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Drip drip on writing college entrance essay


									Drip drip writing college entrance essay on

 bit entrance essay topic
 prelude to preparing for college entrance examination already opened, you
colleagues about preparing for college entrance examination of the theory after
another, flourishing; practice guidance is unconventional, highly effective. I do not
hides shallow, college entrance essay on the strategy review, discuss some superficial
comments and suggestions, to teach in the Fang, is still wrong with criticism, please
correct me.
 a clear understanding of composition characteristics of a definite purpose
 since 1999, "If memory can be transferred" after the introduction of the entrance
essay topic, essay topics on its innovative and unique features to win the favor of
Proposition experts, has become the top priority of teachers and students preparing for
Ying Kao. Five consecutive years, the National College Entrance Examination papers
in the form of composition are subject, their social status can also be seen by the.
 What essay topic? This is already not a new topic, but we need it to conduct a more
detailed look, understand its characteristics, guiding students in writing when the
review, be aware of, targeted.
 so-called topic composition, that is, for a phenomenon or something, free proposition
for composition. It has the following features:
 1: Proposition wide-ranging
 college entrance essay topic the past five years covering the science fiction,
cognitive, moral, philosophical, speculative, and other fields. Topic composition
proposition for a broad range of features which should guide students to more
emphasis on life experience, more than browse books and magazines, and more
concerned about the major events that occurred at home and abroad, only the plot can
only thin thick hair, they are not to get the title, meditation for a long time, still unable
to write.
 2: Writing to open up a large
 degree of topic great composition openness is beneficial to the candidates writing
ability to fully utilize the grade should be opened. Although the topic of Composition
in writing content with great flexibility, but that does not mean that writers can
Xinmayoujiang, any ride, but should seize the proposition's true intent for the given
material depth analysis, clear writing area and related requirements, avoid superficial,
superficial impression of their own, put pen to paper written, this is bound to write a
thousand words, irrelevant miles embarrassing situation.
 3: Writing own strong
 relatively loose requirements topic composition, style choice, no doubt to the
candidate opened the door to creative freedom, candidates can according to their
specialty, select the appropriate material, use their own good style, sway written,
which is not hanging in a tree. However, attention should also remind the candidates:
college entrance essay "style choice" does not mean dilution of the stylistic
requirements, "nothing on earth," "hodgepodge" is a taboo for college entrance essay.
This requires candidates to identify in writing style when reviewing the characteristics
of the essay writing style quite satisfactory.
  2: Features for the college entrance essay, review the development of effective ways
  "learning of the past." We have carefully analyzed the past few years of college
entrance examination, and score, from which easily find their characteristics as the
basis for guiding this year's college entrance essay review.
  1: Composition proposition concerned about students moral education to promote
quality education,
  to promote quality education in college entrance examination guide the quality of
education is the important thought of college entrance examination. As the
concentrated expression of a person's character and mental state of the college
entrance essay, the proposition is embodied in this thinking. From 2001's "integrity"
issue in 2002, "spiritual choice", have clearly demonstrated: Writing and life
integration, unified literary quality and character of candidates writing ability and
character qualities of double detection; 2003 " feelings of closeness and understanding
of things, "the topic, albeit with no direct moral rhetoric, but the candidates will
determine the level of cognitive level of the merits of the article. This requires
candidates to enhance the capacity for critical thought, correctly handle the
relationship between emotional and rational, so that in later life on the road to avoid
  short, college entrance essay to guide the young people concerned about the life and
concerns in real life, so healthy personality, temper, and enhance the sense of social
responsibility and mission. This requires that we candidates are not "the ears do not
hear out of the window, as one read only the books of sages", and which should be
actively concerned about the life and improve the moral character.
  2: the implementation of two levels, focus on "basic", encouraging "development"
  writing proficiency requirements for entrance into the "basic" and "development" are
two levels in recent years have been insisting on major initiatives. Its implementation
to bring teaching writing had a positive impact and profound changes. This marking
tells us that we should focus on basic, but also the development of personality; it is
necessary to guide the candidates needed to train their solid basic skills, but also
pursue their own unique and innovative.
  3: Writing limit up, examining the topic more difficult enhanced
  topic composition in the beginning, very few restrictions. Candidates can give full
play to write personality and characteristics. However, this broad feature has
inevitably bring a lot of negative effects: due to fewer restrictions, give residential
structure, provided the opportunity to copy, so that any errors the fair examination.
Thus writing since 2002 and gradually increased the restrictions on: to "select" put
"soul" of this chain, that this choice must be feeling, and the collision, the choice of
the general meaning of the title would be difficult to meet. This undoubtedly
increased the difficulty of examination questions and selection of materials. The topic
of this year's college entrance essay "closeness and emotional understanding of
things" in the limit on bigger. Only read the essay carefully the requirements closely,
"relations" addressed the feelings of intimacy and understanding of two-way
interaction can be written this essay. If from the "relationship" talk about "feelings" or
just talk about "cognitive," the article, written by no matter how good partial question
of bad luck could not escape!
  This shows that we teach the students the essay review, be sure to remind students
that small moderation Italy, understand proposition intention to write to meet the topic
essays. Otherwise, "a move accidentally, lose the whole game"
  3: According to the rating rules, to develop appropriate responses to
  composition order marking to be more fair, just, reasonable and every year there is a
corresponding score details introduced. The score rules are inherited and development,
on the whole, the writing skills are divided into "basic" and "development" two levels.
