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					An outstanding team of excellent building

 good team build a
 Abstract: The team has become the common way of working age, in order to meet
the requirements of future development, many companies committed to creating a
Excellent team support and unite numerous parties depend on business from a victory
to promote a greater victory. Excellent team with some similar qualities: clear clear
goals, appropriate leadership, team spirit, open communication, high levels of
emotional intelligence and culture of equality, so we can start building these
outstanding team. 
 Key words: excellent team; collaboration; cohesion 
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 1 good team qualities 

  team dedicated to creating an excellent foundation, we must first figure out how the
team can be called a good team, an excellent team what kind of features. 
  is a well-known communications company Nokia phone market leader, in an
increasingly competitive market situation, a well-known communications company
Nokia phone growth continued to outpace the market growth rate, since 1998 it
ranked the leading global mobile phone sales, now accounts for one third of the global
market, second place is almost twice the market share of competitors. We must ask
whether it's corporate team has done nothing to achievement team competitive? 
  First of all, Nokia is not only the manager only requires leadership, leadership that
every employee in their daily work to the qualities, the purpose is to allow everyone
who is active, as their leadership. Secondly, Nokia spent a year training costs more
than 2.58 billion euros - about its global net sales of 5.8%. According to the special
needs of employees to carry out education and training, employees can see their
opportunity to learn and grow, then the staff will strengthen the organization's sense of
responsibility, his enthusiasm will be generated. Again, Nokia encourages open
communication between the civilian policy-oriented, stressing open communication,
mutual respect, so that each and every member of the team feel the importance of the
company. Finally, the company's senior leaders personally lead efforts to promote
corporate culture of equality. 
  Stephen ? P ? Robbins, in his "organizational behavior", a book on his team were so
recognized by the description: "the work of team members should have the freedom
and autonomy," "team members requires three skills: technical skills, problem solving
and decision-making skills and interpersonal skills. team in scoring high on the
following personality traits: extraversion, agreeableness, emotional stability and
responsibility, "" team have adequate resources , effective leadership, a climate of
trust, reflecting the contribution of team performance assessment and reward system.
" 
  H ? James ? Harrington, Mitch ? Manning and David ? Angel with the "create a team
dynamic," a book they recognized the image of the team compared the hummingbird.
"With the constant hum of flying, from time to time to stop and pick honey, always
busy, doing their work. Team should have a hummingbird busy and excitement for
themselves and bring joy to everyone around. "
 comprehensive analysis of the actual number of outstanding team performance and
the views of experts, the author will be the basic characteristics of good team
summarized as follows: a clear definition of objectives; appropriate leadership; team
spirit; open communication; higher Emotional Intelligence; equal culture. 

