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									Experience Experience in the primary composition writing teaching

 primary composition teaching experience,

  quality education in today, although indeed in students still beautiful, but parodies
Even copying for others: obviously lived alpine mountains, it says, "I often and small
partners to pick up shells on the beach"; obviously his father is a township enterprise
of ordinary workers, they wrote, "My father is a city of the Secretary "... ... the list
goes on, people really worrying. Famous educator Tao said: "The 1000 Education and
the many religions, teach people to seek truth; 1000 study 10 000 study, to learn to
live." Primary language syllabus explicitly states: students writing "can be informal,
free to own knowledge and imagination to write out the contents of specific, real
feelings. "How to allow students to write true story, true feelings, improve their
writing ability? Writing is like cooking, only to be "m" - writing material, but also a
cooking technique - writing method. I think that teaching writing in primary schools
for pupils age characteristics, experience-oriented education so that students gained
writing material, master the writing method, can effectively improve the students
writing ability.
  1, experience, accumulated writing material, was "to cook the rice"
  primary fear of writing one of the reasons is the lack of writing material, "can not
make bricks without straw." Pupils own life experience simple and obvious, gained
experience in both direct and indirect experience is limited. To this end, the full
experience to the students to create opportunities for students to use "heart" to
experience, students can accumulate writing material, was "to cook the rice."
, Give students the opportunity to create experiences
  schools and teachers should be possible to organize and carry out varied, healthy
activities, the experience for the students to create conditions to enable students to
acquire knowledge from the activities, exercise capacity, cultivates the mind. Such as
recreational activities, sports, visits, production and labor (or household), social
investigation, sightseeing, discussion, watched the performance, reading, games.
Students experience the fun activities at the same time, naturally accumulated a
writing material, not only material accumulated life events, you can also accumulate
beautiful words. Practice shows that the students through the experience, the writing
appears to be detailed and specific, realistic people. As I have time for students to
write a scene - a tug of war in mind, because the students have only read a few tug of
war, and the time is long, although I have a lot of time to explain, guide, but we wrote
a short essay empty , dried. So I organized a class altogether with the students
conducted a tug of war, we rather put, colorful interior. The next day, the students
handed in writing to make me a fresh, enriching the content of specific lin, people
standing on the edge of their territory. Even less usual composition of a boy also
wrote: "... ... Goodness me! Fast they pull off line it! No, not lose them! Although I
felt weak little legs, arms were a little numb, but I closed touched upon, teeth and
ramped up its air and launched a desperate effort to pull the breast. Finally, the rope
began to shift to our side of ... ... "
, for students to use the" heart "to experience the
  primary schools in the provisions, to enable students to "carefully observe the
surroundings, to develop the habit of diligent observation and thinking." psychology
that students are not free to pay attention to the attention of the dominant, often
around the things, phenomena such as turning a blind eye turn a deaf ear. Therefore,
the accumulation of writing material to enable students to not only give students the
chance to create experience, but also to develop their "heart" to experience, to
experience anything at all. Specifically, to enable students to experience culture
observation, thinking, association and imagination, and so on. Particular emphasis on
training students in observation, notes Look for all learning, training students since
childhood to be a caring people. Psychological research shows that pupils observe the
surface characteristics of the main perception of things and rather vague, arbitrary
poor, disorganized, lack of purpose and systematic. Therefore, teachers should focus
on guiding students to observe ways: first, to teach students to have a purpose,
planned to observe things; second observation to enable students to master the skills,
such as a certain sequence of observations on the important or key content they need
observation etc.; again, to observe the students specialized training, such as from
people, objects, landscape and other comprehensive classification of observation and
then to the overall observation of things observed horizontal or vertical, compared to
the observation of different things.
  2, experience, grasp the writing method, the result of "a straw"
  primary reason is fear of another essay writing method do not understand the lack of
writing skills, "humble housewife can not cook with rice" . To improve students
writing skills, in addition to accumulating material for students, but also equip them
with the writing method. Writing methods include conception, selection, usage, and
sentences, stylistic rules and layout of thinking and using narrative, description,
description, discussion, emotion and other expressions. Of course, the students do not
need to understand the language of these factors, only asking them to practice writing
to use these methods. Writing ability is listening, speaking, reading, writing, thinking,
imagination and other comprehensive abilities, students with more experience of
listening, speaking, reading and writing, will be able to master the writing methods to
improve writing skills.
, Experience obedient
  for students to experience the obedient, trained to understand the words of others to
express the main point, understand the links between words and the words, and to
express a meaning of words and expressions used methods to think about their own
content to tell the others how to highlight the main meaning of words such
organizations. Experience obedient listen to read the text, radio, stories.
, Experience speaking
  composition is silent words, words that sound the statements the article, the hearts of
things to say, the content can be described by only writing. Thus, by allowing students
to express their own experience seen, heard, think, feel, the enlightened, so as students
choice of words, to express the feeling, pay attention to the language of logic and
rigor capabilities. If students experience the story, talking about opinion, speech and
, Experience reading
  primary schools in clearly defined, students should read the amount of 1.5 million
words. Thus, not only to enable students to read and understand the materials on the
fine article, but also purposeful, planned and focused manner to enable students to
read some extracurricular Excellent Work, students experience reading, have
accumulated beautiful words, but also to learn from the writing method works also
sentiment mood, inspire thought.
, Experience writing
  in the final analysis, to improve their writing skills, have to allow them to write
again. Students experience the writing, should be noted that a gradual, implemented
progressively. Experience can be the first to write a few words, then write pieces
experience of the last experience to write a complete article; first experience of the
statement only to write fluent, and then experience written detailed specific,
sequential, structured, and then experience the use of beautiful words, pay attention to
language logic and so on. Students experience the writing, should pay attention to
diversity, rich in content, such as the experience of some articles for parodies,
rewritten, expanded writing, abbreviations, continue to write in order to experience
more of a problem, experience different genres of writing articles. In particular for
students to experience the diary, because Diary content inclusive, flexible and free
form, open space, "there would be a long, not on speaking terms short," you in the
perseverance. Students repeatedly experience writing, to further familiarize
themselves with the accumulation of writing material, can be imperceptibly
consolidation, using various methods and techniques of writing, writing is a familiar
tune, with ease things, to improve writing skills becomes a corollary.
, Experience of assessing and correcting
  "article not object to a hundred times change," a good article that come after several
revisions. Teachers should allow students to experience assessing and correcting
essays, they each completed a writing culture, careful assessment should be changed,
repeatedly refine their choice of words, to express the feeling, rules and layout, not
only to change the article was even more beautiful, but also further enhance the
writing capacity.
  Composition Correction approach is flexible: teachers can be changed by one fine
small batch, but also a collective mark, also allows students from the batch since the
change, change, etc. each group peer assessment. One should pay attention to students
to experience the "Comments" by "commentary", students can make sense of "how to
write" and "why this was." Teachers should teach students to evaluate focus on ways
to change composition, so that our students experience a change or group
self-assessment peer assessment, then it will mobilize the enthusiasm of students,
improve student writing skills are also quick.
  short, listening, speaking, reading, writing and Composition Correction ability not
separated, they are an organic unity, to build both and, alternatively, allow students to
repeatedly practice makes perfect in training.
  above, the use of writing method of writing is the accumulation of material into
practice the written language, so writing in primary school teaching, teachers should
focus on experience gained by students writing material, master the writing method,
which improve their writing skills. This article comes from [the website of Education] collection and sorting, to thank the original author. / Center>

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