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					Civil Service Exam 2009, Hunan analogical reasoning very competitive price resolve
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 civil service examination in Hunan analogical reasoning

  3, analogical reasoning (81 to 85 questions, 1 point for each question, a total of 5
points): each of the following questions are given a pair of related words, requests
from a pair of equipment options to identify the logical relationship with the most
close to or similar words.
  Please start the answer:
  1, Kiln: Ceramic
, Materialism: Idealism
, Integer: negative integer
, Of youth: youth
, Oven: bread% D % A Answer: D
  resolution: in the "kiln" in the baking "ceramic" in the "oven" baked in "bread."
  2, Paper: Grass
, Gunpowder: niter
, Magnet: rock
, Bark: Cell
, Soy sauce: bean
  Answer: A
  resolution: casual working there are two attributes, one "paper" to "grass" as raw
material, the second is the "paper" is one of China's four great inventions. If you only
see the first property, easy to mistakenly select D. A key in the "gunpowder" in the
raw material is saltpeter, and "powder" is also one of the four great inventions.
  3, tax: adjustment: Gap
, Government: Macro: Management
, Enterprise: Profit: Wages
, Market: plan: resources
, Bonfire: expulsion: Cold
  Answer: D
  parsing: line of thinking: Available tonal law, "tax" is the role of "adjustment"
income "gap", "bonfire" in the role of the "expulsion", "cold." train of thought II: the
screening can be part of speech France, casual working three words are nouns, verbs,
nouns, only D line.
  4, Proofreading: Printing: Publishing
, Negotiations: Signature: repeal
, Robbery: imprisonment: sentencing
, Election: cabinet: Ruling
, R & D: transfer: input
  Answer: C
  Analysis: casual working property has two, one time a strict sequence, the second is
a necessary condition for the former for the latter. Only C consistent with these two
attributes. A key, "signed" can not by "negotiations", B item; "robbery" if he meets the
statutory requirements, such as the robber does not have criminal responsibility, is not
"imprisonment"; D key sequence reversed, "input "should be" developed "before.
  5, custom: custom
, Boys: girls
, Science: Technology
, Jiangsu: Taizhou,
, Jump: Action
  Answer: D
  resolution: " Custom "is the" habit "of a kind, it is a casual working relationship
between species, D with line items. A key relationship is parallel, B item no
relationship between species, C is a kind of relationship one is.
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