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 Colombian Coffee:

 place of origin for the Columbia, roasted coffee beans will be released after the
sweet flavor, with sour with sweet, bitter taste in level of good quality properties,
because the concentration of desirable reasons, often used in advanced hybrid coffee.

  has a kind of impoverished Colombian coffee experience, clear and astringent like
life, and bitterness are among the essential of life, stopping at the base of the tongue is
the last Hong Cheng pulls some of the complete recall. Pain is painful, makes quiet
clear, it becomes a spiritual end in Hong victory.

 Colombian coffee a few to his name in the world of coffee sold in one single product.
In terms of quality, there is no other coffee by coffee customers are so highly. It is
otherwise a good listen to the name "Emerald coffee."

  Colombian diligently pursue the quality of the coffee can only use one word:
carefully. In addition to serious or serious. A wide repertoire for this example is that,
although Colombians can grow fast and high yield to replace the Bourbon Arabica
coffee tree; However, in the Arabica coffee tree that grows the quality of coffee beans
is not confirmed before the Colombians do not intend to act rashly, even if the ranking
of their coffee production from the world's second-place hand over to the only species
willing Vietnam robusta coffee.

  suitable climate for the coffee in Colombia to provide a true "natural pasture." But
where people do not deliberately emphasized their privileged growing conditions,
they are more willing to hear is that people praise their superior coffee taste. They do
not like to be one commented reputation of Colombian coffee is to rely on the unique
geographical location, they want people to see their hard work pay and the relentless
pursuit of quality, to see their quality of care and thought for the coffee and their great
behind the scenes sacrifice, to see the quality of their coffee beans, "Gou Nisshin,
Japan Nisshin also Nisshin" and "growing", "the Times" welcome change. To do this
is very difficult.

 Colombian who apparently ventured outside, the loneliness of the people; they never
indulge themselves in front of Xunxun Ran to become assertive in luck, but
excellence in the quality of the modified coffee carving, which is why they can breed
super Colombian coffee a perfect interpretation.

 taste of the most memorable

 Colombian super rich aroma and thick, with a bright acid quality, high-balancing,
sometimes flavored with nuts, memorable infinite. Both the appearance and quality,
the Colombian super pretty good, just like a woman subtle flirtatious, charming and
just right, it is remembered.

  different origin of each species of caffeine, have their own strong character, such as
thick Mandailing masculine, with the character of men exactly like steel; alcohol taste
aromatic Blue Mountain coffee, the most gentle Women miss addiction. It has always
been super light aroma of coffee in Colombia, the most suitable person who likes the
light. Such people do not want to drink coffee, sat as a matter of, from the sour, sweet,
bitter, astringent experience between what profound philosophy of life, just simply to
drink a cup of delicious coffee, a steaming hot cup of Colombian coffee, so that The
body will be to "life the best scenario is for the rich quiet. quiet, free from outside a
catchy title because of the temptation to floating interest; rich is because they have an
inner spiritual treasure." They believe that the greatest happiness is to be able to
harvest such a brilliant interpretation of the state.

 premium Colombian coffee sour, bitter and sweet taste with just right of three.
Unique flavor, drink it, the aroma filled the whole mouth. The aroma of the mouth and
then call out from the nose, the smell is very substantial. Perhaps you suspected it
would be too overbearing, because it holds the fastest speed your taste buds, your
mind and even soul. Why should we resist? Where we are life, already full of sour,
sweet, bitter, astringent, let the smell of coffee to take away everything mortal. We
enjoy not just as simple as a cup of coffee, and coffee, brought to us by that quiet

  Colombian mild climate, the air is humid, diversity, year-round climate to make here
is the harvest season, in different periods and different types of coffee have matured.
They are planted is the unique quality Arabica coffee beans, grinding coffee beans by
this coffee tastes rich, memorable, called coffee boutique. Today, many people regard
"Colombian coffee" and "high quality", "good taste" painted on the equal sign.

 divided world of coffee two series, one is the representative of Brazil as a "hard"
coffee flavor strong; other is represented by Colombia, the "soft" coffee, its tasteless
incense. The difference is the altitude of origin and planting methods, species of
Brazilian coffee more extensive in the hilly red soil, black soil in the mountains of
Colombia intensive production.

 has a kind of impoverished Colombian coffee experience, clean astringent like life,
and bitterness are among the essential of life, the last stop in the tongue is something
on the Hong Cheng pulls thorough retrospect. Looking back the impoverished think it
will be more sweet and tender feelings, emotions a little bit longer even want to stop
in at the beginning of waking consciousness. Pain is painful, makes quiet clear, it
becomes a spiritual end in Hong victory.

 thick green green aromatic
 grade of Colombia, is the Arabica coffee species representative of a fairly good
variety, the depth of the traditional roast coffee with strong and memorable flavor.

 is located in the South West / center>