Dongying City_ Shandong Province in 2009 to recruit staff at all levels of body organs of Dongying City brochure

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					Dongying City, Shandong Province in 2009 to recruit staff at all levels of body organs
in Dongying City brochure

 Dongying City, Shandong Province, all levels of government
 under the "Civil Servant Law" and "Civil Servant (Trial) ", in accordance with the
Provincial Organization Department, the Personnel Department of unified plan, in
2009 the city city and county (district), township (town) party and government organs
to take public examinations, strict inspection, fair competition, merit approach,
community-oriented public recruitment of some civil servants (with reference to the
Civil Service Act employed workers and service personnel management unit other
than the staff, the same below), and from students at the grassroots level in the work
of transferring part of Examination staff. The relevant matters are announced as
 1, recruit the terms and conditions
 (a) is a citizen;
 (b) support the Constitution of the PRC;
 (3) good conduct and performance of their duties with normal physical condition;
 (4) university graduate or higher, or have permanent residence in the University of
Shandong Academy graduates (including Shandong Enrollment full-time ordinary
institutions of higher learning in 2009 fresh College Graduates).
 (5) age between 18 years to 35 years old (February 18, 1973 to 1991, born between
February 18);
 (6) employed the competent authority of the jobs will require applicants Other
 court system, the Procuratorate system, security system, released separate brochure
to recruit.
 staff can not apply for candidates and I have family ties should be avoided where the
department or unit staff. Zengyin subjected to criminal punishment of crime and have
been discharged from public office, recruit staff at all levels in 2005-2008 were
identified with the civil service department in charge of cheating in exams and may
not apply for the civil service, civil servants were dismissed less than five years active
duty military personnel, full-time ordinary institutions of higher learning in the
non-fresh college graduates, and the law shall not be employed as civil servants and
other staff of the situation, not sit. In addition to the following organs at county level
in the province five years (including probation) or above the county level civil
servants can apply for the following organs civil service posts higher authorities, the
other with civil servant status of staff can not sit.
 students from transferring to add staff in the Examination of Selected Graduates job
applicants conditions: the ideological and political quality, conscientiously implement
the Party's line. Solid work, willing to endure hardship, willing to sacrifice, work a
strong sense of innovation, General business, outstanding performance. Have a strong
sense of organizational discipline, honest and upright, and be decent people of high
prestige. Have a university graduate or higher, the age of 32 years of age (February 18,
1976 after the birth), 2007, before transferring to the grass-roots work (not including
2007), in units of working time is one year, the county ( District) Committee
Organization Department recommended approval Party Organization Department, and
meet the job requirements or professional work experience with the job's department
of health.
  2, the number of recruitment and job
  city civil servants on all levels of authority to recruit a total of 103 people, party and
government organs of 61 people (directly under 8, Dongying District, 6, 7 estuary,
Guangrao County 15 , Kenli County 15, Lijin County 10), public security system 35
(Forest Police 18, county police 17), vertical management unit 7 (5 business systems,
quality supervision system, 2).
  recruit management staff employed with the civil service law 27 (refer to the
management unit 24 county, city quality supervision system 3).
  specific recruitment of departments, positions in the appendix.
  3, registration and qualification
  review of enrollment and eligibility, the following procedure:
  (1) application
  for the convenience of candidates enrolled for the examination this year, the city
authorities at all levels face recruit to the community and from the grassroots level in
the Examination of Selected Graduates registration staff work, a unified time, online
registration, online charging manner.
  Registration Time: February 18, 2009 -22 days.
  query time: February 19, 2009 -23 days.
  registration website: Dongying Personnel Testing Information Network
  specific method is:
  1, individual registration. Login apply for staff designated registration sites, accurate
and complete, applicants submit relevant personal information. Each person reported
that a department and position, candidates eligible for trial before the officers landed
several applicants submit information, the latter replaces the previous automatically
fill in the information reported. Qualifications recognized upon the trial can not be
changed. Staff can not apply for new ID number at the same time both the old and
enrollment, registration and examination must be consistent use of identity cards.
