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									Ability of College Students College Students Employment Strategies

 Graduate Employability Training

  Graduate Employability Training Strategies of
  description.abstract Abstract In the current higher education context, with the rapid
development and higher education enrollment continues to expand, students
increasingly severe unemployment problem, which has aroused great concern. It can
be said whether the employment is directly related to students individual students to
achieve self-worth or not, and reasonable solution to the problem related to the
development of higher education and the social harmony and stability. Especially in
today's world financial turmoil, the students become more severe employment
situation. Therefore, the high priority of employment ability of students to solve the
employment problem students, ensuring students an important way to smooth
employment. In this paper, based on literature research, concentrated study of the
domestic and foreign research results. Reference to the U.S. release ASTD Training
and Development Association "in the workplace basic skills - demand the necessary
skills to employers," the report, the basic skills the first time the concept of
connotation detail. And combining the current employability training students to
analyze problems in order to cultivate a targeted strategy. In explaining the ability of
college students employment background, significance and research status, etc, the
detail of the concept of employability, the specific content of structural dimensions.
And from the Chinese government, universities, enterprises, individual students in
four angles, in-depth analysis of the current status of the college students ability and
sum up the problems. And its main influence in the lack of government action, vague
idea of university training, corporate training and personal training weak sense of
responsibility for poor awareness of these four areas, each area and launched a
detailed analysis. Finally, according to ASTD ability to structure the employment
dimension, combined with problems of students proposed to improve the
employability training strategy. Policies and regulations that the Government should
support security level; Universities should curriculum, training objectives, practical
aspects of education and career guidance to improve; enterprises to joint training with
schools and the training model to improve levels; and individual students in career
planning awareness and practical ability should be improved.
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author. engthawarenessincareerplanningaswellasincapacitybuilding.
  【Key Words】 Chinese college students; employability; training
  【English Keywords】 UniversityStudents; Employability; Training
  paper catalog】 【
  summary of 4-5
  Introduction 8-19
  1.1 Background 8-10
  1.1.1 Employment Situation Analysis of 8-10
  1.1.2 Employment of College Students of 10
  1.2 Research Significance of 10-11
  1.3 Research Methods 11-12
  1.4 research status 12-18
  1.4.1 literatures of 12
  1.4.2 on employment Implications of the concept of capacity 12-14
  1.4.3 Ability on Employment Dimensions 14-15
  1.4.4 Ability on the Employment Strategy of 15-17
  1.4.5 on employability Other related problems 17-18
  1.5 Characteristics and Innovation 18-19
 employability concept and structure of 19-32
 2.1 employability concept 19-21
 2.1.1 employability 19 -21
 2.1.2 Graduate Employability 21
 2.2 Structural dimensions of the employment capacity of 21-32
 2.2.1 base capacity 22-23
 2.2.2 Basic Competency 23 - 25
 2.2.3 communication skills 25-26
 2.2.4 adaptability 26-27
 2.2.5 development capacity 27-29
 2.2.6 Effect groups 29-30% ability to influence D% A 2.2.7 30-32
 College Ability Employment Situation 32-44
 3.1 Government behavior affect less than 32-36
 3.1.1 Students practice system system failure 32-35
 3.1.2 Graduate Employment Services Market turmoil 35-36
 3.2 Universities and Colleges concept of fuzzy 36-38
 3.2.1 Dislocation in Curriculum and market demand, 36-37
 3.2.2 Personnel training system model irrational 37-38
 3.2.3 Practical Skills and the need to difference 38
 3.3 weak corporate responsibility culture 38-40
 3.3.1 build schools and enterprises are not enthusiastic about practice base High
 3.3.2 Training school-enterprise cooperation model direction to be determined 40
 3.4 student awareness of personal training weak 40-44
 3.4.1 awareness of the lack of career planning 41
 3.4.2 lack of awareness practice ability 41-44
 Graduate Employability Training 44-58
 4.1 to support the Government in formulating a reasonable policy option 44-46
 4.1.1 improve training practice and school-enterprise cooperation Mechanism of
 4.1.2 rationalize the employment services market issues 45-46
 4.2 establish and improve the employability of university training system 46-52
 4.2.1 Adjusting Course 47-48
 4.2.2 Reform of training objectives 48-49
 4.2.3 enhance the practice of culture 49-50
 4.2.4 to enhance career guidance 50-52
 4.3 corporate sense of responsibility to strengthen training 52 - 54
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and sorting, to thank the original author. p; 4.3.1 to enhance joint training with schools,
 4.3.2 training model to improve school-enterprise cooperation 53-54
 4.4 student self-employment capacity building training program 54-58
 4.4. 1 raise awareness of career planning 54-55
 4.4.2 for individual practice ways to cultivate 55-58
 Conclusion 58-59
 Reference 59-62
 master's degree Papers Published in the situation during the 62-63
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