A total of 50 points based on level one, integrated score, which means under the title,
content, language, style, etc. All things considered, integrated score. The base level
score standards in major changes have occurred this year, based on grade are divided
into "content" and "expression" two items, each with 25 points, the content item is a
title meaning and content, combining central and key to fully assess the expression of
emotional language and style as the focus, combining structural and fonts all things
considered, developing grade Gong 10 points, 12 score points, with 1:00 评分 law,
ie the 12 point score to highlight those points in the score by grade, So full marks, not
to pursue the points accumulated score. The reason why the composition is divided
into "basic", and "developing" two grades, college entrance essay in order to improve
reliability, so that really good writing was on the high score, but also to play spot the
basis of good and not good candidates for certain scores guaranteed. The aim is to
promote candidates to lay the basis of writing, and on this basis to encourage the
development of writing skills.
  if "basic level" is testing candidates "will not write," then "development level" is the
judge candidates "can not write." Although the development level of only 10 points,
but in practice marking operation, it will have a "halo effect" - the radiance of
personality and creativity to improve the quality of the article, to make up for
deficiencies of certain aspects of the article.
  This article from [the website of Education] collection and sorting,
to thank the original author. For the above discussion, we as college entrance essay
exam preparation strategies:
  1: Laying a Solid Foundation, steady progress
  to write a good article on the test, first of all should continue to reinforce and
consolidate the writing basics, based on "basic level" and on the following aspects
prepared. First: Strengthening Sense of Style; second: off to a good conception of
moderation; (two have already been given the above description, it will not go into).
Third: To improve the language and the rules and layout capabilities. Language and
discourse structure of the merits of an article is most vulnerable areas directly
perceived, and therefore guidance when reviewing candidates with particular
emphasis on this point. Fourth: the accumulation of good writing material. Material is
flesh and blood of articles, the expression of ideas discussed, emotional dependence
on it to express to talk first, which requires candidates to spend more carefully
observe the accumulation of material.
  2: Reference Examination poetry writing essentials and master the know-how
  nationwide each year, will emerge over a number of excellent essays, these college
entrance essay how best to stand out, get high scores? This is every candidate should
carefully study and reflection.
  comprehensive view of the examination room masterpiece, or a deep understanding,
unique innovative ideas; or materials are typically fresh, enriched content; or striking
literary grace, Hua Li Zhang is stacked sentence; or the idea of compact, flexible form
of ... ... In short, each an entrance masterpiece has its interesting aspects, in their
thinking and understanding, moderation conception, rules and layout, language,
material accumulation and writing skills examination, the right to participate in the
exam will have inspiring and reference value. Accordingly, as summarized below for
reference points.
  ① knowledge to profoundly
  trial in serious question, based on things discussed when the candidates should be
able to see through the phenomena of nature, different aspects of cognition, and to
link all aspects of social life, closely topic full reasoning. Excellent work, such as
college entrance examination this year, "Sense and Sensibility's Choice", it is a
personal feeling from our great country, has formed a human culture, talking about,
comrades Zheng Peimin s blood on the situation, and selfless dedication of the
analysis of purity and virtue, we must set heir love tradition, not emotional truth. This
understanding very deep, very popular with marking the attention of the teacher.
  ② material to new people
  scoring total of the interest in new and exotic materials, old or unusual materials on
that cold and even bored. Material to be new, which requires students to concern the
community, the accumulation of fresh material. Material to be odd, that the materials
we use very little. Although some material good, but you use I use to fry to fry, after
chewing the mouth of people has become a sugar cane bagasse, the examination room
writing to try not to use them.
  ③ language to odorous
  lively and vivid language, catchy and everyone likes. Candidates should be guided to
make efforts in the language that - note the use of Chinese idioms, sentence
transformation, the whole bulk of the combined use of rhetoric, the clever name of
verse interspersed ... ... in particular, were the clever use of lines, if the candidates can
usually learn through life without a demerit, cleverly appropriate for the composition
being embedded can make their own paper Promote the Cultural catch the "through
train." Such as the number of candidates this year, writing on a number of ingenious
use of such famous aphorism: "I love my teacher, I love the truth"; "selfishness and
prejudice farther away from truth than ignorance"; "without reason like to be wrong
tours, not to anger and excessive punishment "... ... the use of these famous epigram
indeed become candidates in the beautiful landscape composition, and has never liked
the teacher grading.
  ④ title to be clever
  topic is not equal to the title, not the easy way to topics on behalf of the title, it will
make those long and boring grading. "A good half of the paper title" to this year's
college entrance examination masterpiece, for example, the excellent work title, or of
using verse - "How a 'love' Zile"; or the clever use of metaphor - "the feelings of the
blade down"; or Dual use - "the truth is precious, rational price higher"; or
anthropomorphic - "Let reason over sentence"; or mathematical symbols - "pro ≠
true," and so numerous, so that the text of novel How can teachers keep scoring title
bangs rejoicing it? And also to obtain a good composition results, add a great amount
of weight.
  ⑤ tattoos to clean America
  Teaching Research of time, many candidates do not pay attention beginning of a
book, letter and document graffiti, it's the emotional impact of grading teachers, thus
affecting the composition score. If the wording, can pay attention to write neatly, the
format is correct, do not write wrong words to impress the beautiful beginning of a
book marking the teachers will get satisfactory results.
  old saying: "My life is career, with knowledge has no limits." College entrance essay
review guide is a very big issue, far from just a few words can explain clearly stated it
was not exhaustive, Yi Xiao Fang.
  This article from [the website of Education] collection and sorting,
to thank the original author. / Center>

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