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									Queen Germany Germany wine queen

 German wine queen named

 link to goods and beauty, has become a time-tested business promotions. In order to
promote their wines to the world, the Germans began as early as 1949, the "Wine
Queen," named the official selection, the beautiful and lucky woman will let a man
stand aside, for the German wine in a new land.

  German "Wine Queen" named by the German Wine Research
(DeutschesWeininstitut) organization, participants must come from the German
tradition of the 13 wine regions and wine-related field, or wine from the family, each
producing nominate a candidate for the final. In addition to the final selected a wine
other than the Queen, will be selected up to three wine princess.

 According to tradition, the final on the second Friday of October each year, held in
the city in neustadt, but made an exception in the 2006 finals held in Dresden, on the
one hand Dresden located in the historic wine region of Saxony, on the other hand,
also to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the city of Dresden.

  want to be "The Queen" is not as simple as a beautiful face, the Selection Committee
by the wine columnist and wine industry practitioners. Screening of candidates will be
asked in the layers of "wines that match with chocolate?" "Saxony's specialties gold
Riesling Where is the best place?" And other problems related to all aspects of wine.
In the final two and a half hours, they should show their extraordinary as insight,
quick thinking and a good image. Beautiful manners are important, a wealth of
knowledge is also necessary. While most drinkers a few glasses of wine you'll feel the
face of such a beautiful woman not afraid of them asked what had levels. But the play
of a country's image in an industry ambassador, has charming appearance but also the
lack of intelligent minds can not.

  Here we look at the latest term of the German Wine Queen caccia ? Shi Wei De
(KatjaSchweder). October 6, 2006, caccia ? Shih Wei Tak was crowned the 58th
queen of any wine. The wine comes from a family of 26-year-old girl on Friday in
Dresden, the Queen held a wine competition, beat other competitors, won the Queen's
winning wine, Sylvia ? The piano in the cell (SylviaBenzinger ) won in 2005 after the
reelection of candidates from the Palatinate wine region the title of Queen, this is the
first time in the history of wine queen selected candidates from the same constituency
reelected Queen title.

 glitter of the crown also has its own weight, caccia ? Shih Wei Merkel outside
Germany is probably the busiest woman in Germany when his family. She usually is
the doctor's administrative assistant, but since the wine was crowned queen, she must
attend a variety of promotional activities around the world doing publicity for the
German wines (in May of this year has been to promote China's Xiamen and

 for the pressure, the new queen in the throne which had been the beginning of
consciousness, "This is a great challenge, for the German wine can make some
contribution, I am pleased. "/ center>

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