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									2009, Pham Van outstanding application of the safety of Fan Wenshen

 Pham Van outstanding application of safe food

 by the "Sudan incident" affected people can not help but have this question: in the
end we can rest assured that eating What? What other product safety problems? Not
just food safety, housing, road safety has been troubled by lingering, we do not just
want an explanation, but requires a robust security system to protect our security. 
 from the British Food Standards Agency issued a related warning to consumers to
the AQSIQ and the Commission jointly issued a national standard of Sudan dyes in
food detection methods, as long as the use of common HPLC can accurate completion
of testing, in which more than a month of time between what happened? KFC visited
and cold, its suppliers Yum Group has become a target of public criticism, in the wave
of food safety crisis has revealed the "Music of" the manufacturer in China and the
rest of the world market, the double standard violated China's consumers right to
know and to choose. 
 well-known, Food safety and the safety of all other aspects of our daily life. Today,
we are told must have the following two conditions can only be to the courts: one is
eaten with "Sudan I" of the two products of the evidence, this needs to hold
Kentucky's invoice or receipt; second is through medical evaluation of the damage to
the fact that damage may be caused by "Sudan I" caused. However, at present most of
the domestic consumer spending did not ask for and retain evidence of the habits,
KFC restaurants do not take the initiative to a small ticket to the customer, and
because "Sudan I" damage to the human body there is a certain latent period, not eat
today, tomorrow, go to the hospital will be able to check out. Although we can ask the
court to be liable for default judgments KFC, KFC to buy the products because
consumers when and KFC on the relationship between the formation of a service
contract, if the products contain the damage to human health, "Sudan I", then should
be any penalty. Relative to the "Action of tort damages," "Breach of the complaint,"
the burden of proof easier, just provide invoices or receipts for Kentucky on the line.
But even so, for us consumers is difficult. 
 consumer as a vulnerable group, the survival time of both the state may be
threatened, then how should we have asked for safety-related protection? How to
protect yourself? Today is "Sudan I", then tomorrow? 
 has always been one of the pesticide residues in vegetables, fruits, animal quarantine
and veterinary drug residues in vigilance is always high. But According to the
investigation, China implemented in 1995, "Food Hygiene Law," only 104 kinds of
pesticides in food, fruits, vegetables, meat and other 45 kinds of food provided to
allow residues, while the international Codex Alimentarius pesticides in 375 of 176
kinds of food provided for 2439 pesticide residue standards. Is this to say? In the eyes
of business interests first, as the interests of vulnerable groups of consumers who or
by what should the system or measures to be protected? If the vested interests of civil
society and business interests are not well coordinated, the outlook is not optimistic.
  "Sudan I" incident exposed the problem is that there is a cross-cutting issues of food
safety standards, and test holes. National Standardization Committee, said the
responsible person, in fact, has the very early detection of country, "Sudan" equipment
and technology capabilities, but the lack specialized testing Biaozhun, relevant
institutions in food inspection Meiyou on Shipihanyou "One Sudan," Xiang Mu
testing. No corresponding safety standards and testing loopholes which breeds a
hotbed of illegal production and management. 
  in various aspects of the daily life of ordinary people, not just by personal desire to
be able to reach the normal state of satisfaction. Food safety issues that, other issues
such as housing, property management, traffic problems, speeding cases and so is the
standard everywhere. As survival of individuals, our hope is better, our strength is
insignificant, Zuo Wei survive the group, we are still far from strong, we can not go it
gives to food safety concern and attention and fortunate since there are still people
Huo Mei You institutions to take responsibility. There is no regret medicine, we do not
want the safety of their own again and again the threat, so we can not wait, so we urge
the relevant departments of adequate attention, people are urged to come forward,
calling businesses should also take into account promising future!
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