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Foreign foreign hotel management hotel human resources difficulties and Countermeasures


									Foreign hotel management hotel human resources foreign Dilemma and

 foreign management of hotel human resources

 Abstract Despite the introduction of sophisticated human resource management
policies, most foreign-managed hotels in the Chinese market also has a strong
competitive edge, but the actual management of human resources there are still
problems. Correct understanding of the problem, take steps to improve the higher is
the current foreign management of the hotel facing an important issue.
 Key words cultural differences; foreign managed hotels; Human Resource

  current, increasingly competitive hotel industry, knowledge of competition, talent
competition, human resources management increasingly important. Foreign-managed
hotels in the play to their strengths while also address the problem. Overall,
foreign-managed hotels in the current problems in the following areas:
  1, caused by cultural differences difficult to implement the pay model
  reward system is the individual performance pay-general of foreign hotels practice, it
through the staff performance appraisal, and evaluation results will be linked to pay
awards to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff. However, the present Chinese staff
functions and positions Quedui linked to salary model is satisfactory. Because the
traditional culture, this egalitarian distribution model can maintain just and
harmonious interpersonal relationships, individual performance pay-system, thus
hampered the implementation. And foreign management of hotel staff on the pay and
conditions information must be kept confidential, otherwise punished severely.
  second, low quality of employees caused by the quality of service issues
  despite the quality of hotel employees to improve quickly, but customers demand
more personalized than the obvious gap between staff quality and skills. Mainly due
to low academic level, foreign language unfamiliar, there is no identification of the
work, lack of vocational training, leading to service attitude, service skills
  3, employee turnover caused by the brain drain problem
  foreign management of the hotel personnel system as open and flexible, making staff
turnover high, and is the backbone of the loss of many, especially students, HR
resulted in many hotels prefer to vocational school students in the recruitment, do not
want to be college students. This hotel is undoubtedly worse, a vicious circle.
  4, the Chinese management personnel are not mature
  lot of the Chinese practice of experienced managers, but the decision-making ability,
management ability and strategic grasp the need to further improve. In particular, the
lack of overseas study and work experience, on the eastern and western systems and
cultures have deep understanding of senior personnel. Moreover, the portion of the
staff "not satisfied within the foreign service", but also to bring Chinese managers to
work an obstacle.
  5, staff training is often not achieve the expected results
  majority of staff did not initiate the required training, awareness, unless there is high
reward stimulus, or is subject to hotel arrangements, it would not make the training a
mere formality, Only a fundamental solution to the composition of the training team,
training arrangements and training programs. Meet the staff training time, content and
form of the demand, to mobilize the enthusiasm to train qualified personnel.
  6, caused by the differences in the management of cultural friction
  designated foreign managers when conducting international cross-cultural training
will be conducted though the hotel staff in the foreign relations more harmonious
whole, but there are also some from the problems caused by cultural differences.
  scientific theory of human resource systems to assume that life is hard, and
employees bears to solve the problems facing the organization a wealth of wisdom
and innovative spirit. In short, the hotel retain staff and to inspire employees to
maximize the motivation can be summarized as: a reasonable pay, career prospects for
the development of force, a pleasant working atmosphere, learning and improvement
opportunities. Therefore, I believe that the hotel should do a good job in the following
  (a) a "personality characteristics of employment law"
  staff selection resulted from improper employee turnover, the primary cause of
attrition, but also lead to higher costs. Therefore, the selection of staff, vacancies
should be first broken down by job characteristics consistent with its character
requirements of the selection staff. In addition to appointing those passionate, happy,
friendly staff. The Ritz-Carlton hotel group by careful selection method has been
applied after the operation, each position on the staff is efficient, turnover also
  (b) the integration of core human resources system implantation, completely
changed the traditional pay design
  pay and job performance and ability to link. First of all, the hotel's business strategy
must be clear, for example, Holiday Inn Group's business strategy is to "increase sales,
enabling operators to successfully re-building and unity of function, growth of the
