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					Creative Thinking Creative Thinking Creative Thinking in Chinese Teaching Training

 language teaching creative thinking training

  innovative thinking is the core of quality education is to develop people's creative
spirit and creative ability to practice the basic value orientation of education. In
language teaching, innovative thinking was reflected to create a good environment to
create and guide the students to imagine and innovation. Maximize the potential of
their students, promote students the spirit of the promotion of the harmonious
development of students.
  constant with the depth of quality education, student teaching innovative thinking is
imperative, because the students personally, innovation need not be the original
creation, can be re-creation, as long as for individual students is novel , first of its
kind on it. Creative thinking is a senior human thinking process is different from the
ordinary activities of thinking, it is novelty, originality, original features, it is a highly
developed level of human intellectual performance. Also, creative thinking and
imagination closely. Imagination is the one used to create has some representation in
the mind independently to create a new image of the mental process. After its
participation in creative thinking, to combine past experience, imagination and
creativity in the formation of a new image, put forward a new hypothesis, so that the
smooth development of creative activity. In classroom teaching, we need to address to
the students creative thinking training.
  First, creating situations and stimulate curiosity, thirst for knowledge.
  for example, teaching ninth book, "Prairie," a class for highly dynamic
characteristics of grassland, I designed the student movement inspired by the
performance of the Prairie "Yi Bi Trinidad and wind-swept pastures cattle and sheep
in the grasslands are three-dimensional images This quickly brought the students that
the picturesque beauty of the prairie, mobilize the enthusiasm of students. further
study of Su Shi as a "title Xilin Wall" poem, Song said that reason for the strong
features, I still by inspiring students to use body language to show the image of
ancient verses. student discussion groups, some of the performance of students to use
five fingers, "Wang as ridge or a peak, near and far different level." gather in turn
fingers, palms into a nest-like, the formation of mountains around, people feel the
mountains Department. a look they immediately think of "do not know the true colors,
only from within the mountain," the poem. Thus, not only has helped to understand
the poem recitation. There are a few students individual arrangement with the first
cross erected after, then a circle, let the students stand in the middle of a short person,
very vivid expression to the whole class poem's meaning. this approach in terms of
the creative for the students. It students thinking and imagination are closely related,
for future learning poetry, vivid understanding of the article, the language provides a
  second, creating an environment to foster awareness of innovation, promote
divergent thinking.
  Creative Thinking Training depends on the discussion, debate and create an
environment unconsciously. such as education "where card" article, can guide the
students into groups to discuss: who sent a letter card, with sweet hope of sleep,
grandfather to receive letters? not receive the letter of reasons for that? if grandfather
received a letter, grandfather would take him back? All cards will lead a happy life?
Why? such as "Battle of Red Cliff" in the success of Huang Gai false surrender , but
also guide the students to discuss: If you believe you are Cao Cao Huang Gai then?
how you dealing with each other, how to adjust tactics match wits with the wise.
  three-to seize the paper drawings to imagine creative thinking for students
  primary school textbooks, many pictures will not only help the understanding of the
content of the text, but also the development of creative thinking of students is very
beneficial. "cross as many different angles, near and far different level." student
teachers in the creative imagination does not require the standard answer. students
may have different answers, as long as is reasonable, beneficial to the development of
thinking, teachers should encourage and support. they learn, "Wu Caichi" article, the
paper said Wu Caichi Some look like gourds, and some like a sickle, and some, like
plates, some like the lotus ... .... can guide the students to carefully observe the picture,
with some others, like ... like ... ... ... ... ... or like a sentence, think of different image,
such as weapons, or animal model. so imagine the gates open, the promotion of
intellectual development, and for language training.
  4, with practice, cultivate innovation
  spirit of innovation students that "students of knowledge to explore once again the
spirit of discovery to foster the comprehensive ability to re-combination of knowledge,
ready to create a sense of something unprecedented initiative and creativity. "In
language teaching, language teaching, we should integrate with the reality of practice
to guide students to learn creatively with reality. In teaching" horse riding Flying
Swallow ", I learned this lesson students with the knowledge, according to different
Observation of goals and tasks, to choose different ways to observe an animal in order
to cultivate their observation capability. it is only on the basis of the observation, can
the students find the new. Of course, in language teaching, as students should pay
attention to the development of imagination. creation is inseparable from imagination,
innovation must be based on imagination, and only rich imagination and creative
ability of students to get good development. So, in language teaching should pay
attention to make full use of various teaching methods, with practice circumstances,
dare to imagine the students progress, dare to innovate, dare to break them training.
All training must be linked with the actual reality, to make students more receptive.
such as teaching, "Sell The Little Match Girl" article, my "My little girl than with
childhood" as the subject for students to contact her childhood to "talk" training. After
such contact a realistic training, to arouse the students a wealth of imagination,
thinking space to improve the students ability to achieve a leap in understanding and
break, so students innovative thinking more realistic.
  5, positive comments, Cultivate Creativity
  positive assessment is to stimulate and mobilize the creative ability of students to
specific measures. timely assessment and timely feedback correction is a student
trying to determine the results. Evaluation of the "students to discuss assessment" and
"teachers on the evaluation" form. the classroom for students to fully express their
ideas and views on the impact of student discussions, the spark of innovation,
assessment is a baton to point to the direction of innovation, evaluation of the
structure should be innovative to develop students ability to tilt, students learn new
methods, new ideas, new ideas should be encouraged, the students unconventional,
whimsical to be protected, bit by bit of innovation to students should pay attention to,
such as reading, answering questions, ask questions, find text in the word and so on,
let student evaluation to their peers, the same year, with the degree of economic
generation of this culture, passion for learning, if students can not solve all the
problems between the teachers and then explain. In particular, questions the students
must seriously evaluate. educator Tao Xingzhi said: "thousands and thousands of the
invention, the starting point is the question. "There problem is that the performance of
positive thinking activities, is the beginning of innovation, today's students is not
without problems, but problems can not ask students to psychologically have three
fears: a fear of the problem light, students will be laughed at; second, fear of side
issues, blame the teachers; three fears, and problems, the teacher tired, so do not want
to risk a question. which teachers should encourage students to ask questions, and
promptly give praise encouraged a result, students will raise many questions. For
example, teachers teaching, "diving" a class, students will master the practice of text
into question, are there any good way to let the children out of danger? lead students
to "discuss the evaluation of divergence", and their evaluation, the students described
the situation according to the text based on key words to seize, 11 of these to save the
law did not. Teachers use the "evaluation of teachers on the" first recognition of the
students found the problem, then that is a good way to captain. His way is the only
way to save children reflects the quality of the captain bold, so evaluation, students
not only benefit from being inspired, at the same time cultivating the students "learn"
"want to learn," "Learn" innovative learning.
  summary creative thinking ability and language teaching can not only organically
integrated, but also the traditional Chinese teaching truly innovative teaching. in
future teaching, attention should be paid incentives to expand the problem, reverse
thinking, transplantation, open more than imagination, etc. methods of use of real
students to explore learning, and gradually form a creative spirit of good character.
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