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									Construction of Rural in Rural Reflection

 Rural in farmers

  Liuyang is a traditional agriculture-dominated agricultural market, agricultural
population accounting for 89.4%. To achieve well-off, we must solve the problem
well-off rural areas and farmers. Not well-off farmers, there would not be the city's
well-off, there is no agricultural and rural modernization, there will be a
comprehensive modernization. Therefore, the city focused on building a moderately
prosperous society in rural areas, difficulties in the farmers is how to increase income
for farmers, the farmers really get rich.
  reform and opening up, a significant growth in agricultural output, but after 90s of
last century, farmers income growth began to decline, well below the GDP growth
rate. The urban-rural comparison, the city last year, the disposable income of urban
residents is 6000 yuan, and the government employees and managers more than
doubled in recent years, the average income of 18,000 yuan, while rural per capita net
income of only more than 3000 yuan. The increase is "scissors" phenomenon,
indicating slow growth in peasant incomes, even in some places the phenomenon of
returning to poverty. The reasons are many but the main problem in the following
aspects: First, irrational industrial structure of agriculture, inefficient; Second, the
slow development of non-agricultural sectors, no effective transfer of rural labor,
income unconnected; 3 overall quality of farmers is not high, to increase capacity
weak. To this end, the city building a well, increasing peasant income, so are the
majority of the farmers really get rich, should focus efforts in the following areas:
  1, operating with modern management concepts in agriculture, accelerate
agricultural industrialization process, the traditional local farmers into modern
agricultural workers
  adhere to the restructuring as the main line, the dispersion of efforts to handle the
thousands of households and ever-changing business relationship between the large
market. In the development of thinking, we should grasp of agriculture out of the
small circle of agriculture, industry, business philosophy with the task of modern
agriculture, the market concept, cost concept, the quality concept, the brand concept,
philosophy and other modern concept of standardization of agricultural production
throughout the whole process speed up the process of agricultural industrialization, to
the gradual transformation of traditional agriculture into modern agriculture.
Development strategy, leading enterprises to continuously enhance the driving and
radiation, vigorously implement the pollution-free agricultural development plans;
implementation of the projects to lead the efforts to raise the contribution rate of
science and technology to agriculture, and constantly enhance the potential for further
development of agriculture. In the development model to establish and perfect the
modern enterprise management system to enterprises as the leading edge to the core
brand, through consolidation of resources, copy to copy to copy from, foster the
development of a number of main businesses, the core competitive industries
large-scale companies to continuously enhance the competitiveness of the market.
Specific measures, one to expand the scale to make a fuss, lower production costs.
Supporting the Excellent batch of production and management of large enterprises,
implementation of the "company + base + farmers", "Head + professional company +
farmers" and other models, the formation of industrial zones and industrial clusters to
form scale. The second is to introduce advanced technology achievements in the deep
processing of agricultural products to make a fuss, the formation of production,
processing, storage, transportation, sales industry chain, the establishment of
production, supply, cultivation and breeding, trade, industry, agriculture, science and
education, integrated management system, thus achieving the traditional agriculture to
industrialization of agriculture economic change. The third is to seize the market on
an issue, paying particular attention to commodity farmers to guide and cultivate
awareness, cultivate famous special products, brand support, the formation of special
industries. Through sound sales network, cultivate large circulation, to guide farmers
into the market, greater benefits from the market.
  2, in order to promote industrialization and urbanization, vigorously develop tertiary
industries, the rural surplus labor transfer to the city effectively
  From a national perspective, any economic market and the City, there were not
industrial or service developed city. City to achieve well-off society, it must develop
tertiary industries. The first is to develop all kinds of industries at all levels. Industry
is Kwong's weaknesses but also potential for. Strategic thinking on to build the cities
and infrastructure, Zhuchaoyinfeng and implement preferential policies to private
capital investment and start to promote the industrialization process. Chongqing to
fully rely on to create the conditions to accept an extension of the gradient of
Chongqing and industrial radiation. Particular emphasis on the development of a
number of labor-intensive industries to absorb a large number of surplus rural labor
employment, the farmers in the transfer to the public, to improve the level of
urbanization, reduce the number of rural population to improve the level of per capita
income of farmers. Measures at work, in the grasp of coal, electricity, construction,
metallurgy industry, we should give full play to the comparative advantage of Guang,
also promoted by good agricultural and industrial, urban and rural together articles,
vigorously develop the processing, storage, transportation, and preservation of the
industrial chain . Through the order forms of agriculture and farmers work in factories
or rural households industrial production, as well as in business, transportation, etc.,
so that farmers receive and share the value added processing of agricultural products
and the tertiary industry added value, thus increasing revenue, the formation of
industry agriculture, feeding, and promote the coordinated development of industry
and agriculture, to achieve industry promotes agriculture, industry rich peasants.
Second, we must vigorously develop the tertiary industry service-oriented tourism.
Kwong development of tourism is the biggest advantage of the hometown of Deng
Xiaoping. Now the city brand initially, to do a good job marketing promotion to create
a truly patriotic education base and the backyard leisure in Chongqing, and thus as the
basis, to develop community services, education, catering, entertainment, health,
science and technology information services, to promote the rapid development of
tertiary industry overall to attract more rural labor force.
  3, enhanced training and information to guide efforts to improve the overall quality
of labor and employment capabilities, export of labor services into the rural talent out
  as the market economy development and economic growth pattern, labor market the
quality of workers have become increasingly demanding. The city, the overall quality
of the farmers was also lower, the owners of the business philosophy of agriculture is
still in the most superficial, lack of modern management theory more seriously
restricted the development of rural economy. Therefore, training and education is
urgent. Governments at all levels is necessary to transform functions to a market
economy way of thinking and improving the quality of arrested farmers,
people-oriented, education-oriented, Bazhua agriculture focus efforts on education
and training of farmers, and other logistics-based information to guide services up;
effectively change the poor way to deliver money and materials and training delivery
projects combining technology and skills to help change attitudes and to provide
information services, vigorously supporting the intellectual poverty and enhance
poverty reduction effect. Different circumstances and different levels and to develop
more effective training to teach the peasants to get rich "golden key." One nine-year
compulsory education in rural areas and the development of vocational and technical
education together, to extend the rural school-age youth in reading time, delay time
employment. Second, the willingness based on the peasants, education, etc. and the
market demand and input requirements of enterprises, carry out a variety of
vocational skills training, particularly the training of newly graduated Zhongxue
Sheng, Ti Gao Wenhuacengci, Bian Yi Ban labor Shuchu as personnel output,
gradually establish a vocational training division of work with farmers dovetail
mechanism. Third, strengthen the agricultural owners of modern enterprise
management training, training a group of forward-thinking and strategic vision of the
new agricultural entrepreneurs in changing their major market, grasped the upgrading
of agricultural products and new industrial development of strategic opportunities, the
industry, stronger, increase market competitiveness. Fourth, to actively provide
information services for the labor shift gradually set up, including information release,
employment counseling, job placement, Genzong Shehui of employment services
including information service network, Gou Jian Labor's green Tongdao, organized
De Shuchu primary Rencai capital, to create a platform for the peasants to increase
  well-off rural areas and farmers, the construction is related to the voluminous,
complicated systems engineering construction. We should be an entry point into the
agricultural industry to industrialization and urbanization as the carrier, to seize the
opportunity of western development, adopt effective measures to improve the quality
of the peasants, farmers reduce the total amount of multi-level income for farmers set
up multi-channel platform enable farmers in the eight immortals tide of market
economy, have done their best and increase their income, to speed up the pace to build
a well in rural areas. >>>>> This article from
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