hotel base, and train outstanding corporate culture, to further explore strategic
advantage." Then the personal interview to explore the capacity certification,
confirmed that contribute to the success of the hotel business strategy. Then the core
capabilities and integrate human resource systems, core competencies are fully
integrated into all systems, including recruitment, training, performance evaluation,
etc.. Finally, to develop competency-based pay system and staff capacity to introduce
new knowledge system environment, with clear expectations of the hotel. Holiday
Hotels ability to use system, successfully transformed the culture of its overseas
subsidiaries, so that human resources strategy and corporate strategy and pay system
  (c) Staff Career Planning
  hotel should be designed for staff career development planning, to see the direction
and goals. Recruitment, the potential should be selected and the work of students who
love the hotel, according to their personality traits and interests, assigned to the
department, training for grassroots work, to achieve specific targets until after the
upgrade through the assessment. Thus, by continuously hone and develop outstanding
management talent to create. For example, the Sheraton hotel promised to give each
employee an equal recruitment, development opportunities, regardless of race, color,
religion, etc., always committed to internal promotion to strengthen the workforce.
The Holiday Group, based in the United States, Holiday Inn University of Memphis,
the group managers here had to be 2-5 weeks of the study. Sheraton Group 3
continents around the world with five training centers in training middle and senior
management personnel, such training will help to retain talent, motivate personnel.
  (4) cross-training,
  This is the employee receiving additional services through skills training to meet the
multiple positions needs. It helps to maintain the quality of personnel strengths,
improve service quality and competitiveness, and effective cost control. On the one
hand, training challenges, but also reduced the staff produced a long-term repeat the
tired feeling. On the other hand, the employees are multi-skill, a substantial increase
in efficiency, saving labor costs. Starwood Hotels and Resorts, as suggested, the
development of a variety of skills continue to exceed even hotel guests expect, and
staff (page 23 of the next turn) (on the access page 17) fully prepared to meet the
expanding career opportunities. The Marriott hotel group with cross-training
management mode, compression 30% of management positions, the net annual
increase of 10 billion U.S. dollars, and to achieve the optimum staff size. Westin
Hotels & Resorts to implement cross-training, high-quality staff and quality
service has been feedback: 82% of the guests staying there again Westin's plan, 87%
of the guests to the Westin recommend to others.
  (5) Hotel Corporate Culture
  corporate culture is the soul, the source for the development, is distinguished from
competitors in the most fundamental sign. It is the core value, knowledge-based, to
cause the common pursuit of all workers and business leaders in the long-term
consensus. Good corporate culture should have compatibility, learning, strategic. The
success on the world-renowned Hilton Hotel in terms of "fast" the word service
known to the world; the Mandarin Hotel with its "feeling" the word service as the
industry leader in session; and Starwood Hotels and Resorts in 2006 in April, put 200
million U.S. dollars to implement a call "we belong" brand building programs,
cultural integration into the brand.
  (6) employees to participate in
  staff should be involved in hotel management and create opportunities to meet the
spiritual needs of high-level. When employees work with others to solve problems
together, their social needs are met; When employees recognize that their hotel is very
important, their respect for the needs are met; When employees are thrilled for their
contribution to the time of its self- Implementation needs are met. Hotels through
internal "employee participation" incentives, not only to mobilize the initiative and
creativity of employees, but also to provide them with more growth opportunities and
retain talent. Total Quality Management (TQM) inspired by The Ritz-Carlton Hotel
Group launched the "self-directed mission to this paper from [worry
documentation] to collect and organize, for the original author! Team" measures by
authorized employees on the exercise of original power level management personnel,
to create free space for employees, motivate and unleash their potential, enabling
them to rapidly grow, improve service quality.
 Holiday Group, Mr. Wilson said the founder of: the staff is not satisfied, there is no
satisfied customers; does not give rise to a satisfactory working environment, there is
no customer satisfaction in the enjoyment of the environment. Competition in the
hotel industry is a talent competition in the final analysis, human resources,
sustainable development of the hotel industry, the driving force. The growing hotel
industry in China, only eclectic, exceed and go for their own characteristics, the way
human resources management, is our future development.
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