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  36. し と や か: elegant, demure, dignified / / walk ki side と し や か が で
あ ru.
  37. し や か な: soft, soft, elastic / / し な や か な means.
  38. Kin や か "desu こ や か": (physical) health, robust / / health education や
か に つ.
  39. Desu て ki: Very good, good / / Prime 敵 na tailor を with て い ru.
  Notice: / / "desu ば ら し い" focuses on the actors describe the object being
evaluated by a gorgeous, grand, and so the nature of feelings.
  / / "desu て ki" is generally not involved in the evaluated value of the object,
focusing on the subjective feelings expressed actors.
  40. Desu na お:
  ① innocence / / personality factors directly な の で child for, み ん な に か
れ ru good.
  ② candid, frank / / Since the sub-prime の を 気 持 ち に Binv straight out に
ち け ta fight.
  41. Rough end "そ ま つ":
  ① rough, crude / / thick body end na na り を し て い ru.
  ② neglect, neglect / / お 様 を rough off the enthusiasm of the late ni na ru rude
や つ だ.
  42. ぞ san za i:
  ① illegible, rash / / ぞ ん か に い za i ta の で, president san za ん に ら
れ ta scold.
  ② rude, impolite / / ぞ san za i na Fleur removal い.
  タ line
  43. Hand-Qing "て ga ru": simple, easy, Qing Yi / / hand Zhi na Korean food を
take ru.
  44. Hands are "て ご ろ":
  ① together hand
  ② are consistent with, and this is (on its own strength, requirements, etc.) / / hand
ha na Zhi Duan で buy っ ta.
  45. Hand near "て ぢ か":
  ① side, hand / / dictionary を い つ も い て hand near Jen Chi お く.
  ② common / / hand close na issue.
  ナ line
  46. And や か "ご や か な": mild, harmony / / and や か な atmosphere Tong
  47. な だ か ら:
  ① gentle slope of a small / / こ の は な だ first ら か に な っ て い ru.
  ② smooth, smooth, steady, smooth / / na na Benten だ か ら tongue.
  48. Sliding ら か "Circular ら か な":
  ① smooth, smooth / / slide ら か な muscle.
  ② fluent, smooth / / slide ら か に し ゃ べ ru.
  49. に わ か:
  ① suddenly, sudden / / empty が に わ か に っ て Tan, Lei Ming り the shi
ta mo.
  ② immediately, immediately / / lover suicide の か に は に わ の he を
UCHI Circular xi ta.
  50. の か commercial,:
  ① leisure, leisure / / の か な Mei Japanese commercial, sent っ て い を ru.
  ② wind together on Li / / Family で Park に line ki, の か な commercial,
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