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					Happy happy Pinyin Pinyin teaching

 happy teaching Pinyin mouth

  great use Hanyu Pinyin, reading literacy need it,
  Help to learn Mandarin, learn it with us .
  ⒉ single vowel
  single vowel, it is important to pronounce lip to gracefully,
  mouth wide aaa, mouth round, ooo,
  mouth is flat eee, teeth alignment iii,% D % A mouth prominent uuu, mouth whistle
  ⒊ initials
  Reading of the initials to pay attention, children re-plug gas pronunciation.
  word like 6 bbb, monkey cart ppp,
  two openings mmm, a walking stick fff,
  lower left semicircle ddd, model performance ttt,
  a door nnn, a wand lll,
  words plus hook ggg, machine guns up kkk,
  chair hhh, i hook under the Canada jjj,
  word like 9 qqq, a fork xxx,
  word like two zzz, half circle, ccc,
  half of the 8-word sss, z plus chair zhzhzh,
  plus chairs chchch, s plus chairs shshsh,
  large Shucha children rrr.
  ⒋ compound final
  compound final, really interesting, two vowels together.
  place to see before the tone lip, lip change to note,
  rapidly backward slip in the past, synthesis of a sound Do not forget.
  ⒌ tone
  Gaoping a loud, flat, two sound like the slope,
  downhill then uphill three times, four tones as the slope.
  ⒍ standard tuning rule
  first standard ao e, and then marked iu ü.
i, u juxtaposition of the post, i put points on the standard tuning wipe,
  neutral tone is not marked on the blank.
  ⒎ spelling rule
  small ü met jqx, Zhaixiamojing line a ceremony.
  ⒏ two spelling
  after the tone before the tone light weight short, the two connected Meng slightest
  ⒐ three spelling
  vowel sound sound light medium fast, 3 tone sandhi very smoothly.
  ⒑ writing rules
  third grid record four-lane center, the phonetic alphabet to live inside.
  tone, dot written on the box, long live the upper arm,
  tarry long tail cell, the other part in the grid.
  in the cell must be full, upper and lower lattice space a little,
  heart to write the rules in mind, Pinyin to write specifications. This article comes
from [the website of Education] collection and sorting, to thank the
original author. / Center>

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