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									Habits develop good writing habit

  develop good writing habit
  old saying: "If less into the nature and habits, such as natural." Good habit of writing
is especially important . We often find that level of difference between students in
writing clear, as in the most tender, the total number of students so teachers are lovely
composition so. Little knowledge, you discover that the reason for these students to
"write", they have cultivated entirely due to good writing habits, usually pay attention
to see more and more thinking. Multi-read, well-thought-fingertips; many think, and
write if God, eloquent, with ease. Degree students with poor writing is always very
envious of those who have repeatedly been brought as Pham Van composition
students, but they can not know how to improve. The root causes that do not develop
good writing habits.
  Well, what should cultivate good habits?
  1. Develop a heart to speak truth to tell the truth v. the habit.
  well-known Austrian novelist Franz Kafka, said: "What is writing? Writing is to
open his mind everything, until no longer open up. Writing is absolutely frank,
without the slightest concealment, that is, the whole both physically and mentally
concentrate on the inside. "At present, students of writing, there is a relatively
common phenomenon of false, included in the composition of who is vain, something
is false, view is imposed, the feelings are too abstract, and lost the authenticity of life.
This not only happens in the composition of the student body to meet, even if some
students, writing foundation it is truly amazing, but there is no intention to speak to
tell the truth v. develop the habit of truth, even if their composition is very stylish
writing, is still not off HU Code disorder made ills, it is difficult to impress people,
difficult to obtain high scores. I remember not long ago I arranged a national essay
competition to participate in an essay entitled "warm", first arranged for students to
complete writing interest group, ready to write to those found in the hands of a few
masterpieces, but it did not, most students made up the traces of obvious. Final
written most people are not moved to participate in the general student interest group.
The students passionate account of his mother after the divorce and the sudden serious
illness of his father, uncle, aunt and mother had been inclined to the rescue. I moved
so well written article. Can be seen in the article you the truth, to write a good essay,
we must cultivate the habit of telling the truth v. the truth. Only say the truth, willing
to spit aspirations to make the reader feel the credibility of good faith, can you write
those words produce persuasive and appealing.
  Some of the students in writing blindly stereotyped said that as long to write toward
the bright side is right, in fact, the frame of this idea should be discarded entirely. A
variety of human feelings, regardless of heights, as long as their true feelings can be
reflected as. Some students in the normal course of conversation, for some teachers,
critics have added, but the composition of the teacher in writing is blindly singing the
praises of teachers, this essay can be written right? Only gives the false impression,
rather bluntly pointed out the shortcomings of the teacher.
  veteran of language education is stressed that the students writing, "to say that they
wish to say" the. Mr. Ye Shengtao said: "In teaching writing, the first requires students
to be honest, never allow the duplicity, fraud." Mr. Lv Shuxiang also said: "Writing
can be the first to request it has real content, less moving 'formula' to talk nonsense.
"student essay writing from the heart of the truth if there is an important yardstick to
measure creativity. Creative writing should open hearts, expression of individuality,
true frankly described his creative principles. The good faith of all literature,
especially novice writers - students must follow. For example in a college entrance
essay on "over fragile" in many of the students fabricate their parents died of grief to
the phenomenon of writing, should be food for thought, and to be rectified.
  2. Develop observation of perception, experience accumulated habits.
  is often some students are afraid of writing, that is nothing to say, nothing to write,
the reason is the lack of observation of life, or not accustomed to thinking. Everyone
knows, the big to the world and society, small schools and families, tapping our
heartstrings, attract our attention and exciting things have occurred. At the same time,
each of our living "person", in which there is a lot of useful material for writing. As
long as we are good at observation, good at thinking, writing the source must be
bubbling rolling, long uninterrupted. "Asked him what so clear, as there are sources of
running water to" observe the lessons of life is the source of an important means of
access to one composition material.