  2, eligible for the trial. Employing directly under the civil service departments and
county authorities during the registration period (including weekends and holidays),
according to information submitted by applicants officers on the day before the
preliminary candidates qualified personnel, and preliminary results published online.
Conditions that meet the entry requirements, and shall not refuse to register; do not
meet the conditions for sitting through the trial without the staff to be justified;
incomplete information on the applicants should indicate the lack of content, and
returned to additional applicants. If the two working days (excluding the day of
registration), did not apply for personnel information processing, are considered
preliminary automatically.
  3, online bill payment. Candidates applied for the Internet, the information officer
may, after the time the next day to check before the deadline for registration
information, check application status preliminary results. Passed the qualification
review of the candidates, must be on February 19, 2009 -23 days Login Dongying
Personnel Testing Information Network (, online payment,
online payment processing procedures for overdue of, as to give up. After successful
payment, download print "Recruitment of Registration Form," "sit the Civil Service
commitment to integrity" (the use of interview), and on March 10, 2009 -14 days log
on to the website to download, print Admission Form.
 set number of candidates on the final reach 3 times the planned number of recruits to
recruit department or office, plans hiring a person, in principle, abolish the
recruitment plan; program hired two or more, according to the proportion of 1:3
subtract hiring plans.
 applied for registration of policemen approach separately.
 Kao Wufei standard fee: 40 yuan per person each subject.
 Kao Wufei be used to enjoy exemption from students and the minimum living
standard in rural extremely poor persons, not the implementation of online bill
payment, applicants may be himself or commissioned officers on February 21 -23
days to the processing and manufacturing talent market in Shandong ( 153 East
Huanghe Road, Dongying City, opposite the traffic police detachment) 7th Floor
Room 717 processing site recognized procedures. Confirmation of relevant
documents to be brought to handle relief procedures. Evidence, see "Shandong
Province in 2009 the civil service examinations to recruit candidates guide."
 qualification for admission to the qualification review process throughout the whole
Kaolugongzuo. The entry into the interview officers, a list of persons identified in the
interview after I required to submit relevant evidence, "Civil Service Integrity
candidates undertaking" and 1-inch recent passport photo with the bottom plate of two.
Relevant evidence includes: part-time college graduates who apply, the submission of
national recognition of academic certificates, identity card, residence booklet, there
are work units employing authority staff to submit a letter of introduction issued by
departments or units. Units agreed to sit on the issuance of a letter of introduction are
really hard working staff, the individual application by the municipal competent
department of the civil service can be provided before the medical visit, the physical
examination within the time limit before the study has not yet agreed to provide unit
apply for a letter of introduction, it is considered abandoned. Full-time college
graduates applied for, and submitted to the competent authority school graduates that
the school academic materials and academic qualifications issued by the department.
To provide a copy of all documents. Interview personnel to obtain qualified
candidates three days before the interview has not submitted materials, is considered
an abstention. The review of applicants do not have the conditions, the municipal civil
service department to cancel the eligibility interview. Abstention or disqualification
due to the vacancy caused by the written order of fill results.
 recruited from the province, "three of a help," college students, college students
participated in volunteer service in the western region and to send the graduates to
rural service, the service expires 2 years (2007 years ago to recruit and select
graduates, including 2007 years), passing the examination, 3 years, the civil service
applicants, written test a total score of plus 4 points, which apply for civil service
township authorities, written a total score increased by 8 points. The online
registration officers, passed the qualification review, online payment, after February
21 -23 days to the processing and manufacturing talent market in Shandong (No. 153,
Huanghe Road, Dongcheng, Dongying City, opposite the traffic police detachment)
7th Floor Room 717, processing the scene confirmed that the procedures . Procedures
in handling the scene confirmed that, in addition to employment of graduates that year
issued a report card issued by the competent bodies, the "3 of a help," Students should
be issued by the Shandong Province, "three of a help" coordinate and manage the
work of the Office issued the "recruitment notice" and organization and personnel
departments above county appraisal issued materials, participate in university students
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