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  beginner in German must-Mark Twain
  German study has a number on the statement. Probably be the most famous
American writer Mark Twain (1835-1910) the famous instead. Mark Twain called the
German         "theawfulGermanlanguage",         translated      into    German       is
"dieschrecklichedeutscheSprache", in Chinese means "terrible German." In particular,
Mark Twain said: "a gifted person can learn English in 30 hours (excluding
orthography and pronunciation), you can learn French in 30 days, while the German
only useful for 30 years to learn."% D % A great masters have said, is not generally
speaking can be difficult to learn German, German law has not it? Professor Gao
Niansheng in the "German study" period 6 of 2001 put it well: "In all fairness,
German does not think as many people as difficult to learn." I agree with this view.
  Objectively speaking, it is necessary to master any language are not a very easy task.
Take our mother tongue of Chinese, for example. Chinese is a professional. To
specifically to learn it. Many people live a few years old, the pronunciation of some
words is also allowed to read or not read. Radio and television broadcasters are also
often have to scroll to correct their pronunciation dictionary. And the ancient Chinese,
is divided into two categories of Chinese and modern Chinese. To find an ancient
Chinese and modern Chinese are good people is difficult. But we did not feel small to
use Chinese major difficulties it encountered too many! This is a language dimension.
General language exchange and study a language are two different things. There was
also a German study this problem. Learning German, we must first figure out the
purpose of learning German. German education from the current domestic point of
view, can be divided into three types of learning German: learn German as a
professional, or call a professional to learn German language and literature; German
intensive course of study; learning German as a second language. From the Hour of
view, learning German as a second language at least. Such learning generally arranged
about 144 hours. School system for one year, 18 weeks per semester classes, 4 hours
per week. Type of learning because less time, large classes (usually six or 70 people
or so, the largest up to 160 70), the teaching content to grammar and reading only the
main, very difficult to listen to that , reading, writing and translating all-round
development. Followed by intensive training course to learn German. Such learning
generally arranged about 800 hours. School system is one year. Teach 18 weeks per
semester, 20-22 hours a week or so. Type of learning as a relatively long time, small
classes (usually around 20), course content can and must do all-round development.
Especially in the junior class (the first half of) particular emphasis on speaking and
listening training. Intermediate (second half) is even more emphasis on written
materials processing. The German is required four years of professional long time in
school and life after graduation can not be exhausted to the cause of the.
-level issues in addition to outside, it does have a language problem between the
contrast. For the Chinese, seem to Oriental languages (Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese,
Burmese, Thai) easier, while Western languages (including English, French, Russian,
German, Spanish, Italian, etc.) are more difficult to . But for Europe and the United
States people are just the opposite. In their eyes, Chinese is the world's most difficult
language to learn. All language is easier in Europe. Familiar with Europe and the
United States four or five languages people should not be hard to find. In Germany,
students will have to learn two or three foreign languages (Latin, English and French)
of the. This is a language difference issue. Chinese people learning English than
Europe and the United States more difficult, is the truth.
  target language is also a contrast between the problems. Such as English and German
comparison, contrast, etc. in English and Russian. This in turn, these characteristics of
language itself and with the Chinese to determine the approximate level.
  difficulty of these languages, the word is inflected shape of the main. Chinese is not
the word shape change. I eat, you eat, I ate yesterday, I'll eat all the same to eat. I hit
you and you hit I did not change the shape of the word. The English, German, Russian
and so is not. In this way, what language word shape inflected at least, of course, is
the most easily accepted by Chinese people. In English, German, Russian in three
languages, there are six cells in the Russian, German has four cells, only the
nominative and accusative in English (and very sound), of course, English is
relatively easy. English as transformed in less, we had to compare a fixed word order
confused. This in turn happens to be Chinese characteristics. It also increased the ease
of English. German grid due to the constraints of word sequence can be in disarray.
Subject to flying, thanks to Georgia to decide. This is the Chinese are not used and,
therefore, increased the difficulty of German. The English "nature" concept is weak,
such as myfather, mymother, mybook, all my. This is like Chinese and my father, my
mother, my book, is "my." The German has to say meinVater, meineMutter, meinBuch.
In addition, all the same thing, have a different nature, derTisch, dieTür, dasFenster.
Together transformed, in English only remember one my on the trip, and German
have to remember the six words form (mein, meine, meines, meinem, meinen, meiner)
in 16 scenarios (yang, yin, in , each of the four complex cells) in the distribution, that
is, the optical one, "I?? English is my" in German would take 16 times the amount of
work in English. In addition to "My" in addition, of course, learning "your," "his"
"her" "its" "our", "your" "their" "your" "You are the" other and so on, are also 16
times the amount of work in English. Be noted that this is not in the German far the
most difficult grammatical phenomena. Say this is just to emphasize the German than
in English difficult to learn in one aspect. The aim is to make every beginner German
students must learn better prepared before, determined to overcome these difficulties.
, however, everything has its two aspects. German also has easy side. For example,
like many words, and English (such as Computer, Jeans, Teenager, USA, UNO, WC,
etc.), we do not need an additional note of. Many words sound similar (Boot, Haus,
Hand), or another transcription / center>