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Civil Servant _Trial_ Civil Service


									Civil Servant (Trial) Civil Service

 civil service hiring requirements pilot
 Civil Servant (Trial)
 Chapter I General Provisions

 first order to standardize the work of civil servants employed to ensure the basic
quality of newly recruited civil servants, according to the Civil Service Law, the
enactment of this provision.

 rules shall apply to all levels of government hired the following as the Senior Staff,
and other significant leadership positions in non-job-level civil servants.

 third hiring civil servants, adhere to an open, equitable, competitive, merit, in
accordance with the standards of ability and political integrity, to take the
combination of examination and inspection methods.

 fourth recruiting civil servants to be in the establishment of limits, and the
corresponding vacancies.

 civil service recruitment Article V shall be in accordance with the following

 (a) publish notice recruit;

 (b) application and qualification;

 (c) test;

 (d) Investigation and examination;

 (5) public notification, approval or filing.

 when necessary, civil authorities above the provincial level can be adjusted to the
above procedure.

 special position of civil servants employed by the civil authorities above the
provincial level approval process can be simplified.

 Article recruitment of civil servants in national autonomous areas, in accordance
with laws and regulations on minority applicants to be properly looked after. More
specific measures by the provincial head of department of civil service.
 Article VII of the Civil Service departments and recruiting agencies should take
measures to facilitate citizens sit.

 chapter governing body

 of Article VIII of the central civil service department responsible for the integrated
management of the national civil service recruitment work. Specifically include:

 (i) preparation of civil service recruitment rules;

 (b) to develop the civil service hiring rules and policies;

 (c) guidance and supervision of local authority recruitment of civil servants working.

 is responsible for organizing the central civil service departments directly under the
central authority and its civil service recruitment agency.

 Article provincial civil service department responsible for the area integrated
management of the civil service recruitment. Specifically include:

 (a) carry out the state laws on civil service recruitment, regulations, rules and policy;

 (b) According to the Civil Service Law and the provisions of the development of this
area implementation of civil service recruitment method;

 (c) responsible for the organization at all levels of authority within the jurisdiction of
civil servants employed;

 (4) guidance and supervision of the following levels of municipal districts Servants
employed work;

 (5) The contractor central civil service departments work commissioned by the Civil

 necessary, the provincial civil service department may authorize the municipal
districts organized civil service departments of civil servants employed in this area.

 Article municipal districts in accordance with the following departments at all levels
of civil service regulations of the department of provincial civil servants in charge,
responsible for recruiting civil servants within the jurisdiction of the work.

 Article recruiting agencies in accordance with the requirements of the civil service
departments, organs of civil commitment to the recruitment of the work.

 chapter recruitment plan and recruit Notice

 of Article XII of recruiting agencies and job vacancies job requirements, recruitment
of the posts made, places and conditions of entry requirements, development of
recruitment plans.

 of Article XIII of institutions directly under the central organs and their recruitment
plans, approval by the central civil service departments.

 provincial-level agencies and their immediate hiring plans, approval by the
provincial civil service departments. Municipal districts and the following agencies to
report on hiring plans and approval authority from the provincial civil service head of

 of Article XIV of the civil service authorities above the provincial level in
accordance with relevant laws, regulations, rules and policies, development of work
programs to recruit.

 municipal civil service districts authorized to organize the department in charge of
civil service recruitment area, its work program to recruit civil servants should be
reported to the provincial department in charge of examination and approval.

 15th of the civil servants recruitment of competent departments of the work program,
development of recruitment of notice for the community release. Recruit Notice shall

 (1) recruiting agencies, recruitment of jobs, places and applicants qualifications;

 (b) ways and means of application, time and place ;

 (3) candidates need to submit the application materials;

 (d) of the test subjects, time and place;

 (5) Other Information matters.
 Chapter IV Registration and qualification

 16th applied for civil service article shall meet the following qualifications :

 (a) is a citizen;

 (b) the age of 18 years of age, 35 years of age;

 (c) support the Constitution of the PRC;

 (4) good character;

 (V) with normal physical condition to perform their duties;
% D % A (f) meet the job requirements with the ability to work;
 (7) have a college education;
 (8) above the provincial level under the civil service departments and designated the
required qualifications;

 (9) laws and regulations and other conditions.

 preceding paragraph (2), (7) conditions listed by the approval authorities above the
provincial level civil servants, can be adjusted.

 civil service departments and recruiting agencies and job requirements may not set
the entry requirements for unrelated conditions.
 The following persons shall not be registered for the 17th Civil Service:

 (a) to have been subjected to criminal punishment of crime;

 (b) been discharged from public;

 (c) the law shall not be employed as civil servants in other circumstances.

 18th article shall not apply for civil service applicants and recruiting agencies are the
Civil Service Act the 68th post of the circumstances listed in Article.

 19th Article applicants shall submit to the recruiting agencies for application
materials, applicants submit application materials should be true and accurate.
 recruiting agencies apply for eligibility conditions for application for review within
the specified time to confirm whether applicants have applied for eligibility.