 2 specific ways to create a good team 

  team of construction is a huge project, involving all aspects of the team, can not be
achieved, it requires each team members work together. 
  2.1 set clear targets for the team 
  team is a collection of the lives of its members have different background and work
experience, they may be quite different personalities, interests and hobbies are varied,
but the team are also As the inherent diversity of ideas can impact more spark, to
agitate from different melody. This is the constructive side of diversity, on the other
hand, the diversity within the team can lead to devastating consequences, if we are to
their own needs and interests of, their own likes and dislikes for the measure, then the
team can not form a cohesive force, which will destroy each other's efforts to enhance
the team's internal friction, serious damage to the team's ability to act. Therefore,
creating an excellent team must first establish clear objectives for making it a guide to
action team members, to provide a direction for the team, which is a foundation, it
regulated the major scope of activities the team. 
  2.2 for the team with the right leadership 
  in an excellent team which, perhaps there is no "core team" one said, however, the
leadership team are playing a different role. There are a variety of leadership styles:
vision-based, instructor-based, cooperative, lead type, type and order type of
democracy, good team leader will need to make flexible use of the many types, in
different situations using appropriate methods. 
  Stephen ? P ? Robbins in the "organizational behavior", a book to the team leader's
job description for the four types of roles: foreign liaison officers, difficulty dealing
with experts, conflict managers and coaches. 
  in this paper, I would like to add outstanding team leader should possess certain
personal qualities. First of all, good team leader should always show good faith.
Leaders need to realize their success through others, the team leader is to the actual
performance by team members to achieve their goals. Leaders from the post itself has
a legitimacy, in theory, he can dominate some of the members of the work, but if the
leader can not own each and every member in good faith to infection, then the
member is likely to experience more negative emotions experience, affect the team's
best performance. Second, the excellent team leader but also full of confidence. A
team will always encounter any kind of "accident", not all things are in themselves the
Zhangwo into, when encountered such a situation, or just a complete Zhiding tasks,
good leaders are to have enough of self-confidence. Calm and resolute, we can pass to
the whole team a signal: I can do it, we can row. This is a stable "morale" of the key,
imagine if the "morale" slack, and what hope is there to achieve success. Once again,
brave is also a requirement for good leadership. A team to complete a task assigned, in
the necessary resources and support, we must pledge to the corresponding
responsibility. Leaders must have an excellent sense of this responsibility, the
responsible time to assume responsibility for the brave and not merely to place the
blame onto others, gives people the impression that the formation of cowardly
selfishness. Also in dealing with internal conflicts, the leaders also courageous and
decisive, not as "nice guy", but to the impartial and objective analysis of issues to
make the necessary finding based on "two are not offended" would only exacerbate
the conflict leader badly battered. Finally, good leaders better be enthusiastic. A
passionate people, from no real difficulty, he was always able to resolve the confusion
with optimism, with a passion to inspire each member to enjoy the tension of the
stimulus, to share the joy of creative achievements. 
  2.3 makes collaboration concept has won popular 
  collaboration is the essence of team work. "Create a team dynamic," the view that:
"The key points include teamwork concepts, strategies and tactics." And to realize the
elements of teamwork summarized as follows: synergy, recruiting, attitudes, diversity,
love, environment, mission and vision. I think that attitude is to create a team spirit in
the team's key. We are familiar with this sentence: "Attitude is everything." Determine
our attitude towards one thing is positive or negative, we decided to treat a person or a
close distance. In a good team, the concept of collaboration is not only to gender
identity, even more important to make it members of the action is based, to become
members of the deeply rooted values. 
  2.4 for efficient communication 
  smooth communication is the work of a team essential conditions. If there is no
communication, we can only by virtue of their experience and skills hard at doing
their own thing, without the knowledge and information sharing, the formation of the
team simply can not work together. On a good team, the efficient communication is
important. 
  communication to achieve efficient first to follow three basic principles: honesty,
openness and respect for others. Communication to the basis of mutual trust to
achieve better results, which requires communication between the parties to be honest,
sincere and frank expression and feedback their views and opinions. Efficient
communication also need to be open communication between the parties, this is all
open unreserved out their own resources to share with others, but also to the objective,
tolerant acceptance of others views and opinions. When the communication team
members have to do every respect ... This article from [worry document] collection and sorting, to thank the original author. Of others, be
patient, open-minded to allow people freedom to express their views. 
  2.5 for the team to create a culture of equality 
  team is composed of different background experiences, knowledge and skills of
formal groups of individuals, team members have mutual aid and cooperation to
achieve common goals, everyone has their specific and irreplaceable role, a good
team is not the center of a collective, no one who is weak strong, no one even better,
each and every member is an decentralized power, only if we stick together to form
lot of energy.
  is the best team there is an equal basis, because only in an environment of equality,
the individual can express their openness and willing to contribute their efforts, a
certain result will not be ignored or touted by the other ordinary phenomena, each
member clearly well on their own would only be certain that no one is an exception.
  win for the future development of the large number of attractive incentive income is
committed to creating an excellent business team, although the desire is good, but this
is not one that everyone can easily do things, this process There are many complex
situation requires practitioners to care for each face, but need their predecessors
footprints marching bravely forward. 

 3 were easy to take the team building the error 

  (1) inflexible work as a team. We must recognize that there are some issues through
effective teamwork to solve, but there are many issues to resolve would be better
individuals. Practice shows that the group should resolve the problem by this way can
only lead to failure and frustration, and result in time, energy, waste of money. So pay
attention to ways to solve the problem, not the blind pursuit of form, you know, there
is no best way, the way only the most issues. 
  (2) concerns directly to the task have neglected the external dynamic environment.
Team in the dynamic and complex system, the decision outside the dynamic
environment problem solving team must look at the global, systematic analysis of the
issues in order to change response. However, many teams have always tended to
task-oriented, and strive to do their job, to study, finish it, only to notice and solve
problems directly related to things, turn a blind eye to other areas, this focus is
generally on target that is a strong, but often can not make the team successful. 
  (3) too much emphasis on the diversity of the team or consistency. Some of the team
over-emphasis on the diversity of the team, put a lot of time wasted in a long debate,
although in some cases is necessary, but if mishandled this degree would delay action
time for the team. There are other team members to group cohesion and consistency
of the above override any other criteria, so ignore the other reasonable options and
even better, and because group pressures lead to thinking in terms of efficiency,
greatly reduce the problem solution quality. 
  (4) part-time team members too. Team work of a significant advantage of flexibility,
combined with the distributed team easier, both members of the team cross-functional
work across departments. But this flexibility is not suitable for excessive abuse, each
individual should have the main role in the team, part-time diversion of excess energy
to the detriment of their own main objective of the company's overall performance is
worth the candle. 

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