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					Creative Thinking Creative Thinking Teaching of Language Ability

  Chinese creative thinking ability in
  Creative Education is an important task of elementary education, cultivating
innovative talents have to start from the foundation. Therefore, the play language
subjects the function of thinking is very important. How to train and equip students
with the creative thinking capacity? I did try the following points: First, to overcome
the herd mentality, thinking of the uniqueness of students, "school you have doubts,
little doubt is a small forward, is big into the big doubt." Challenge is to train students
in an effective way of thinking unique. Only good at discovering and ask questions of
people who can generate innovative impulses. 1, preview doubt, induced thinking.
Some of the text is somewhat lengthy, the story twists and turns, I asked students to
make difficult problems when the preview, discussion, exchange ideas. They both of
these issues are novel and difficult to understand, to enlighten their thinking induced.
This question seriously with reading, by reading, thinking side, side meetings, better
results. 2, the questions for topics to inspire thought. The eyes of the article topic.
Starting from the task to guide students to seize the title of the key words to ask
questions, to capture the center of the article is to train students in creative thinking
and effective way. Such as "Chinese Story" in "by Arrow" word, sums up the main
contents of the article, use "Cao Chuan" by arrows, increased emphasis on the God
machine Miaosuan Zhuge Liang can be outstanding. Teaching teachers to inspire
students around "by Arrow" to ask questions, results of students "by Arrow" for the
clue made: to whom, by whom? Why borrow? How to use? Result? This step by step
set of suspense, so that students can distinguish between reading the text when the
causes and consequences of things, sort of thinking, a better understanding of the text
content. 3, difficult questions, to guide thinking. When reading the text to seize key
points in part to help students find the problem, step by step to inspire students
thinking, encourage them to enter the state of mind, constantly judge the reasoning,
in-depth thinking gradually grasp the lessons to understand the author's writing
intention to improve their cognitive ability. Second, changing a single mode of
thought, thinking of seeking heterosexual students to discuss different ways of
thinking and focus is to stimulate an effective way of thinking, we discuss the
conditions, thinking that after the evaluation of the activities and guide the spiral, the
different thinking and divergent thinking into a higher level. Therefore, teachers
should be left to the students in class discussion time. Through discussion, guide
students from many angles, many ways to understand and analyze problems, problem
solving, training students to solve problems as much as possible the ability to find
answers to many species, seek to develop students thinking of the opposite sex. Third,
to meet the needs of students in self-affirmation, the enthusiasm of students thought
that the 11-year-old child psychology, have been gradually produced a self-assurance
requirements, does not want people to treat them as children, and called for respect for
them, we teaching, can not require students to question and answer only to right the
wrong not allowed. Some creative thinking often different from normal students,
close to the surface seems absurd, and sometimes the teacher is not easy to understand,
but serious consideration, they also have certain aspects of the truth. Once finished,
"the phase and" the teacher asked: "Do you like the text in the Who, Why?" Most of
the students said they liked Lin Hsiang-ju, and made it clear that his wit brave.
Several students also said that like pretty straightforward. Is preparing the next lesson,
suddenly there is another student raised, said: "I like King of Zhao." The teacher
asked in surprise: "Why?" The student said: "Lin Hsiang-ju had a humble little office
official, Zhao to see him talent, the bold use of his. I like the King of Zhao who dare
to use it boldly. "Students say well-founded. Teacher affirmed: "Students like Lin
Hsiang-ju, Lian Po, you can see different angles of the advantages of Zhao, which is
very valuable, you will be thinking it." Recognition of the students heard and
psychological is very happy. Teacher's positive assessment of students mobilized to
speak and the whole class thinking, to enable students to eliminate the concerns in his
speech, full of self-confidence, enhanced self-affirmation of the desire. 4, to correct
the shortcomings of the narrow thinking, thinking, fluency students thinking of
students narrow, severely hampering the development of student creative thinking.
The imagination of students, students on the correct train of thought narrow, the
development of creative thinking plays an important role. Imagination is a special
form of thinking activity, is created in the minds of the past, things have not come
across the image, or in the future to achieve the image of the fact that the activities of
thinking, we say that imagination is the creative activities of all creation inseparable
from the imagination. 1, composition teaching culture through the imagination.
Teachers can be arranged, "fantasy, imaginary nature" thesis composition, such as "I
am the 21st century", "If I was a teacher," so that students may create situations, the
writer's desire to stimulate students to guide students to begin to imagine, explore
imagination, the imagination of students. 2, through the text at the end of training the
imagination. Some text at the end, stopped short, I agreed not entirely to the
imagination of the students left a deep room. Such as "Skylark wish" article, when
students understand the text, that the lark's desire is to re-become a desert oasis, I was
under at the end, inspire students to expand imagination: Lark wish come true? 3,
culture observation through the guidance of the imagination. Training observation is
the development of effective means of imagination. The one hand, teachers should
guide students through observation illustrations, was the basis of appearance and
circumstances, to re imagine the imagination, to supplement and enrich the image of
the screen and plot to make the picture alive; the other hand, teachers must guide
students to observe things, tell them to look everywhere are learning the truth, to
inspire them to observe the phenomenon and the main link of the characteristics of the
object under observation, expand creative imagination, imagine specific reasonably
related to the content of the observed object. Only in this way the imagination of the
students to get training, creative thinking can be nurtured. This article comes from
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