  "for our eyes, not a lack of beauty, but a lack of discovery."
  writer must love life and have a keen perception of life force. Love life, pen before
the end of Tang Chu stream of clean, wonderful document will flower. Observation of
life and found beauty in life, evil, the accumulation of life, thinking life, to have their
own thoughts, bits and pieces around to form their own opinions or insights. The more
detailed observation of life, things are more vivid description. Therefore, we must
observe the students cultivate the habit of perception.
  great writer Su Shi's proposition: "Bo Concept and about taking, fat, thick and thin
  Lu Xun also said: "must be such as bees, as adopted many flowers, which can spawn
honey to If the bite in one place, from very limited. "which shows that accumulated in
the composition has an important role. Some students pick up a pen writing, both
ways, fingertips, all in one, great inexhaustible momentum, reason is the
accumulation of excessive effort from top to bottom, materials stocked. Many
students suffer silently writing, only "hope problem Despair," The fundamental reason
is the lack of material empty belly. The size of the warehouse for storage of material
directly related to the quality of writing. There is an ancient joke that: a scholar can
not write the article, excessive distress. See his wife said: "how's harder than I have
children?" Replied: "Of course more difficult. Your children is a stomach with goods,
I wrote the article is the stomach out of stock." Students of writing are often the
stomach out of stock. Therefore, students should develop the good habit of
accumulating material, and guide students to observe the ground to write notes, more
study notes, the phenomenon usually seen, read good material, feel the spark of
thought, are recorded, so as Bu Zhiyu with forgotten with time, with the see with the
  3. Develop a practice to read more, think more and more the habit of revising
  each of us with direct experience, understanding of the society is always limited to
accumulation of material, everything can not be witnessed, which must learn to
accumulate more indirect experience. Indirect experience acquired is the most
effective way to read. Reading is the basis of writing is the only way to get writing
sample. "Study break rolls, write any of God" and "labor in the study, Yat in writing",
this is the practice of previous summed up in reading and writing experience. Reading
is absorbed and accumulated in the process, ideas, material, and even the language to
express what feelings are unconsciously stored. If necessary, these stocks will flock to
come out for your application; you can naturally picked at random, not Feisi Suo and
natural, and thus innovation, to express their feelings too vivid, perfect. To read is
indeed a master of writing leads to success.
  natural, even more than reading and writing, of any skill techniques, requires
repeated exposure and the same writing, training, reach a certain strength or
proficiency, it could work. Writing is a kind of innovation, we must appreciate the
repeated practice, try to figure out which law to realize. To cultivate the habit of
handling pen to paper. Drop hollows the stone, practice makes perfect, writing skills
are constantly improving practice. More reading, more writing paper from work, only
to write, and for starting the article to be handy. Great writer Lu Xun even talk about
their writing experience, but also stressed that: "The article should do, I can not tell,
because their composition is due to see more and practice, in addition to no
experience or method." Therefore, , novice writers should be diligent practice
document that only by adhering Lianbi to the "quantity" to promote the "quality" of
the leap. Perseverance, writing habits also cultivated.
  more thought, besides the more usual to think of the seen and heard on the
surrounding bits and pieces have their own opinions or insights beyond, in writing,
but also develop ideas, set out the outline habits. Do not think there is no deep,
thought-provoking article. Before you begin to think what kind of material selection,
set what kind of theme, this article from [the website of Education] www.5udoc.com
collection and sorting, to thank the original author. And how to organize the material,
etc.. Best to develop outlines, the habit of fighting a plan, so that can write with ease,
and will not like a hard one, like squeezing toothpaste squeezed out.
  "Yin security word stem to twist off a few" good half in the drafting of the article,
half of the changes. Change is an important and indispensable step in writing is an
effective way to improve the quality of the article, literature on the article circulated
the story changes a lot of Fang. The changes since it focuses the students develop the
habit to change assignments. Mr. Ye Shengtao who had worked vigorously to promote
and actively advocated his revised article. Outline also requires students to develop a
"multi-write multi-change" habits. "Good article is out to change", which is
acknowledged. Article not tire change 100 back, to a greater fine. From the initial
grade, students should be taught the methods from the changed composition to
mobilize student interest in writing from the change, many students from the change
of habits.
  "use my eyes to the world, with my hand my heart", with good writing habits,
writing naturally learn solid, step by step, writing skills also can be improved. This
article comes from [the website of Education] www.5udoc.com collection and sorting,
to thank the original author. / Center>

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