; Career development of women's career development
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Career development of women's career development


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									Career development of women's career development

 on the women's career development
 Abstract With the continuous development of society, industry refining stage of
women's work is undergoing major changes. Their positions in various industries and
has a good performance as a professional and industry pioneer in this new
environment, career development of women has been increasing concern. Affect
career development of women of many different factors, this article from the existing
career development issues and how to develop a career and so on to discuss women's
career development.
 Key words the value of career development of women

 with the development of economic globalization, businesses are emerging elite
professional women, women in creating social value and economic value to show a
more important role, assumed an indispensable role in society, Weak of typical female
occupations. In women, the strong do not, "Nan Renpo", but in a typical career in the
outstanding performance, dripping play gentle, sensitive, curious, and so delicate
femininity. Their different stages of his career are also playing a different role. We
develop from factors affecting women's career doubts, how to design career
development of these aspects for discussion.

 1, affect the career development of female factor

  we are from the feudal society of China has continued to the present society,
patriarchal feudal influence several generations of our people development. Chinese
women's career development is also subject to certain restrictions, in our three
decades after China's development, China has fully developed economy and
international economic impact of environment, women's employment have new
development and breakthroughs. View of the current women's career development
factors, we analyze the following points:
 1. Economy. The rapid development of modern industry, labor intensive, for we
women created a lot of employment opportunities, Dan Ji Benshang these positions of
high quality, many craft positions Bijiao Duo grassroots more. Other enterprises in
order to save costs, the pursuit of economic efficiency, on household chores and other
responsibilities of women treated by denial or discriminatory manner, so that women
in the labor market competition and more disadvantaged. We Chinese are population,
labor surplus, the imbalance between outstanding. This big female employment more
difficult problem, greatly reducing access to senior management opportunities.
 2. The overall low level of education. The implementation of China 's nine-year
compulsory education, has given us women the chance to go to school, but with the
high level of education, the proportion of men and women to education the greater the
difference, more pronounced in rural areas. This makes it difficult to enter the
women's high qualifications of the work, can only be engaged in low-wage and
low-security work hard to equal employment opportunities, but also affected the
stability of female employment is not conducive to career development.
  3. Social values and the role of social psychology. By patriarchal concepts, if a
family has only one employment opportunity, usually for men, women are passive
choice at home. On the contrary, if the man at home, women work outside the home,
is not easily understood and accepted that this would affect the stability of marriage
and family, this concept is most prominent in rural areas. Similarly, in the city, if
women's social status or wage income than men, men also tend to be the
psychological shadow, and thus have an effect on the stability of the family.
  summary, by various factors, women in employment are very much hampered.
Professional aspects of women in the choice preference stability, low risk work, the
competition is strong, high challenging task few cares.

 second, currently employed women work in a number of problems

 present, women often engaged in the work of the secretary, HR, public relations,
business, nursing and clerical work. In an interview with career planning to come to
the object of consultation, we understand that public relations practitioners working
attitude, a Chilean exchange from Greater China Director of Public Relations Chen
Zhongxian that: public relations is the most beautiful of all women of a career, not
only income ranked the highest, and can often be of silk costumes, to attend various
senior social occasions. However, tired of public relations is also well known, not
only to themselves, they all packed up properly, have to try to figure out everyone
thought, not offend anyone. Body tired, tired heart, hostess the surface, scenery, they
knew only hard work can do much on the management of women really. For women
in public relations career development, Chen Zhongxian suggestion is that public
relations actually does not matter in terms of gender, there is no career bottlenecks,
mainly character. "I think young women should spend more time public relations are
going to the movies, and more travel, learning about different cultures, different kinds
of people that this is an attention to history and experience of professional life, a lot
of" idea "to do with the movie, do like the art, to reach a broad area there will be
inspired. "
  sole proprietorship, general manager of another secretary Sue from Germany said:"
busy! "Sue talked about their own secretarial work, the word" busy. " In fact, strictly
speaking, the content of her work far beyond the scope of the Secretary. Personnel and
the market is now the important work of Sue the content, or even far beyond
secretarial work. Such hard work, of course not just for the boss, but also to plan for
themselves. "This strength of the job, and I believe the future of work make little
tough I think. And personnel, market, I have accumulated enough practice, has
extensive experience in the capital of the switch."
  from Several women employees of the body, we understand that women's career low,
in high positions on the job pressure, individuals encountered in the career of a great
challenge, to avoid or reduce the Mouxie factors on the career women the impact of
development, career planning is essential and precious. However, his career is a
dynamic process of development, female workers in the establishment of good
planning, you can not stick to conventions of the notion that there should advantage of
the opportunity to adjust their career plans.
 3, how to design a professional career

  for a variety of conditions, we women how to break free to develop their career?
This expert suggested that a career divided into three parts, leading career also divide d
into three stages: first stage career early, about 25 to 35 years old, is the right time
accumulated; the second stage is to use the power period ranging in age from 35 to 50
years old; the third stage is the transfer of power during the age of 50 years of age.
The same professional career stages, women and men have different, as in the first
stage, the women most of them will temporarily leave the labor force as production,
many people may leave office a month, will feel 和 colleagues Yi Yang a, with Chaju,
Moreover, that over time to about a year. So sometimes a child will mean job changes,
many women will have concerns. Use the power of the stage is 35 to 50 years old,
perhaps at this time a woman has more power, but also great stress and worry, because
just now the largest women's family burden. If a woman 27-year-old children, then to
35-year-old children to school, and to 45 years old, the child is facing college entrance
examination. At this stage, workplace stress and family pressures are greatest for
women is difficult to make a choice, many women do not want promotion, is fear of
losing family. The transfer of power for women, young and earlier, studies have
shown that the integrated strength of women stronger than men, but women are
generally retire earlier than men, 5 to 10 years, this requirement is to manual work in
state-based requirements, have followed the convention, down a few years earlier than
men to leave their posts, the woman is indeed very limited, not simply the "glass
ceiling" issues. For this ceiling, we women are constantly at work to learn new
knowledge, at all stages of the energy supplement and adjust the state of their own to
achieve the purpose of career development.
  short, women's career path is difficult, how do we break the convention, looking for
better jobs, not only to combine the individual strengths and preferences, but also pay
more effort than others, fully improve their qualities .

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