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									Community relations community relations job to take five

 five community employment relationship
 with economic restructuring has intensified, community services have gradually
developed into a new industry, a re- important channel for employment. In recent
years, local governments to take measures to strengthen community building and to
develop community services, development of community jobs. Community
employment shown good momentum of development, a large number of laid-off
workers were re-employed in the community, for the maintenance of social stability
and promoting economic development played a positive role. However, the
implementation of the national working conference on re-employment of "the full
development of community service jobs as a priority" requirement of view,
community employment is still in the initial stage of development is uneven
throughout, Problems greater. Forward to further promote the development of
community employment, I believe that attention must also be dealing with five ties.
 First, the relationship between supply and demand.
 Objectively speaking, the communities provide jobs, community services residents
demand that the size, that is, the employment capacity of small communities, and
national levels of economic development has a lot. In any country, community
services are improved with the level of economic development to increase
progressively improved. Statistical data, China's tertiary industry employment share
of total employment in only 26%, while the proportion of tertiary industry in
developing countries average 40% of the developed countries this proportion is as
high as 60%. This shows that China's tertiary industry, including community services
and great potential. In practice, we understand that the community to provide jobs
have a certain amount of limitations. While some residents in need of community
service to community service to resolve their worries, reduce the domestic burden, but
they can pay the income level is very limited, usually in the month between 30-40
dollars, or less. Being, community employment, subject to the following factors:
 first community to provide jobs and income level of residents has a lot. On
households, only have more income, can the socialization of housework. Otherwise,
income stretched, only yourself up. Most families in China, due to limited income,
unable to develop more community service projects, so that the demand for
community services only in the lower and smaller range into reality.
 second, community services and the inclination of the life style has a lot. If that level
of income constrained households in the level of expenditures for such services, then
people's consumer attitudes determine whether people are willing to pay for them. In
some of the more affluent families, if long-term economic impact by self-sufficiency,
may still retain the habit of their own housework, which is the amount of employment
determine the size of the community the key factor.
 third, affecting the capacity of community employment services, another factor is
whether the family has a certain ability to work and stay at home or work assignments
are not full of officers. According to some small-scale surveys and discussions, a
considerable number of families of laid-off workers, unemployed workers, the waiting
list as well as early retirement and retirees. This spirit of economy and their own
affairs the principles of their dry, the service needs of the community will impact on.
Another problem can not be ignored is whether the staff in the post tasks and working
time arrangements more full, working pressure is great. For the full amount of staff
work tasks, may really need to relax home, willing to spend money to reduce the
amount of household chores; for work assignments are not full of staff, may have a
limited income, there are both time effort, but only a lack of money , of course, only
their own affairs as much as possible myself.
  fourth positions to provide community service facilities subject to constraints. With
services to provide related services. As do nursing home, kindergartens, cultural
centers, etc., have housing facilities, have cooking utensils, beds, toys, sports
equipment. From now, large and medium cities may be better community services,
and small cities because of funding, site constraints, community service facilities are
lagging behind. Delayed if the community building, community service facilities can
not keep up, of course they can not provide more jobs.
  demand for community services if the residents are busy, can provide enough jobs,
but who cares little difficult for the community development employment. We often
see the need for domestic services in the community, agency distribution, of
information, but suffer from something no one dry. Some laid-off workers even in the
nanny, part-time, small restaurants, small commodity business so do not think that is
employment. Except, of course concepts, but also there is instability in community
service jobs, the reasons for the low income, so some laid-off workers do not want to
dry. The public opinion was also considered to play only temporary community
employment workers, help out, is hardly the job.
  demand as the living are many, many levels. This requires us to combine practical
guidance, the upper and lower linkage, major breakthroughs, the full development.
  from the current point of view, "two guide, an enhanced" is very important. First, the
government must strengthen propaganda to raise awareness throughout society. At
present, China is to develop the city, not only has the modern infrastructure of the city,
and is a comprehensive economic structure and high carrying capacity of urban
employment, the development of community employment is the city's economic
development an integral part, is promoting the new Urbanization Strategy in the.
Self-sufficient community residents should be guided to change the way of life, to
break the unfair division of the original state, improve and enhance the quality of life,
in the context of moderate economic conditions allow for community service software.
