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Q1. How do you find new employees?
Ans. More than 300,000 professionals, Engineers, CA's, MBA's
and Graduates, are in touch with TMI Network for career
advisory services. So whenever any of them seeks a change,
they often enquire about the opportunities within the TMI
Group and become our best employees. Hence, our primary
source of talent is through networking, candidate reference
and employee reference. This is supplemented by our
advertisements in the job boards and newspapers.

Q2. What kind of people do you like to hire?
Ans. In every organisation there is a tussle as to which is more
important - loyalty or performance. At TMI Group, we believe
that employees must perform and also be loyal. The loyalty
however, should be to excellence, to one's profession and to
our customers. More importantly, we clearly value
performance over loyalty. We believe that it is an employee's
responsibility to perform and it is our responsibility to retain

Q3. What trades and skills are required to perform in the TMI
Ans. When it comes to selecting associates, we clearly look for
performers. Two simple words "motivated" and "enthusiastic"
tells about the mindset required to excel. People with high
energy levels, open to learning and honest as well as logical
thinkers with an ability to be a critic of their own work would
flourish in the TMI Group.

Q4. How would a typical day be at TMI Group?
Ans. Usually, every employee at TMI is not a "time watcher".
Words like 9 to 5 are unheard of in the TMI Group. The Group
believes that every employee shall come into the office with a
bit of anxiety to accomplish tasks and go home - stress free. A
typical day at TMI would mean spending a lot of time with
customers or working on customer centric solutions.
Employees are expected to set their own agenda when they
come to work in the morning including making a Things-To-
Do-List. Each employee works on a computerised network,
hence can organise his work schedule using the computers. As
of now, employees spend minimal time on large meetings.
Emphasis is on work in small teams and hence one would
spend a lot of time with peer group. It is also typical for many
employees to feel that the work is incomplete when they leave
home because there is always more work left undone at the
end of each day. So, employees are expected to stretch and
therefore, they exceed time, varies from employee to employee,
some work till 7pm, some till 10 pm. In short, each employee
makes his or her own time schedule and tries to adhere to the

Q5. How is the performance measured at the TMI Group?
Ans. Currently, the TMI Group is moving into a Key Result
Area(KRA) model of performance assessment. In the past,
KRA's were not well defined, which we believe is not conducive
to transparent organisation. Each employee is expected to
work with his supervisor to finalise the KRA's while daily
reviews are common to measure the task. Performance reviews
with employees are encouraged to be done at least once a
quarter. Also, annual incentives are based on performance
reviews and are conducted to finalise increments/promotions.
While the intention is to move towards self-appraisals, we still
are in the process of moving into that goal.

Q6. What are the opportunities for career advancement?
Ans. Career advancement is not "given" in the TMI Group.
Each employee must "earn" the same based on performance
with superior knowledge. There are opportunities for lateral
movements from Sales to Marketing, from one Business Group
to another. Being a flat organisation, the no. of levels are very
few. So, career advancement is more likely to happen through
cross-functional, cross-SBU movements. Hence, each
employee is not only expected to know his current job, but is
also required to operate at one level higher than what he is
paid for. This will help him or her to migrate to the higher level
of responsibility seamlessly.

Q7. Does the organisation support for on-going training for the
Ans. Yes, we do. But the way we do it is different. Training is
not decided by the supervisor or by the HR Manager. Training
is decided by the employee in consultation with his superiors
and HR Manager. The group's philosophy is that the training
must be driven by the employee and the Group can only
provide resources. In addition, we also have a lot of On-going
Training Programmes conducted in-house. Employees
sometimes sacrifice their weekends to participate in the
training programmes.

Q8. What ways has TMI been successful so far?
Ans. TMI Group has been a pioneer in areas such as
Recruitment Advertising, Knowledge Management, E-Learning,
Web Learning, Web based assessments etc. In fact, if we are
measured by the variety of products and services that we have
successfully deployed, then we could consider ourselves as
super-successful    organisation.    But  what     we     have
accomplished till date is minuscule compared to our potential.
Therefore, our emphasis now is to consolidate on a few
products and service lines, where we can be the top 3 in India
and in South East and Middle East Asia.

Q9. What according to you is the greatest challenge facing TMI
Ans. Our greatest challenge is complacency, since we are
pioneers in India in many fields, there is a tendency to be
laidback. Therefore, the greatest challenge is to continuously
evolve and benchmark us against global standards. The next
major challenge is that we are a micro-organisation.
Everybody has to pull their weight, everybody has to work as a
team, and so the challenge is to create ownership among the
employees, so that they run the race as if it is their own.
Q10. How much time the recruitment process takes?
Ans. We expect to close the complete process within 2 - 4
weeks from the time you submit the basic information.

Q11. Will I be informed even if I am not selected?
Ans. Yes. We believe that the prospective employees must get
the feedback on their suitability. It is our belief that
prospective employees "are not rejected candidates" because
they can be suitable for some other positions at some other
point of time. Our communication of non-suitability must not
be treated as a rejection, but more as a feedback.

Q12. What if I want to leave?
Ans. As a caring organisation, we always feel disappointed
when employees want to leave. At the same time, as a Career
Advisory Group, we appreciate that employees may want to
move on to greener pastures. We have two expectations from
employees who want to leave:

They must leave with dignity and leave as per the terms
mentioned in the appointment letter. For e.g. we consider
notice period as sacrosanct. We ask employees to give
sufficient notice so that we can find a replacement.

We expect from employees is that they serve at least 2 years
with the organisation before seeking a change unless the
parting is on account of extraordinary reasons. Two years is a
good time to know each other and to contribute. That is why
we have a special deal. Anyone wishing to leave us after two
years after productive contribution can appoint TMI Network
as their Career Consultancy and through TMI Network seek
the next employer.

Q13. What key benefits are guaranteed if I work with you?
Ans. If you stay +2 years or more, your learning and exposure
will be way beyond your expectations. See the farewell letters
given by a few ex-employees.
If you stay for 2 or more years, you can ask India's leading
consulting organisation -TMI Network to be your career
advisor, who will assist in finding your next employer.

A highly demanding 24 x 7 work with flexible work options -
full time, part time, work at home etc.

Q14. What about compensation?
Ans. We offer competitive and fair compensation based on the
premise that "teams win" and "individuals don't."

And "performances and not loyalties drive compensation." The
fixed pay is nowhere near what MNC's pay, but is much more
than what companies of our size pay.

If compensation and life-style are your key motivators, we will
not fit your bill.

Q15. What about peer group?
Ans. We are a young organisation - average age of employee is
in the twenties.

The senior management is in the 40's and are from India's top
schools and universities like JNU Delhi; IIT and IIM's. Women
form over 40% of all employees. Close to 54% of our employees
are qualified Engineers, CAs and MBAs while the rest are a
good mix of varied Graduate and Post Graduate qualifications.

Q16. Areas of Organisational Improvement ?
Ans. We are still a medium sized group with start up attitude
and processes. We are working on improving in the following
areas: Developing a "world class quality" culture; Creating a
large financial surplus to improve financial stability; In
creating a process driven Organisation

Q17. Can I talk to some of your ex-employees and current
employees before I sign up?
Ans. Surely. We believe that future employees know the
"worst" about us before they join and discover the "best" after
he/she joins. Please contact our HR team to get email Ids and
phone numbers of a few of the ex and current employees