 Chapter Test

 Diershitiao to take the civil service entrance examinations conducted written test and
interview, content of the examination under the civil service should have the basic
skills and different types of jobs are set.

 twenty-one written examination subjects and professional subjects, including public.
Public Subject unified by the central civil service department to determine.
Professional courses by the competent authorities above the provincial level civil
servants according to their needs.

  written test after twenty-two, recruiting agencies at the provincial level or above in
accordance with the provisions of the civil service departments, according to written
test scores from high to low to determine interview candidates.

 interview by the provincial department in charge of organizing the implementation
of these civil servants can also be commissioned by recruiting agencies or districts
authorized by the competent department of the municipal civil servants.

 content and method of interview, by the provincial department in charge of the above
provisions of the civil service.

 interview panel should be composed of examiners interview. Examiner interview by
an interview panel composed of qualified examiners. Interviewer to the qualifications
and management over civil servants from the provincial head of department.

 twenty-three special positions of civil servants employed by the civil authorities
above the provincial level approval, can use other evaluation methods.

 Chapter investigation and examination

 recruiting agencies in accordance with Article 4 or above provincial level civil
servants regulations of the department in charge, according to applicants from high to
low test scores to determine the order of the candidates study and review of their
qualifications to sit and study.

 major review of twenty-five candidates qualified to verify whether applicants meet
the entry requirements stipulated conditions, to confirm the time of their enrollment
information and materials submitted are true and accurate.

 twenty-six candidates who study mainly covers the political ideology, moral quality,
ability and quality, learning and performance of law-abiding, self-discipline and the
need to avoid other aspects.

 study shall form a study group, study group formed by two or more. Study group
should listen to views, so that a comprehensive, objective, fair, and truly write study

 第 二 17 examination by the civil servants above the level of districts and
departments responsible for organizing, recruiting agencies to implement.

 physical examination of the items and standards in accordance with provisions of
national unity.

 physical examination should be civil servants above the level of districts designated
by the competent departments of medical institutions. Complete physical examination,
a doctor should examine the main prosecution and signed physical examination,
medical institutions with official seals.

 recruiting agencies or applicants who have questions on the examination results, may
in accordance with the provisions of re-examination. When necessary, civil servants
above the level of districts and departments may require physical object

 Chapter VII of the publicity, approval or filing

 18 recruiting agencies 第二 applicants test scores, study the situation and physical
examination, merit list of persons to be employed, announce to the society.

 time for the announcement of seven days. Publicity including the name of recruiting
agencies, recruiting staff to be the name, gender, certification card, graduate schools
or work unit to monitor telephone and provincial authorities over the provisions of the
civil service and other matters.
 publicity expires, no problems or reflect on the issue does not affect the recruitment
of, in accordance with the prescribed procedures for approval or records; on the
investigation of serious problems and there is evidence shall not be hired; to reflect
the serious problem, but can hardly be verified, the suspension of recruitment, and
concluded to be verified before deciding whether to hire.

 29th The central authority and its institutions directly under the proposed list of
members of central civil service hiring authorities for the record; local recruiting
agencies to be employed at all levels of list of members of provincial or municipal
districts and the competent civil servants department for approval.

 third of civil servants recruited 10 new probationary period of one year. Probation
period, by the recruiting agencies for new civil servants hired to inspect, and arrange
the necessary training. Qualified probation period, be served; trial failed, cancellation
of employment. Cancellation of the central authorities recruited by the Central Civil
Service department for filing. Cancellation of local authorities recruited by the
provincial civil service examination and approval authority competent department.

 Chapter VIII of the discipline and supervision

 第三十一条 work to accept supervision of the civil service recruitment. Civil
service departments and recruiting agencies should be reported promptly accepted, in
accordance with administrative rights deal.

 thirty-second recruiting staff that engages in civil law where the circumstances listed
in the seventh 10, it shall follow the challenge.

 33rd any of the following circumstances, more than civil servants from the
provincial authorities or municipal districts and civil authorities, as the case may be
ordered to correct or declared null and void; on the responsibility for leadership
responsibility and direct responsibility for personnel, based on the circumstances, be
criticized and educated, employed out of work or to punishment; constitutes a crime
shall be prosecuted for criminal liability:

 (a) does not limit the preparation of the required and job requirements for

 (b) the qualifications required for employment conditions and procedures;
 (3) without authorization, unauthorized introduction, change hiring policies ,
resulting in adverse effects;

 (4) recruitment work favoritism, if the circumstances are serious.

 34th recruiting staff intends to engage any of the following circumstances, the civil
service department or unit, depending on the seriousness of the circumstances, be
criticized and educated, employed out of work or for disciplinary sanctions; crime
shall be investigated for criminal responsibility:

 (a) disclosure of the examination papers and other confidential information;

 (b) the use of working facilities, examination results or other false recruit work
related information;

 (c) the use of working facilities, to assist applicants Cheating;

 (d) dereliction of duty for work, resulting in the recruitment of re-work;

 (5) breach of work discipline, recruitment and other behavior.

  35th Whoever violates discipline employed applicants, depending on the seriousness
of the cases were given criticism and education, to cancel the test, inspection and
examination qualifications, not to hire or cancellation of employment and other
treatment. Of these, fraud and other serious violations of discipline and conduct
recruitment within five years may not sit for the civil service. Constitute a crime shall
be held criminally responsible.

 Chapter IX Supplementary Provisions

 第三 16 reference to the management of the civil service law authorities (units)
employed workers and service personnel outside the staff, with reference to these

 thirty-seventh of the civil servants recruitment requirements, should be included in
the budget, to be protected.

 38th in the provisions by the CPC Central Committee Organization Department,
Ministry of Personnel is responsible for interpretation.
  39th These rules shall come into force from the date of release. Jun. 7, 1994 release
of "Interim Regulations on State Civil Servant" (who recorded 〔1994〕 1 issued) and
September 10, 1996 "issued by policemen, hiring methods" (human hair 〔1996〕 84 )
is abolished.

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