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									Children learn to learn to appreciate the

 children learn to appreciate their own

 appreciate their children, look after their own children, seems to be instinctive for
parents, is the so-called "Son their own good. "As a gardener in the garden of
motherland, should enjoy in the hands of every tree flowers, because they paid the
blood and sweat, but in the present educational practice has emerged in the opposite
 New Year, when everyone got together inevitably talk about her children's education.
Cousin because of the test and anxiety. Insinuations I asked her: "晨晨, what is your
specialty?" She thought for a long time, reluctantly shook his head. Upon seeing his
uncle, said: "There can be so stupid expertise, learning is not understand it ... ..." So
my sister increasingly silent. She can not help but let me reflect on the growth, in the
midst of blame, the sound of discontent perturbed life, how can a good effect?
  matter of fact, I can understand the parents, "family resemblance" in the mood, in
this competitive society bursting with talent, no ability, knowledge, people are not
able to gain a foothold. But the world has not yet the same leaves, how can all become
good people? And the existence of differences between the. In daily life, why do not
people do not blame the peony fragrance, peony flowers as big plum Why, why can
not the lotus grows in the hill land, but to let them do their nature, develop their
strengths, so only the things in the world flowered, flowers Zhengyan, delicious scene.
So why can not we do the children more tolerant? Of course, tolerance is not simply
ignored him, but should be based on the appreciation of the child support guide and
support, so as to allow the flowers to bloom even more brilliant, their children grow
up healthy. Helping this process is to teach children not to overcome the shortcomings
and errors, full of confidence ahead of the process?
 I think Zhou Hong is in life realize the appreciation of the force that can successfully
teach children to become useful. Leaving aside whether this is a twist of fate - a child
with disabilities, or life force, but one of its 18 years it is enough to educate our study
to explore every reader, every person who loves children.
 Let us learn to appreciate the child! The most essential human needs is the desire to
be respected and appreciated, children are no exception. I believe that appreciation of
the sky in the eyes of the children would be more blue, and they will plug an ideal
blue wings in the blue sky free to fly!

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