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  Poetry Designing briefly
  job is nothing more than a traditional poem to recite poetry and translation
transcription. However, for primary children, this work is tedious, and easy for
students to be bored, it will also lose the unique poem itself "America." If teachers
work to change the type of ancient poetry, entertaining, the work demands and poetry
readings, poetry, painting poetry, performances combine poetry, etc., will definitely
inspire students interested in the operation, but also be able to own poem unique
experience. I believe that poetry can work the design of the following aspects:

 1. Read and operating

  study completed a poem, the students curiosity was fully aroused, teachers can allow
students to read the poet's other works, but also allows students to read works with the
same subject matter. The difference is that a poet has a different style, also the same
subject with different expressions, some poets like Emotion to the scene, and some
like to express one's mind directly. Students compare the similarities and differences
between styles of poetry and students during the reading of some extracts of famous
ancient times, this can increase the appreciation of the students, help to broaden their
horizons, cultivates the mind.

 2, poetry work

 poem by the beautiful scenery shown is intoxicated, the poet of such pursuits is the
envy of the poem contains the philosophy of people benefit . Read and inspiration can
inspire students, teachers time to seize the children's psychological characteristics,
and tap their creative potential, so that students according to the content of poetry,
mood and emotion, creating a similar poetry, this will help a thorough understanding
of the poet intention of writing, the real intention of the poem contains the thoughts
and feelings of taste, creativity thus improved.

 3, painted poetry operation

 kids favorite art is the expression of one of the joys and sorrows in their minds,
Inspiration, can be most vividly through the brush manifested. Therefore, the use of
students in this feature, give full play the role of painting, according to the content of
poetry, poet's mind, timely arrangement of painting jobs, painting exhibition, held
regularly, both to the students to show their painting skills to prepare the space, but
also fully play to the imagination of students, and fair immigration, expanding poetry

 4, performed poetry operation
  Classical Education is the key not only to whether a student is able to memorize the
translation of poetry, but also because they can from the emotional, cognitive gain
skills. For strong performance of primary school students, many also come with a
certain poetry in the narrative, has a strong artistic influence, teachers allow students
the content and poems under the poetry inherent in the mood, emotion adapted
screenplay, let go and let students free combination, arrangement of operating
performance to enable them to understand the poem based on a show about himself, is
in the performances of each student can have something to say, something to do, to
improve language skills, cooperation, awareness training just around the corner . This
article comes from [the website of Education] collection and sorting,
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