Such as domestic service, agency and distribution, property management and other
services consumption; The second is to strengthen the publicity and to create
atmosphere, set up a typical, often continue to do the arduous and painstaking
education, laid-off workers change their ideas, establish a "job is equally important,
actions there as a "new concept, abandon the" wait and rely on to "thinking aside face
aside your traditional moves, to stride forward, and actively engaged in community
employment; third is to strengthen community building, including community
services, community health, community and cultural , community policing and
community organizations building. Government to increase investment community
from financial, material and manpower support. Only by continuously strengthening
the community service network and infrastructure, and to more jobs for the
development of conditions. To achieve the harmonious combination of supply and
demand, community employment to full development. Otherwise be restricted as long
as one side, expand the community of employment would be greatly affected.
  second is the relationship between training and employment.
  to carry out jobs for the laid-off workers to implement re-employment training and
retraining is an important part of the project is the re-employment of laid-off workers
to improve skills and effective way to achieve change jobs offering job-change.
Retraining of laid off workers, engaged in every year, although still free, but the
overall "warm" it up. There are many reasons. Although both laid-off people on their
own understanding of the deviation, but also employment management issues, as well
as lack of training institutions operational. It is understood that laid-off workers not
willing to participate in reemployment training no more than the following reasons:
First, this industry may, it is not necessary to go to master other skills. Although they
left the original company, but some people in the community the opportunity to find a
practitioner, or set up their stalls, or working, or in stocks, futures, insurance brokers
and other liberal professions. They think they have a drive for a living, no need to
look to participate in training; second is that the poor themselves, difficult to achieve
re-employment after training. Many laid-off workers feel older, low educational level,
learning new knowledge, acquire new skills more difficult, Moreover, a short time is
difficult to learn new skills, help their re-employment is not; third is to participate in
training, re-induction-time professional does not necessarily correspond to the learned
are of no use, no need to spend time and energy, the enthusiasm for training is not
high; Fourth, no employment aspirations. Part due to better-off, there is ample source
of income, no job. And partly due to family reasons, need to household chores, child
care, care for the elderly, for the time being not employed.
  In addition, the impact of laid-off workers to participate in the training of the
external factors are: the employment management, employment training before the
system after the implementation of strict induction. Technical trades and service
industry employees will be without training posts. Some employers not required for
practitioners to achieve certificates, do not attach importance to audit professional
qualification certificates. Respect in the professional setting, it is difficult to adapt to
the needs of the labor market. Most of the current set of professional chefs, pastry,
computers, beauty parlor single-technology projects, the employment of these
professionals now are small, so some people still can not get through training post. In
addition, limited by teachers, space, capital and other factors, training of professionals
is difficult to achieve diversity, laid-off workers there is very little choice of
  job should not be engaged in community training, the answer is yes. Although the
low threshold of community employment, mechanisms living, skills do not ask, but
not do not skill. Skilled services in the community more often than the unskilled to
find jobs before, this is an indisputable fact. Take domestic service, the current
laid-off workers often use their experience in domestic service work. As cooking cook,
burned easily cooked, burnt taste will be difficult. If a little higher level, such as
computer operation, family financial management, general housekeeping Attendants
could not do. Not long ago, Anqing City Women's Federation held a "This paper from [worry documentation] to collect and organize, for the original
author! Yuesao" training, recruited a 50 week training for laid-off women workers,
Please teach infant medical care, maternal care knowledge. Training was over,
students quickly employing family "grab hire" a blank. This shows that learning and
not learning very different. Community services to go the market, industrialization,
social development road. No trained personnel is not acceptable. Being, laid-off
workers in unskilled or low-skilled are more necessary to strengthen skills training. To
adapt to changes in the job market demand and form of training for entrepreneurs to
start a good mechanism to promote employment. On training institutions, the
according to market needs, select training methods and training and reasonable, and
conducting training, with particular attention to entrepreneurship training to carry out
the work, cultivation of capable entrepreneurs, the success of their business while also
creating bring more jobs for more laid-off workers re-employment, full employment,
a multiplier effect of training. Laid-off workers to establish "skills preparation." We
should let the job skills, to master the skills to find jobs.
  third is the relationship between centralization and decentralization.
  current community employment, in particular the re-employment form part of the
informal sector has grown from a "large formation combat" to the informal sector,
"guerrilla warfare." Practitioners is "decentralized, people from the war, the village
(community) since the war." From the community in terms of employment, in the
form of centralization and decentralization to the combination of the organized
combination of employment and self-employment. According to the actual situation
of community employment services and community-specific requirements, local
conditions, and the time, the person to do a few legs and could not be stressed that a
certain form, another form of neglect. In general, in areas where conditions permit,
where more laid-off workers, a community can set up 1-2 community employment
entities, to go the path of market operation, the implementation of governmental
officials to help, people to help run a new mechanism. Can by the street,
neighborhood-led self-management, attract laid-off workers; can partner organization
founded by the laid-off workers; to other organizations or individuals from the
community and neighborhood Liaison Office, Liaison Office with the laid-off workers.
