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					Guangxi competing - ASEAN Tourism Cooperation and Research

 Guangxi-ASEAN Tourism Cooperation and
 Summary: Regional Tourism Cooperation and the regional tourism development, an
important feature. Regional Tourism Cooperation and theory through a process from
competition to competition and then to - the evolution of cooperation. In this paper,
the regional tourism competition based on the theory of the China - ASEAN Tourism
Cooperation and the favorable conditions and constraints of the competing state
subject under asymmetric information both tourism competing measures.
 Key words: regional tourism; tourism competition; China - ASEAN

 I. Introduction

 Guangxi and ASEAN in close geographical proximity and social connections,
resources with different, source similar to permanent location in ASEAN Expo in
Nanning, that fate will provide for the convenience of cooperation; Guangxi province
has entered a new era of tourism development, ASEAN attaches great importance to
the development of tourism, both in the development of tourism process will
inevitably compete in the situation, but similar levels of economic development and
the multilevel nature of the decision of the Guangxi-ASEAN cooperation in the
development of a simple co-operation can not be both, it can not be offsetting the
other, the rat race, and both cooperation and competition is competing complementary,
cooperation is the mainstream.

 two competing theories of the evolution of regional tourism

 In general, the regional tourism through a competing theory to the cooperation from
the competition and then to competition - the evolution of cooperation .
 regional tourism competition is the regional tourism market development of the
basic driving force and an important means to promote the regional tourism
development, driven by a different source to the flow of tourists from different
destinations, between the interests of tourism operators and the regulation of
distribution. Development of regional tourism market in the early stages of the
competition will help to stimulate consumer demand and expand tourism, promote
tourism production scale and raise the level of production, but with the deepening of
regional tourism market competition, excessive competition has resulted in many
negative consequences, undermine the overall attractiveness of the regional tourism
market and overall competitiveness, tourism operators and tourism damage the overall
interests of consumers, which requires the need for cooperation between the various
tourist regions.
 regional tourism cooperation between different parts of the main tourist economy,
according to a certain degree of agreement, statute or contract, voluntary and mutually
self-interest of the unity of economic activity in the form of tourism. The interests of
regional tourism cooperation, based on the market as a basic way, the market is
important to promote regional tourism cooperation in power. Regional tourism
cooperation to a higher stage of tourism development is the inevitable outcome.
  Regional Tourism Cooperation and means of travel within a certain region carried
out by economic agents, in cooperation with competition, cooperation, competition,
the minimum cost for the maximum economic and social benefits of a "competition -
cooperation" of the dynamic Tourism economic activity. Simple cooperation or
competition alone can not meet the increasingly complex regional tourism activities,
competing model will become the preferred strategy for regional tourism development.
Regional Tourism Cooperation and mode of competition and cooperation together as a
regional tourism development both in the promotion of two forms, both stressed that
competition in the regional tourism activities for their own interests, but also focus on
cooperation, safeguard the overall interests of regional tourism and long-term interests.
Regional Tourism Cooperation should be based on the tourism market as the starting
point, the formation of complementary resources, information exchange, marketing,
interactive, shared source of regional tourism development trend. The nature of
tourism there are two competing, one to the mainstream of tourism cooperation
competing, or by competition for the mainstream tourism competition. In certain areas,
if tourism is both homogeneous as competitive as mainstream tourism competition, if
the tourism resources are both heterogeneous co-presented by competing for the

