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									     Disaster Preparedness and Prevention Initiative
                 South Eastern Europe

                    DPPI SEE

Seminar on Strengthening Cooperation with Candidate Countries
   Western Balkan Countries in the Field of Civil Protection
              24-26 February 2008, Bled, Slovenia
Disaster Preparedness and Prevention
Initiative for South Eastern Europe
March 2000, Initiated under the Stability Pact for SEE

May 2002, DPPI Declaration on Cooperation

September 2002, DPPI Action Plan 2002 - 2006

Jun 2005, Transferred to the SEE Region

 January 2008, Full Regional Ownership
Overall Goal

  To foster regional cooperation and
 coordination in disaster preparedness
  and prevention for natural and man-
    made disasters and support risk
       reduction activities in SEE
Regional Ownership

  Memorandum of Understanding on the
   Institutional Framework of the Disaster
 Preparedness and Prevention Initiative for
             South Eastern Europe
          DPPI SEE

                                                                              NATIONAL GOVERNMENTS
                                                                                    FROM SEE
                           International Initiatives in SEE
                                   European Union
                                                                                                                           DPPI SECRETARIAT
                              United Nations Agencies
                                                                                                                          Based in Sarajevo, BIH
                              International GO & NGO
                                                                                   DPPI SEE
                                                                               REGIONAL MEETING
     Level                           DPPI SEE
                                  ADVISORY BOARD

                                                                                      DPPI SEE
                                                                                WORKING GROUPS
                                                                               Joint Operational Body

National Level                                                                                          Monte
                 Albania        BIH       Bulgaria     Croatia   Greece   Hungary Macedonia Moldova             Romania   Serbia   Slovenia   Turkey

Local Level                                                                       Municipalities
DPPI SEE Member Countries

 EU Member States:
  Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia, (Greece)

 EU Candidate Countries:
  Croatia, Macedonia and Turkey

 EU Potential Candidate Countries:
  Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and

 Moldova
Key Organizations and Stakeholders

 National Disaster Management Authorities from SEE

 Disaster Management Authorities on Local Levels

 Other Ministries/Institutions/Organizations in charge
  for disaster management and disaster reduction

 International Institutions, Organizations and Agencies

 International Donor Community

 Regional DPPI SEE Meetings (biannual)

 Permanent Information Exchange

 Cooperation and Coordination with other Organizations and
   Initiatives involved in Disaster Preparedness, Prevention, Risk
   Reduction and Emergency Response

 Participation in, coordination and facilitation of the Meetings,
   Seminars, Workshops and other relevant events related to
   disaster preparedness and prevention

 Elaboration of the project proposals and initiation, facilitation
   and support for its development and implementation
One of Important Events in 2008

  DPPI SEE High Level Ministerial Meeting
   9th April 2008, Sofia, Bulgaria,
DPPI SEE Projects

 During previous years, the DPPI SEE member
 countries and DPPI SEE partners have initiated,
 developed and implemented various project

 On-going project facilitation:
Regional Project:
Disaster Management Training Project 2008
 Project Overview: the project is prepared on the basis of needs, interest and
    training capacities of the SEE countries.

 The main goal of the DMTP is to enhance disaster preparedness and
    prevention in the countries of SEE through common disaster management
    education and trainings.

 EU Cooperation: Course on Civil Protection/Disaster Management in
    European Union

 End users/beneficiaries: Disaster Management Authorities from both national
    and local levels,

 Financing: 225,000 €
Regional Project: “Establishment of Joint Emergency
Response Units in case of floods in SEE region”

 Project Overview

 The overall objective
  to improve preparedness and response in case of floods with joint
    emergency response units between 11 countries in SEE Region
  8 JERU Teams will be formed and 48 team’s members trained and
    equipped under joint Management–Operational Team
  Implementation of JERU project will support the cross border co-operation
    between countries in the region

 EU Cooperation: EU-HUROMEX 2008 civil protection field exercise

 End users/beneficiaries: Disaster Management Authorities from both national
    and local levels,

 Financing: Total budget €600,000, International Donors (70%), the DPPI SEE
    (20%) and participating countries from SEE (10%)
Regional Project for “Harmonization of Seismic
Hazard Maps for the Western Balkan Countries”

Project Overview
 to determine the new harmonized seismic hazard maps of the region
   applying scientific method

EU Cooperation: the final output maps will mach the recommendations from
   the Euorocode 8 ( the seismic zoning in European standards)

Geographical Scope of Project: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia,
   FYR of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia

End Users/beneficiaries: Disaster Management Authorities, Institutions and
   Agencies responsible for building and constructions and for urban
   planning, Ministries responsible for seismic safety improvement and
   seismic risk management, Insurance companies

Financing: Budget €638,000, NATO SfP Program support with €300,000.
Regional Project PREMIAN, “International Network for
Major Industrial Accident Prevention Policy in the Context
of SEVESO II Directive for SEE”
Project Overview

The main objectives
 regional information system (PREMIAN) with a virtual laboratory
  for the assessment of risk factors to support the national
  authorities in the management of risks and emergency
  situations related to technological hazards and the existence of
  old industrial and heavily polluted sites.
PREMIAN should become a part of the system that supports and provides
  information for both EU countries and the whole Europe.

End users/beneficiaries: Disaster Management Authorities and citizens of
   participating countries

Financing: Total budget €1,000,000,
DPPI SEE Joint Fire Fighting in South
Eastern Europe
Project Overview

Main objectives:

    to improve preparedness, prevention and response in case of
    fires, in particular forest and wild fires in the SEE region.

 to establish the regional platform for education, training,
    equipping and co-ordination

 regular exchange of information regarding fires

Financing: TBD

 cohesive regional strategy for disaster preparedness and
  prevention with support of international partners

 cooperation and coordination among different
  organizations and initiatives active in the filed of disaster
  management in the region

 Regional project facilitation and implementation applying
  international standards

     Strengthening of the Network of SEE
    Countries and International Institutions/
          Initiatives/Organizations and
      Enhancing Cooperation in the field
         Disaster Management in SEE
  Disaster Preparedness and Prevention Initiative
  for South Eastern Europe

                           DPPI SEE
                       Thank you for your attention.
Miroslav Vujanic

Head of the DPPI SEE Secretariat

Disaster Preparedness and Prevention Initiative
Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe
Vilsonovo setaliste 10
71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Phone/fax:    + 387 33 614 865
              + 387 33 615 016
Mobile:       + 387 63 892 484


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