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									Cohesive team, team cohesion, morale and efficiency

 team cohesion, morale, efficiency

  strengthened team cohesion, increase morale, create a highly efficient performance
of the modern enterprise to the customs important. To continuously enhance the sense
of team, create team cohesion, the establishment of job satisfaction, resulting in a
+1> 2, the efficacy of personnel in a comprehensive evaluation system to
identify and achieve common team goals.
  in the modern enterprise, the team is an important factor can not be ignored. If a
company full of team spirit in the atmosphere, it means the company must have good
cohesion. Team to maintain team cohesion is not only a necessary condition for the
existence and potential of the team to play an important role. Enterprises should focus
on team building, improve efficiency, achieve business value, developing and
expanding business.
  1, the team the importance of
  team spirit is the whole company solidarity, unity of purpose, collaborative hand.
Sailing on the sea as a giant aircraft, the wise captain of the correct command, there
are synergies brave crew, aboard the giant aircraft on everyone to play an important
role, condensed into a cleave through the waves of a great power. A successful
enterprise, provided they have the spirit, can be enduring in the fierce competition.
Team for any organization is indispensable in terms of the essence, otherwise, like
loose sand. One chopstick is easy to bend, 10 chopsticks off constantly, which is the
importance of strength team to show off, is also important to host team.
  2, to enhance team cohesion, morale of the importance of the
  team cohesion refers to the attractiveness of team members, members of the team's
cohesion, and the mutual attraction between team members. Team to maintain team
cohesion is not only a necessary condition, but the team has potential to play an
important role. If you lose the cohesiveness of a team, it is impossible to complete the
tasks entrusted to the Organization itself would have been impossible conditions.
Affect team cohesion factors: the size of a team's cohesion is a combination of many
  (1) members and between members of the appeal. Members of the same interests,
relationships, and
  harmony, mutual care, love and help, appealing to large; the contrary, the attraction
of small, or even mutual antipathy, mutually exclusive.
  (2) the attractiveness of members of the team activities. Team activities, content,
  frequency for members, appealing to large; the other hand, activities are not
members of the welcome will diminish, and even the members will become bored,
disgusted psychology, which left the team.
  (3) team members to meet the individual needs of the attraction. Team members to
meet a variety of physical and psychological needs, is to enhance the attractiveness of
the team the most important conditions.
  team morale that personal pride of being part of a team, individuals are encouraged
and have confidence and respect; team members to take pride in their work and have a
sense of achievement and satisfaction; have strong cohesion and team spirit.
  a barrel how much water can be loaded under normal circumstances, depending on
three factors: first, the length of each piece of wood, containing the shortest amount of
water board decision. The second is the combination between wood and the wood is
close. The third bucket is a good end. The first factor we all well understand, but if the
wood and the wood crack or crevice between the large, nor full of water; the same,
without a good barrel bottom, water containers and can only be fantasy, this is new
wood bucket theory.
  modern corporate team building and there were new barrel theory serves the same
purpose: a team's morale, not only depends on the level of each member, but also on
assisting members and between members and with the close degree of Team members
also provide the platform to also essential.
  3, cohesion, morale and efficiency of the relationship between the
  In general, cohesive team more efficient than the cohesion of the weak. Cohesion,
morale and team work is very complex relationship between the efficiency, but also
by other factors, Robbins, who has conducted research on this, that team cohesion and
team relationship exists between the efficiency of about 4 scenarios:
  (1) team goals with a high degree of organizational unity of purpose, then the team
cohesion, morale, although low, if the strengthening team building, but also improve
  (2) team goals with organizational objectives consistent with a high degree of team
cohesion, morale is high, will greatly increase productivity.
  (3) team goals and organizational objectives are inconsistent, but the team's cohesion
is very high, then productivity will drop.
  (4) team goals and objectives consistent with the low level of organization, if the
team cohesion, morale is low, it will produce a significant impact on efficiency.
Shows cohesion, morale, production efficiency is also consistent with the objectives
of the team. When the team's goal is the same organization, the enhanced cohesion,
morale will be greatly improved production efficiency. The researchers confirmed that
the production efficiency of the best team is the worst team in at least four times, with
different project teams need to accomplish the same time the gap will be 2:6:1. A
1993 U.S. study, B.lakhapal reported in 31 software projects in the team's cohesion,
individual competence and experience how it affects the performance of the project.
Duration of the project from 16 months to 14 months, the project team have 4-8
people, B.lakhapal than the cohesion of the project team found that individual ability
and experience a greater impact on productivity.

