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 1, actuaries About

 Actuarial Science

 Actuarial Science in the West three hundred years of history, it is an application of
probability theory and other mathematical theory and a variety of financial
instruments to study how to deal with insurance and other financial sector problems in
a variety of risk disciplines of quantitative methods and techniques, is Modern
insurance industry, the financial investment industry and the development of social
security theory.


 actuaries are recognized through the financial and insurance regulatory authorities of
their personal qualifications. Insurance companies, actuaries are the core of the core
sector professionals, with high status, powers and duties. The main functions of
actuaries in insurance companies include:

 new insurance product development and design: more intense competition in the
insurance market, only continue to meet the people need to launch new insurance
products to the survival and development, Actuaries are the main designers of new
insurance products. The terms of a new insurance products, price design, it is
necessary to ensure that companies can profit, but also managed the feasibility, but
also to meet people's needs, competitive pricing, the market competitiveness. For
example, a life insurance product, the actuary must pass before the life expectancy
statistics, current interest rates and cost rates are calculated, etc., design constraints
insured provisions (such as health conditions, etc.), on the possibility of payment and
payment receipts time to make the calculation, the last with the company's senior
management together to determine the price of the policy. And such new insurance
products designed, the actuary must also sign and then send the insurance regulatory

 Insurance Product Management: product sold, the actuary often involved in product
management. If the product is involved in the insurance dividends are paid to
customers under implementation time per annum, you must analyze the company can
and should pay the amount per annum. This requires analysis of the status of
implementation of the scheme, and the amount of future funding may be required.

 Financial Management: For the majority of the insurance products, as part of its
accumulated funds are in reserve for later use to pay, the actuary must estimate the
amount of reserves and calculate the plan for future expenditures; company's year-end
financial audit report and sign the report; to capture the direction of the investment
company to assess, in order to ensure the safety and benefits of investment.

 a result, when an actuary in the opinion of a signature, it means an insurance plan, a
pension plan or any other promises had been born on the insurance companies, State
and Society will have considerable influence.

  actuaries in the world is a kind of popular and attractive career, with the insurance
industry, social welfare and investment advisory industry developed rapidly, its future
and "money process" will be more promising. With accountants, lawyers and doctors
professional than a small number of actuaries, a more professional career. According
to the U.S. occupation in 1999 rating (Jobs Rated Almanac by Les Krantz) 250 United
States carried out job evaluation and ranking was named the best professional
  as an actuary, not only have a solid mathematical basis, able to skillfully use modern
mathematical approach to empirical data, the trend of future changes in an analysis, to
judge, but also needs to have a solid foundation of economic theory, legal, tax system,
financial accounting, investment knowledge of dialysis, especially for risk with keen
insight and ability to handle a variety of controllable risk.

 qualified actuary actuary training and test

 final by the general growth of the actuarial staff for the long and arduous way of
Actuaries. It is understood that the actuary's training, in general, theoretical study and
practical experience accumulated in parallel manner, require a longer period of time.
In the United States, to pass actuarial examination, an average of 5 to 7 years. Subject
to the general points of Actuaries Examination and actuaries actuary exams two
exams, the tests for the prospective actuary as actuary of the actuarial staff to master
the theory and practical skills and knowledge of the actuarial basis; Actuary Senior
Actuarial professional examination content main courses and actuarial practice, which
relates to insurance company operations, corporate finance, investment, corporate
insolvency and many other content management. Only through these two levels of
study and examinations, will obtain actuarial certificates. / Center>