Analysis of rural middle school students in extracurricular language reading Investigation and Analysis by fdjerue7eeu


									Analysis of rural middle school students in extracurricular language reading
Investigation and Analysis

 survey of rural Chinese

  Abstract: In this paper, the status of middle school students in reading a detailed
investigation and analysis and propose a more solution that is fully aware of the role
of reading; increase the country the reform of examination assessment system;
strengthen the organization and guidance of reading. The only way to effectively
implement the requirements of quality education, to truly improve their language
literacy, and ensure compulsory education the quality of language teaching junior high
  Keywords: reading; investigation; analysis

 Gorky said: "Books are the ladder of human progress." Reading can increase
knowledge, improve training, strive to learn themselves in society, foster good
mentality, form a unique style. Today in the implementation of quality education,
reading is improve the quality of an important way. Through reading, to consolidate
and develop the results of classroom teaching, language teaching to complete the task
faster and better achieve the goal of language education. Reading is so important that
the students are doing reading? Especially the relatively weak in education of rural
junior high school, what books the students read? How they read it? Their course of
study What are the potential problems? How do we solve these problems?

 1, the investigation process

  We designed two questionnaires to find junior high school reading situation. Survey
showed that:
  1, most of the junior high school students often have extracurricular books, 43% of
the students on average every 2 weeks to 1 book, 29% of the students to 1 week. Only
6% of students rarely go to a bookstore, people in the investigation, representing a
small part. Description In today's society, knowledge has a crucial role, many students
are actively learn new knowledge from extra-curricular books. However, some
students do not often see extra-curricular books that busy school, the game in no time.
  2, are junior high school students reading a wide area. Genre, there quite a part of the
students like fiction, because fictional life, but poetry, prose, also have a set amount of
reading; content, literature, history, geography, military, all-inclusive. In addition,
foreign masterpieces in rural junior high school less attractive. China's famous,
famous enough to read fine set number 1. Opportunities for exposure to more famous
is the TV in the summer theater, read the whole less famous people.
  3, most students choose their own extra-curricular books. Can be seen, the present
study parents a better understanding of children's extra-curricular, support, and will
not interfere with the child the freedom to choose the book. However, some student s
have a book by parents, teachers choose to exclude teachers "reference" because,
mainly due to lack of initiative of these students study. Extra-curricular student
selected books focus on counseling book, or lack of parental support.

 2, summing up the reasons for

 First of all, great teaching of Chinese has not been established. Chinese Language
Education in view of a single language for reform teaching, both inside and outside
the classroom to establish a combination of the new language curriculum, teaching
content to implement the open, the "small class" and the "big class" closely integrated
so that students multi-channel access to knowledge, capacity development, learning to
learn. However, a considerable part 1 schools and teachers do not really establish that
1 point, on the role of reading the lack of sufficient knowledge of the re-curricular
indoctrination, reading light.
 Second, some parents tend to think that extracurricular books be "light readings,"
read "light readings" is much work, will affect test scores, so the students see "light
readings," mostly negative attitude (of course, this is also fear that students lack
resolving power and misguided to consider), but also an obstacle to reading. Even if
"reasonable" parents, this is often limited to enable students to read "Writing the
election" and the like, do not you know this is not only not help the students ability,
but detained the students thinking and innovation.
 Moreover, a neglect of some schools, the language environment, with no one set of
books, plus the opening of public libraries in society is low and the impact of film and
television works, etc., but also a certain extent affected the reading the launch. So,
how can we change the present situation, the practical implementation of good
reading it?

