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					cindy92653 from x.x.x.217 joined the chat 59 minutes ago Allen from x.x.x.219 joined the chat 37 minutes ago Allen: hi all cindy92653: hi cindy92653: anyone there Allen: Hey CIndy - how you doing? cindy92653: oh fair and you Allen: not too bad thanks Allen: Have a Merry CHristmas and a Happy New Year? cindy92653: it was alright and yours Allen: it was fine - I wish my mom was still here though cindy92653: oh i am sorry Allen: She passed away almost 19 months ago now cindy92653: oh wow not too long ago Allen: Not at all cindy92653: how was ur day Allen: not too bad - back to work yikes lol cindy92653: better than staying at home all day Allen: Yeah I guess so Allen: how's the weather up there? Joe from x.x.x.78 joined the chat 9 minutes ago cindy92653: cold Joe: What up people?? cindy92653: hi joe Joe: hello cindy92653: not much and you cindy92653: not much and you Allen: Hey Joe Joe: hey Joe: very tired...going on about 3 hours of sleep in a couple of days because of work Allen: wow - I certainly know how that goes cindy92653: oh wow not good Joe: had my interview for the big promotion this morning and think I nailed it. cindy92653: great Allen: Great - way to go Joe - Kudos! Joe: it will be a nice chunk of change extra coming in every 2 weeks Allen: I bet cindy92653: that would be good Joe: lot of responsibility though, I have to pretty much restructure the whole shift cindy92653: wow Allen: I'm sure you will do a great job Joe. Joe: thanks Joe: how are you two doing?

cindy92653: yep Allen: so did you have a great holiday? Allen: not too bad mikey from x.x.x.234 joined the chat 28 minutes ago cindy92653: i am fair mikey: ola Joe: mine was ok Joe: hey Mikey cindy92653: hi mike Allen: Was really sick the week of Christmas and still down in Illinois now Allen: Hey Mikey mikey: :) hi ya'all Allen: What's cookin? Joe: nothing really mikey: shark and shit. and i am out of shark mikey: :) Allen: lol Joe: anything from the popcorn place Allen? Jeni from x.x.x.78 joined the chat 24 minutes ago Jeni: hey all mikey: i hope u get the job joe>!!! cindy92653: hi jeni Joe: thanks mikey: hi jeni Allen: Left them a message today Joe: cool Allen: They called me back and I missed it - playing phone tag here Joe: everyone knows Rachel is no longer with us right? mikey: yeah, cindy92653: oh mikey: and then, Joe: enough of that topic mikey: yeah, Allen: yep mikey: on to the next Joe: I thought Cheri was gonna be here cuz I don't know what you want to talk about mikey: Rawley point, possible dates Joe: Now that the fake time of the year is over I think we need to get motivated again hit this thing full speed mikey: I suggest may Joe: whenever is good for me as long as I know in advance Jeni: same here

mikey: I gonna make some contacts this weekend. I'm gonna hit Brumder AGAIN, and dousmann in brookfiels Allen: same here Joe: cool mikey: OK, i will shoot for the first or 2nd weekend of MAY Jeni: I pulled a big list of places in WI, and I am getting information together and was going to just start calling or emailing what I can Allen: Cool Jeni mikey: oh so nice!! Joe: as people are online if you see any kind of fair or that sort of thing let us know. Cheri and I set up a booth at the spirit fair in Racine last year and had a good day with a lot of people approaching us. cindy92653: ok mikey: Do you want me to try to get summerfest, NOT KIDDING mikey: we probably wouildnt have power though Joe: do you have connections? mikey: well we issue them their firework permits Allen: I have a generator Joe: cool, see what you can find out mikey: 10 -4 mikey: wi state fair is out of the question, thet charge $500 starting for a space. and you hve to get insurance Allen: Summerfest sounds good Jeni: what about checking out country thunder??? Joe: also, I still think we should do some sort of chat room open to the public mikey: beer and music, country thunder would be cool, i could actually get kensington to go maybe Joe: cool Joe: plus all the hot girls Jeni: yeah, her and I can sneek off and check out the hot country mikey: OMG u2 are dangerous Jeni: lol Joe: I was meaning for the single people in the Jeni: don't lie!!! LMAO mikey: jeni checks out girls? mikey: :) Joe: why not? Jeni: mikey: Jeni: any way... as far as the chat room, I can see if I can get a host site that we could do it on... mikey: awesome, anything is better than what is going on lately Joe: yep mikey: i guess we are still waiting on the theatre? Joe: I think so

