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Civil service exam test line New Schemes Examinations Civil Service


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									Civil service test will line the Civil Service test the new scheme

 civil service examination counseling programs

  wave of public servants in recent years has gradually into the white-hot stage, and
many around the country test Catholics have been in the major sites, forums to collect
test data to determine their own test objective, fully familiar with the test subjects had
a comprehensive understanding of the civil service exam information. Once you sit
determined by the goals, you begin to plan your program of pro forma. The candidates
for the first time to participate in the civil service examination, there are many doubts
and confusion, the use of pro forma long time, has still not sure. Here I will be
focused on the Professional Capacity Test (hereinafter referred to as line test) the
majority of weak national and local candidates this year's civil service, help you
develop a scientific and rational line of comprehensive review test plans. In the civil
service examinations on the road to help each need to upgrade the test measured a
good start friendly, for the following stages of the review lay an important foundation.
  for a full understanding of the administrative career aptitude test the specific
requirements of
-line measurement of the first round of the general arrangement in the initial review
period (August-September), the time is mainly solid foundation stage. Line test is
divided into five basic questions of the required content and difficulty have different
requirements. We must first fully understand the specific content of the various types
of today. Specifically, it includes the main content:
  1) Speech and expression: focus on language test candidates on a comprehensive
analysis. Given written materials will not be very long, mainly on the general
meaning and specific meaning of the sentence understanding; of the more complex
and accurate understanding of the concepts and ideas; information on the statement
implied a reasonable inference; in the case of large disturbances can accurately
identify the subject, screening information. As a civil servant, they need fast, accurate
reading, all forms of written materials to understand the capacity, need to have a
flexible, accurate and concise information on use of the expression of the capacity of
written materials, and only an accurate understanding of others to convey information
and better to express their own information, can be effectively achieved the smooth
flow of information.
  2) quantitative relationship: Main examine candidates quickly understand and solve
arithmetic problems. Related knowledge and materials used in the general range of no
more than high school. In the highly developed modern information society, there will
be a lot of information requirements for management of rapid scientific and accurate
to accept treatment, but many of these messages are expressed with numbers or with
the number of related, so as only to master the civil service fast math computing
capacity to be competent modern information management.
  3) common sense: mainly test candidates knowledge. Covering the legal, political,
economic, cultural, scientific, technological and other aspects content, but questions
of the situation this year, focusing on the ability to examine the use of legal
knowledge. Such questions drawn extensive, involving ancient times, from the nature
of knowledge in many aspects of society, candidates should be common sense in a
short time to improve the level of ability, it is important to focus on casual observation,
reflection and accumulation.
 4) Judgement: The main logic test candidates ability to judge a test mode, which is
the core component of human intelligence, his strength is often a certain extent,
reflect the nature of things and the things people between Contact the level of
cognitive ability. Reasoning involves judging graphics, definitions, concepts such as
word recognition, comprehension, comparison, composition, interpretation and
synthesis of judgment. Civil servants responsible for the administration of the things
facing the contradictions between the relations and have complex, to a positive
relationship between these complex, the judge must have a strong reasoning ability.
 5) data analysis: the main test candidates on text, graphics and statistical information
in tabular form an accurate understanding and comprehensive analysis of the capacity
in the modern information society, large amount of information is often based on
statistical information to reflect, to accurately to make decisions, they must be able to
make a comprehensive analysis of information and processing, in particular
administrative authorities must have an accurate understanding of the various data and
rapid analysis of comprehensive ability.
 review is because the line of measurement and long-term nature of basic features, the
content of many and complex, large volume, so the first round of the review sooner
rather than later.
 2. The first phase of review pay attention to basic knowledge of
 review of the beginning of the line is necessary to test materials through read it,
mainly on some important concepts, formulas, understanding and memory, of course,
Understanding the process of memory to do some relatively simple exercises to help
consolidate the memories and knowledge points. Summarize some of these
after-school exercises for skills related to problem solving is also helpful. In the
review stage, we can choose good textbooks. Network of national civil service
examination for example, "2010 national civil service examination packages." The
material from the content to the difficulty of the country are relatively close to the
difficulty of test questions, you can choose it to pro forma review. And the book is its
novel style, focused, clear thinking, forming a comprehensive body of knowledge, the
basic set of materials for each chapter test center perspective, Proposition clue map, a
typical example Jing Jiang, analysis and test center over the years refined essence
Zhenti other items. The answer many times by the authority of the department
approved, to ensure that absolutely right. Also state the past four years (2006, 2007,
2008, 2009) the new changes in the civil service entrance examinations, new trends
and characteristics of Proposition law to do a detailed analysis and research. In this
way not only help to improve the comprehensive capacity of candidates, but also help
them in the future based on a comprehensive review of the point.
 should be emphasized that in previous years, must be read through an outline of the
civil service exam, which will help the whole point of the civil service examination to
grasp knowledge and help on the test item types, item difficulty on the subject. Strict
delimitation of the public Examination Outline professional candidates in the scope
and difficulty of requirements is the basis for candidates planning. Read on to
understand the type and difficulty of exam question types characteristic of the content
has nothing to do with the outline of the firm does not see.
-line test, after all, an understanding of the subjects by exercise, not exercise is
certainly not mastered all the knowledge points and formulas. So everyone in the
review process needs must pay attention to the usual practice, the frequent mistakes,
identify clear, not firmly grasp the knowledge points, the formula and the related
exercises are summarized in a dedicated notebook, stick to the final push, I usually
look, summed up. This way down you will find that difficult key conclusion in your
notebook. The final push, you just put this on the knowledge points out that again.
Can not only save a lot of time, but the tension will not be soon before exams and
know what to do.
  In short, the first phase of the review to reflect the following three points: first, to
fully understand the testing part of the civil service exam outline the requirements of
the Bank of China, and would be accurate positioning; Second, emphasis on basic
concepts, basic theorems and basic methods The review, reinforce the foundation;
third, a gradual, reasonable to arrange a time, should not engage in surprise. Line test
scores are the result of a long period, so once again remind you that line of test
preparation time must be fully reviewed. Finally to remind candidates, only the
knowledge of the various points made in-depth and detailed analysis, attention and
focus of Questions in grasping test centers in order to score some big points with
flexibility, giving top priority.
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