 3, solutions,

  First of all, to fully understand the role of reading.
  1, and the complementary role of classroom teaching
  1, the students in the reading process according to their interests, hobbies, and
specialty to choose their own reading area, free thinking, free expression of opinion,
to the classroom knowledge and skills learned in the spiritual world of their own, thus
not only expand the space study, accumulation of writing material; the same time you
can consciously or unconsciously, the curricular knowledge and methods learned to
practical applications - verify, control, comparison, try to figure out, to promote
transfer of knowledge and ability to contribute to the formation of self-learning ability,
to "not wait for the teacher education" purposes. The other one, through reading and
boost the knowledge the Class of understanding and grasp of learning a certain way of
reading, skills, etc., for a golden key to open the world of reading to stimulate interest
in learning, strengthen classroom teaching, achieve curricular and extra-curricular
driven, promoting curricular and extra-curricular and 2 were complementary
  2, contribute to the implementation of quality education in language teaching
  Chinese reading of its practicality, the characteristics of autonomy, can make up
classroom teaching specialization, standardization, standardization brought enough,
while with its independent value, which can help students of sentiment, the
development of sound character, so that reading together with the goal of teaching
students to point to the overall development and improvement of the quality,
contributing to quality education requirements.
  3, to create a good "mental background"
  Sukhomlinski that reading is a source of intelligence and intellectual development,
therefore, should be read more extracurricular books, in order to provide good "
intellectual background. " He said: "If we want to reduce the burden of students, then
it should be read in him something more than several times to remember ... ... if
nothing other than textbooks, students read, he even had read good books. If Other
students read too large, then he can not only learn the positive lessons, but also the
remaining time to meet other interests. "while-read book is what a personal gain
cultural knowledge, rich experience of life measures. Extracurricular reading comes
from life itself, but also higher than life, cast the author's observations on life
experience and explore. Students in reading not only get space for living and life
experience, can also be guided back to life, to observe, understand and verify, so that
students and their current daily lives, help to provide students with a broader the
source of language learning.
  Second, to increase the examination assessment system reform efforts.
  content of the examination, propositional language teaching method is highly
restricted and guidance role. To effectively carry out extra-curricular reading activities
to reform the test methods and teaching evaluation. This should broaden the content
of the examination on the first break, to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the
speaking and writing, will be junior high school curriculum standards recommend
reading the contents of the classic table of contents into the evaluation, in order to
facilitate reading of the guide; also assessed from the means of deepening the reform,
with the knowledge, ability to replace the comprehensive evaluation results of the
only conclusions subject scores can focus on the real test of language proficiency. The
only way to root for the conduct of reading provide the correct orientation, so as to
promote the launching of reading.
  Finally, we should earnestly strengthen the organization and guidance of reading.
  reading and language teaching are intrinsically linked and both are independent.
Therefore, students must learn the process of reading as an important part of a serious
organization and scientific guidance, in order to achieve reading in language
education and teaching in optimization, to promote Chinese language education and
teaching efficiency and students to improve literacy.
  1, plan, coordinate and arrange
  to carry out extra-curricular reading activities must proceed from the actual level of
the students, according to the curriculum standards, combined with classroom
teaching, and teaching of reading, writing teaching work closely together to
co-ordinate arrangements, to develop practical workable plan, including the purpose
of reading, requirements, procedures, methods, bibliography, etc., in order to avoid
arbitrariness and blindness, which is a prerequisite to carry out a good reading.
 2, to strengthen guidance and stimulate interest in
 junior high school students interested in a wide range of rich emotions, but
self-control is not strong, less able to identify reading as the dominant emotion on the
vulnerable, often indulge in martial arts, romance novels or obsessed with bizarre plot
cartoon books, but also an absence of some students develop reading habits, lack of
interest in reading. Therefore, a set according to the age of the students read the
psychological characteristics and guide students to choose a more healthy, useful life
of books circulated closer to the students to read, of course, teachers should also be
conducted through classroom teaching or lectures, presentations, etc., on the article,
work, etc., precise and appropriate comment, leaving a more thinking, so as to
enhance the student's curiosity and inspire them by reading books and find
extra-curricular interest. - Thanks for reading this article, this article from [worry
document] collection and sorting, to thank the original author the
same time, the students read these works in time to give praise to encourage and lead
other students long for the heart produced to create one kind of good reading
 3, with teaching materials, recommended books
 Mr. Ye Shengtao that: "the encouragement and guidance of reading must be
combined with the materials at any time." Therefore, in order to improve reading
results, progress should be based on classroom teaching, timely and relevant books
recommended to students, to address the "read what" questions. Excerpts of the text to
learn the full text can be recommended for students to read, by reading the text, to
deepen understanding of the text, if it is fiction, even to a complete, profound
understanding of characters, such as learning the "sub-race" to read "The Storm" learn,
"Yang Hsiu's death" can be read "3 Country Romance" and so on. This with the
teaching materials and textbooks docking, thereby stimulating the students read
widely, not only the knowledge of migration of students to better facilitate the conduct
of reading.
  semester or annual bibliography of recommendation, one will be based reading
program in conjunction with the learning materials, carefully carefully selected
high-grade, high-quality books, set out a list of more appropriate systems, not just
confined to closely related to the contents of the text, is limited to books, newspapers,
should pay attention to "Miscellaneous 1 point", broadcasting, film and television
works such as these might also include a benefit of the students overall improvement,
in particular, should guide and encourage students to read a more popular reading. 4,
guide ways, development of habits
 Francis Bacon said, some books are to be tasted, some books can devour a few
books to be chewed and digested. Mr. Lv Shuxiang also said: "reading the guide is
very important." In order to improve efficiency and effectiveness of their reading,
browsing, intensive reading, skimming, reading notes, must proceed from reality, the
study guide students to master scientific methods to solve the " how to read "problem,
in order to cultivate their reading ability and reading habits, and not let matters drift,
drift. Methods of guidance can be combined with classroom teaching, but also set up
special courses to guide reading.
 5, organizational communication, inspection and supervision
 in extra-curricular reading, organize exchanges among students is essential, the
interaction between the students created role is sometimes greater than the teacher's
guidance. Exchanges in various forms, such as book recommendations, book reviews,
readings, seminars, special poster and essay competition for small and so the language
can be combined with the related activities carried out. Through these exchanges,
students are often greatly increased interest in reading, language learning for
improving the enthusiasm boost.
 the same time, in time for the reading should inspect and supervise. Check should
also be flexible and diversified ways, such as the investigation will be held in
extra-curricular reading, check reading notes or written summary of reading situations,
and timely publication of the results, lessons learned, recognizing, identifying
deficiencies, to improve, in order to promote the progress of reading Step 1 launch.
 In short, the current status of junior high school reading is not optimistic. In order to
effectively implement the requirements of quality education, to truly improve their
language literacy, and ensure compulsory education quality of language teaching
junior high school, junior high school students must vigorously strengthen the
organization and guidance of reading and optimized, and must not be ignored, and
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