mikey: I will call cheri tonite or tommorow Joe: We need to get out there and start the word of mouth thing like we were last summer mikey: Rawley point isn't gonna happen unless we have something between now and may Joe: and something big mikey: or at least not for the people who do not try Jeni: The theater was just a matter of when we wanted to do it mikey: i'm up for ANY day Joe: but we are waiting to find out the info mikey: pref fri or sat Jeni: I agree mike mikey: I will find out from cheri, if she is sittin on it , i will get the info and call them Joe: cool Jeni: sounds good to me mikey: I'm not sure i'm the best person to call, but i will mikey: and then, Joe: Cheri had a good report with the one big guy there so I will find out from her mikey: yeah, i dont want to mess that up Allen: When are you guys having another meeting? mikey: whenever we want. Allen: ok Joe: not sure yet but I would like one this month mikey: it's finding the right day for sheduling around people schedules.... didn't mean to sound snotty Allen: Sounds good mikey: iron skillet? mikey: sheridan lanes, meet, drink then bowl and drink mikey: and drink Allen: lol mikey: i was serious :) Jeni: sounds good to me Allen: I didn't doubt it mikey: i love drinking, oh, i meant bowling. aw screw it mikey: JAN 17th?? Allen: Sure Joe: depends on happens with work Joe: what mikey: yeah, fo sho, let's plan on the 17th for now. we can always adjust Joe: ok Allen: yes mikey: i am on it. mikey: ok then anything else? Joe: I have nothing Jeni: I don't have anything

Allen: me either mikey: Jeni, would you mind sending out a e-mail about the 17th, i can't find my email list. mikey: i suggest around 8pm Jeni: sure I will send it Allen: Just to let everyone know, I'll be gone for 2 weeks in April on vacation mikey: thank u, you are awesome Joe: ok Allen: That's the plan now anyway Cheri from x.x.x.115 joined the chat mikey: i will be gone the week of 4 april Cheri: I'm here... Cheri: sorry Joe: late late late Cheri: sorry my mother had a "Crisis" Allen: Hey Cheri mikey: hi!!! we have a meeting tentitivelt scheduled for jan 17th Joe: she ok? Cheri: she's fine... Cheri: where's the meeting? mikey: sorry, Joe: beer garden mikey: hehehe mikey: guess Cheri: beer garden? Joe: vegas Joe: 32 oz jager bombs on me Cheri: seriously... where? mikey: sheridan lanes!! Joe: where is that? mikey: :) Cheri: AARRRGGGHHHH!! Cheri: Allen- help me out here. these two are fucking with me.. mikey: no pe mikey: nope Allen: The name of that consession place is Nyholms Concession Supply Joe: sheridan fuckin lanes Cheri: really? Allen: You're on your own Cheri lol mikey: why not? mikey: yeah it's my fault Cheri: so is it a meeting or a "gathering" mikey: meeting then gathering Joe: usual..........gathering

Jeni: Allen, did you need me to look it up and contact anyone? Allen: There can be only one at the gathering lol mikey: sorry, meeting then gathering? mikey: we can go somewhere else Joe: my sword is mikey: no-one would need a sitter this way Cheri: I don't know if that place is open to the public at night... Cheri: Lemme check... I'll call mikey: ibrb Joe: what isn't open to the public? Allen: we should go somewhere where there is Karaoke Joe: sounds good to me Jeni: lol... I don't think soooo.... Cheri: leagues only on Sat nights. Friday night it is open after 8:45 Cheri: ooh Rick's home.. let the fun begin Joe: talk to you later Cheri Cheri: ok bye Joe: so what else is going on? Allen: bye cheri Allen: nuttin here Joe: that was quick Jeni: nothing more here mikey: back friday is good too Jeni: Friday's late is better for us, gives us time to get the kids to a babysitter, and back in time mikey: ok let me know what gets decided and i will be there hopefully Joe: cool, I am tired and not motivated anymore so I am leaving. bye everyone, sit and talk with Jeni mikey: i was actually gonna go to bed also, i have to get up at 0300 Jeni: wow... and I am in the same house and he couldn't just tell me Jeni: okay, Have a good night Mike mikey: sorry 3am Allen: Have a good one Jeni: I knew what you were saying... mikey: bye everybody, ttyl Jeni: later Jeni: well is there anything more that we needed to talk about??? Allen: Not that I am aware of Jeni Jeni: well then I guess we are done.. Going to go get the kids in bed. I will send out tonight's chat notes and post them to the wiki Allen: Have a good one Jeni: u too

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