 4, from the cases reflect the relationship between
 003 years for the TCL Group is a major turning point, the strategic significance of a
milestone! In this year, Li Dongsheng, president publicly declared to TCL Group was
founded in 2010 as an internationally competitive world-class, enterprise-scale to
reach 150 billion yuan, among the world top 500 enterprises. TCL Group, which will
position the "catch-up" adjustment to the "challenger, leader", is a major corporate
strategy adjustment and breakthroughs, TCL Group, thus embarked on an
international management of the road. However, TCL Group, compared with a
world-class excellent company, after all, there is a large gap between what basis we
have to catch up with competitors? Rely on to obtain sustainable competitive
advantage? How to quickly expand the business domain? In addition to the
development of clear thinking, accurate strategic positioning and effective business
strategies of internationalization but also to create a true visionary, bold vision and
coordinated operation of the elite team, led by the right in the decision-makers rely on
intelligent advantage to solidarity and to create a heroic team of TCL Group, the
brilliant future!
  Li Dongsheng, president at the TCL Group as corporate culture, innovation, there
incisive description of the General Assembly: "In the modern market competition, to
enhance teamwork and improve resource integration capability and overall
effectiveness of the system to protect the enterprise resource efficiency maximization
comprehensive competitiveness can be the strongest. "and reiterated that" Women Yao
grown into an internationally competitive in the world-class enterprise, we should first
cultivate one capable of managing the international competitiveness of world-class
enterprise of Zhiye of management team, in Competitive many factors, the human
factor is the number one. "Thus, the construction personnel is related to the cause of
the success of TCL Group, the primary factor, it has become the largest resource of
the 21st century, as long as we have the industry's best people and the elite team, the
enterprise can reasonably effective allocation of limited resources, and make system
optimization, maximum benefit, this will have a bright future! Truly the world and
become internationally competitive world-class companies. Otherwise, we formulated
the strategic goals will come to nothing.
  from the group level, should pay attention to and focusing on the big team-building,
the formation of this great team, hammer Shuo and upgrade can bring the cause of this
Part of the team grow, expand and improve, thus promoting the division, their
enterprises and mature team and eventually build TCL Group, multi-level form of a
large team organized network management platform. In order to address future
challenges, we create a financial elite team is a learning team, smart team, effective
team-based, project-based team, innovative team, complementary team, international
team, virtual team as one type, in order to maintain strong changes passion to inspire
the team combat, execution, rapid expansion of enterprises, high-speed growth, at the
same time, we also need a team full of morale, the strength together to give full play
to their team strengths, better to as soon as possible to achieve team goals, TCL, with
such a team have achieved so much today, truly international market to the big stage.
  5, set and achieve common team goals
  business goals of enterprises and team cohesion, morale, core power, with
transmission system, for example, to ensure high-quality cable lines, high reliability,
security, flow of work objectives, it has been accepted by the people throughout the
work, how to achieve this goal, these three aspects:
  (1) to enhance and achieve team goals, we must strengthen the integration of team
and individual power driving force.
, Ideological integration, and enhance team cohesion; 2, integrated action to achieve
maximum integration within the team; 3, individual drives, this paper from [worry documentation] to collect and organize, for the original of!
Self-realization of personal interests with the team combination.
  (2) to achieve the team goal, we must enhance the value of all the staff identity and
sense of common development environment.
, Build learning teams; 2, to achieve humane management and incentive.
  (3) to strengthen the team to assist with the integration, strengthen the team's
cohesion and control, to achieve team goals.
  lack of cohesion of the team must be thinking of the spread of individualism, a mess
of the team; not the centripetal force will be fighting hard to imagine! As shown in
Figure 1: A team members when there is no "to the heart", the barrel of the gap came
out, the water will be leaking from the direction of the arrow. However, only the
impact of team management is clearly not enough, as shown in Figure 2, while each
member of "the heart", but connection failed to exercise stringent gap emerged
between the members of the water seepage from the direction of the arrow out.
Therefore, leaders must strengthen the control, timely detection of problems, team
time to adjust and standardize the processes and systems, strengthen assessment and
incentives to ensure that team members can be close together (which is "outside of"
the control of power).
  in the final analysis, man is social animal, with a natural sense of belonging, not only
the team, the human birth of any organization is based on the existence of common
human needs of each other. Activity in the human population, few have the common
desire of a powerful force that can inspire something. In such a group, only a common
desire to make the team members know their specific roles and tasks, so as to really
form an effective group, the work of interrelated and interdependent people together,
to enable it to produce a +1> 2 together more effectively to achieve personal,
departmental and organizational goals. This paper from [worry
documentation] to collect and organize, for the original author! / Center>

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