In any case, labor and social security departments should do a good job opening
consulting, project solicitation, business training, guidance and services, tax, business,
urban construction funds should credit, tax relief, venue arrangements, and the
implementation of preferential policies to the real place, not discounted.
Neighborhood streets to play close to the advantage of laid-off workers, to guide,
encourage and assist. This laid-off workers, there are a sense of belonging, a sense of
security for users, there is a credibility, trust, you can guarantee quality of service,
labor disputes Yehao processing occurs. To encourage laid-off unemployed workers
find jobs, start their own businesses. Self-employed have greater flexibility, freedom,
time, space, capital, technology, devices, and relatively loose, some of the problems to
be overcome through. In some areas, such as small restaurants, small dining table,
nanny, part-time, patient care, agent distribution, many convenient services, the more
the advantages of self-expression, for some families in need of care, older, skilled
laid-off workers with low, especially laid-off women workers have to emphasize
self-employment. If a community can be a good combination of these two forms of
employment, community employment level can be further expanded.
  4 is the key and the general relationship.
  to community employment as the main direction of re-employment, relative to the
purposes of laid-off workers. Community Employment inclusive, of the laid-off
workers is not very strict conditions. But laid-off workers have to do a specific
analysis. Age of laid-off workers in small, are older, and also middle-aged, physically
good and bad, strong or weak individual ability, education level and there is, more or
less skill. Beijing will introduce re-employment assistance measures, re-employment
of laid-off workers put capacity into "strong, in general, particularly difficult," four
levels, respectively, with different measures of assistance. If these aspects are not for
specific analysis, all stressed that all the laid-off workers are included in the scope of
community employment, not only did not so much money, facilities, energy and jobs,
but also not receive the desired effect, is a "thankless task" approach. We understand
that the employment of laid-off workers in the community, only about 30% of the
total number of point or less, and some people still work to private enterprise, or set
up economic entities, or to participate in labor export, or into business, or "hidden
employment "that some of the people. Some estimate the "hidden employment"
accounts for 70% of laid-off workers. But no matter what the ratio is still quite a
laid-off workers not employed, such as "4050" and employment of the disadvantaged
groups, should be the focus of their job as a community. As long as they have the
ability to work with job aspirations, we must encourage them to participate in
community jobs. Or create the conditions established by the street Juwei entities to
arrange, or public welfare by the government to invest in key positions to support the
implementation of re-employment assistance.
  fifth is the relationship between the city and prosperity.
  how to deal with the contradiction between city and prosperity? The author believes
that the two should balance. Great contradictions in employment, which threatened
the survival of laid-off workers should be employment-oriented, even though the
"Jeeves management", is not excessive. But our social development will never be the
kind of College Students Donate Sperm for "prosperity", must not polluted the
environment. Just think, if - a place of flies flying, sewers, and then even the best food
in Hong will also make people sick of fear, people will stay away, bypass road, and
desire to buy will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the development of community
employment must be combined to create a civilized city, pay attention to environment
protection city. Need to conscientiously implement the spirit of the Central 12 files,
all levels of government in urban planning, construction and rectification city, it is
necessary to solve co-ordination laid-off workers find jobs and start their own
businesses operating space problem areas where conditions permit, can be arranged
relatively concentrated production management and cultivation of place. Can not
concentrate on the placing of a number of stalls in the street to alley as far as possible,
but also to maintain the cleanliness of the environment. Is done in some locations
within the residential area should be a reasonable arrangement, be careful not to affect
the living and rest. In recent years, many cities in the country have taken note of the
relationship between the city and prosperity, pay attention to the development of jobs
combined with a civilized city, in the standard management of community
employment development. If planning to place a reasonable standard dicing operation,
some requiring mobile sales, time management, etc. points. Unity in the urban area of
Shanghai to set hundreds of telephone booths, placed a large number of laid-off
workers. Anqing City, the establishment of unified planning, the two "re-employment
of a Street", will be decentralized business stalls together form a "snack street", "food
street", "sewing a Street" and so on. This will not only effectively prevent the chaos
pendulum misplaced, take Luangai chaotic phenomena, but also beautify the city, the
prosperity of the market, expanding employment, to achieve a "city and prosperity,"
the unity of the whole city to promote economic, cultural, life coordinated
development of this thesis, this practice should be promoted from
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