employees, especially
when employees see their best to develop the hotel space and limited access will be
selected when the loss. In addition, high salaries to lure foreign capital hotel hotel
staff turnover has become an objective factor.
 3. Vocational concepts obsolete. Because of our traditional concepts, many
employees believe that: he was involved in service work is inferior to eat rice young
career. Many people including the hotel school graduates do not have to work as his
own hotel business to do, let alone career planning.
 4. To seek a better working environment. In some hotels, the management system as
the problem or the reason for low quality of managerial personnel, resulting in
employee rights and dignity of the De Budao due respect; in some hotels in the Huan
high job environment Guoyujinzhang, interpersonal problems are too complex . A lot
of pressure, high staff turnover rate is not surprising.

 second turnover of the negative impact on hotel

  1. Lead to the hotel human resources costs. First, from the recruitment of new
employees into the store to pre-job training and organizational learning at the post,
restaurants are paying a certain cost; Secondly, the loss of veteran staff, the hotel to
find the right person to take over the former space, and also pay for a new
replacement cost; another, and sometimes individual "out of" good managers lured
away from the store employees, leading to further damage of human resources. In
order to maintain normal operation, hotel recruitment, training frequency will
continue to rise, the cost of human resources also increasing.
  2. Staff turnover caused by the decline in quality of service. In general, the staff
decided to leave and not leave the hotel during that period, unlike in the past to work
as seriously, even if the work is labor, not to contribute, and some employees are
dissatisfied with the hotels, restaurants and even out of revenge psychological and
intentional failure to do so. Thus, the quality of service the hotel is bound to be
adversely affected. Hotel staff was lost, take some time to find new employees, new
employees before the bright side, the old staff workload will increase, which led to
physical and mental exhaustion, and thus indirectly reduce the quality of service. The
new hillock employees, unskilled as skilled expertise is not perfect, the hotel's
environment, equipment, facilities, and are not familiar with, could easily lead to
customer dissatisfaction, which reduces the hotel's service quality.
  3. Staff turnover undermine the morale of the team hotel. Part of the loss of staff to
other staff in post working on the emotional and have a negative impact, especially in
the main backbone of the sudden resignation will give him a team led by great
psychological pressure, sudden loss of the general's team may become morale lax,
  4. Staff turnover also resulted in the loss of the hotel portfolio. On the one hand,
service quality will lead to instability in the loss of some source; the other hand, good
marketing experts sales turnover also make great discount hotel, which is all the
managers are not willing to see the consequences.

 3, effective control measures for staff turnover

 1. To establish a good incentive mechanism. Hotel If you want to stimulate
competition in the market based, and sustainable development, the key is to attract
and retain quality staff, and attract and retain talented employees is the key to their
effective incentive. The main methods of material incentive motivation and mental
 level starting from the material incentive, hotels on the one hand should be an open,
fair and reasonable compensation system to meet the basic needs of employees; the
other hand, building a creative reward system and the welfare system, to provide staff
with a good environment, external environment, such as: comfortable, clean, safe
working environment; stability, harmony, joy of living environment; solidarity,
equality, environment and friendly staff.
 mental stimulation is an important means to improve employee satisfaction. First of
all, the hotel staff to help develop scientific and rational career planning,
strengthening the psychological contract hotel management and staff; Second, we
must fully authorized the staff to do some challenging work, enhance their sense of
achievement; again, the hotel should be fully believe employees so that they more
involved in major decision-making and management of the hotel and going to
recognize the status of employee ownership.
 2. To construct a reasonable hotel corporate culture. The so-called enterprise culture
refers to a certain socio-economic conditions, formed through social practice, and for
all members to follow the common sense, values, ethics, behavioral norms and
standards of the sum. Construction of a reasonable beneficial to upgrade the hotel
staff culture of pride and loyalty. First of all, the hotel staff to show their blueprint for
the development of enterprises, clearly our common goals; second, advocated
"employee first" hotel values, hotel services to employees as an object, the staff from
the hotel to get the benefits of growth ; third, the hotel also build loose, happy culture
system to system to protect the hotel staff and the personality and dignity are not
violated; Finally, the hotel should establish a smooth communication channel equal to
the grievances and discontent employees timely troubleshooting.
 short, reasonable flow of the hotel staff is conducive to their development and social
enterprise talent exchange, but hotels should also be positive from the perspective of
employees and the enterprise itself-depth analysis of its causes. I believe that many
Chinese restaurants in the joint efforts of professional managers, we will be able to
build the hotel for their own development model, so that employees overcome the loss
of ills. This paper from [worry documentation] to collect and collate,
thank the original author. / Center>