 3, Guangxi-ASEAN Tourism Cooperation and conditions of a

  1, China - ASEAN Tourism Cooperation and favorable conditions for
  (1) complementary resources. Tourism is the Regional Tourism Cooperation and
complementarity of the premise and foundation. Guangxi and the ASEAN countries
and rich tourist resources, there is a certain extent complementary, and form the basis
of complementary tourism products. Such as the Guangxi karst landscape tourism,
coastal tourism, ethnic customs and travel, tourism and other tourism products feature
the border, Singapore cityscape, entertainment, vacation, special product structure of
the main tourist tripod, Cambodia, featuring cultural tourism, this complementarity
tourism resources in Guangxi and the ASEAN countries in the development of
tourism products and markets offer great potential and broad prospects.
  (2) geographical proximity. From the point of view of geographical location,
Guangxi and ASEAN countries is a narrow strip of water between the closely adjacent.
Guangxi and ASEAN waters connected to the land phase, landscape homologous,
with more than 5000 km border line, is connected into the ASEAN and the ASEAN
China's leading edge and channel; Guangxi is located in the South China Economic
Circle, southwest China, an ASEAN Economic Circle and the economy ring junction,
is the China - ASEAN Free Trade Area of the center, connecting the domestic and
ASEAN markets, is the only land border with the Association of Southeast Asian
Nations established sea lanes of the provinces there.
  (3) Humanities similar. Guangxi and ASEAN countries has a long history of human
ties, mainly as follows: First, Zhuang and Dong Ethnic and Southeast Asia associated
with the same origins and different ethnic genetic relationship; Second, Guangxi, 85%
distribution of overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia, overseas Chinese in Guangxi, The
most concentrated areas of overseas Chinese and also Chinese, overseas Chinese
capital's most powerful regions, known as "Chinese money bank"; 3 is based on
archaeological, ethnological studies have found that Guangxi and ASEAN countries
and the nation's cultural exchange can be traced back to the Qin Dynasty 2,000 years
ago; Fourth Association of Southeast Asian Nations in the Chinese Confucian cultural
circle of radiation into the scope.
  2, China - ASEAN Tourism Cooperation and constraints
  (1) close to the level of economic development and economic structural
isomorphism. Whether the stock of resources and economic structure, or level of
economic development, Guangxi and ASEAN countries have a high degree of
similarity. The economic structure, Guangxi and ASEAN countries in economy, the
labor-intensive industries occupy a large proportion of the higher degree of
coincidence with each other. In recent years, from the Association of Southeast Asian
Nations and the Guangxi terms of the structure of exports, agriculture, mine, aquatic
products, clothes and toys and other labor-intensive products than the proportion of
large and export markets are concentrated in the United States. In some cases, market
demand, competition, the inevitable result. This similarity in Guangxi and ASEAN is
a low level of similarity constraints on the role of development of bilateral
  (2) close to the level of tourism development and product structure are similar. Most
countries belong to ASEAN, and the Guangxi subtropical and tropical regions, are
both underdeveloped and industrial level is not high and the low level of tourism
development stages of development. In general, the degree of regional economic
development capacity to directly affect tourism investment, development scale and
development direction. This close relationship is not conducive to the tourism
economy and the penetration of radiation.
  (3) emergencies in Guangxi and ASEAN cooperation in tourism has brought
uncertainty. Tourism itself is a sensitive industry to the outside world, by the
sudden-impact events. From the foot and mouth disease, SARS, avian flu, to the
tsunami, a large Indonesian island of Bali terrorist bombings to the ASEAN countries
to bring more heavy blow to tourism, and tourism cooperation to cast a shadow, which
greatly reduces travel emergencies to the safety factor.
  (4) system, the difference and the asymmetry of information, communication
between both sides is difficult. System differences mainly in the political, economic
system in the ideological field. Since both sides in the ideological field of differences,
leading to an event will have different opinions or conflicts, 从而 to some extent,
lead to a reduction Jing Zheng 增加 cooperation. Information asymmetry mainly in
the dominant position of competing parties asymmetry. Guangxi, as a local
administrative region, its relatively limited ability to control information, while the
ASEAN countries as the main part, on information control ability. Asymmetric
information in the context of this cooperation, the depth and efficiency of their
cooperation will be affected.
 4, China - ASEAN Tourism Cooperation and measures

  1, Building Regional Tourism Cooperation Mechanism
  Regional Tourism Cooperation and coordination mechanism is involved in
co-operation parties through consultation, negotiation and the establishment of
various forms of economic organization, etc. on each other's policies and interests of
the joint regulation. Objective through the coordination, exchange views and
information between each other, and seek consensus on common interests, in order to
take appropriate measures and actions to overcome the contradictions, disputes and
conflicts, to ensure the smooth progress of cooperation.
  2, to promote the building of a large regional tourism
  one of a major highway, Guangxi in ASEAN and China is an important hub
connecting point, do a good job connecting the ASEAN countries and China's inland
and East European national rail and road connection, speed up the construction of
perfect Guangxi (Nanning), a Singapore transnational highway, railway, Guangxi, one
of Singapore's land formed a travel channel; second is to speed up in the Tonkin Gulf
cooperation in regional coastal cities and ports, improving the sea to build a travel
channel; 3 air travel routes to speed up network construction, improve the region's
main tourism Gulf of Tonkin air traffic between cities, Nanning opened as soon as
possible to Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and the normal
international flights to Manila, Vientiane, Phnom Penh travel packages that papers
from [worry documentation] to collect and organize, for the original
author. Machine route, Guilin and Nanning domestic focus speed construction of two
international airports, opened in Nanning in 2-3 years time, ASEAN countries, major
cities with air routes.
  3, promoting the facilitation of travel
  border facilitation, promotion of tourism an important measure to speed up the flow.
Under the "ASEAN Framework Agreement on Abolition of Visa Requirements," to
social access for the purpose of ASEAN citizens, can enjoy 14-day visa-free treatment.
January 2007, held in Singapore in the 26th ASEAN Tourism Forum, the ASEAN
countries to negotiate no later than the end of 2008 to implement an open skies
agreement to allow members of the national airlines unrestricted access to and from
the capitals, in order to travel the entry provides a great convenience, to promote the
rapid development of ASEAN tourism.
  4, to promote regional tourism co-marketing
  strengthening and Pacific Asia Travel Association and global major travel suppliers,
large tourism enterprises and the linkage and cooperation with international airlines,
to develop a new international customer base, the together to build a pan-northern
Gulf International Tourism destination brand image; strengthen the Pan-Tonkin Gulf
region, tourism management, tourism organizations and tourism cooperation between
enterprises, co-organized the International Tourism Fair and regional tourism
promotion will feature the joint training special tourism routes, linked to invite major
media, business cycle covering the major travel, study and media coverage, the joint
establishment of a multi-exchange, multi-level travel promotion mechanism, and
create a network of international tourism marketing agency, travel marketing system
and chain Travel Distribution Union as the main body of modern tourism marketing
system, to form a resource sharing, mutual tourist flow, market docking, linkage
development pattern. This paper from [worry documentation] to
collect and collate, thank the original author. / Center>