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									Autumn autumn mood mood

  fall mood autumn
  seasonal fall is a beautiful season, it is different from the summer heat; bitter cold
winter, and spring it is the twin sister, has the same flash point. Autumn is a season of
fruits and fragrant; Autumn is a season of planting hope. into a basket of oranges,
piles of lychee, very fresh, to make you mouth water.
  I love the fall, in love with fall I also love the fall. autumn wind gentle, cool, it is a
cleaner Mother Earth, the many dead branches Baiye mercilessly thrown into the
abyss. But the autumn wind is ruthless, and it killed all the creatures, so that grass was
yellow the leaves withered. but autumn is one of the greatest judges, it is ready next
year's harvest, but hid in a cave go himself to endure all the abuse.
  slightly yellow grass of autumn, but There was a vigorous vitality, it is perseverance,
and doing intense fight in the external environment; autumn grass is mature, their
mother, with his chest covered in order to resist the terrible cold! ah! how the spirit of
these grass simple, valuable ah!
  saying goes: "autumn rolling." rain fall is a good look at a few days, do not angry,
autumn rain washed away the dust on earth, bringing a fresh child. it to dry add a
beautiful aura of the environment. talking about the autumn, it must be said akishimo,
and ancient symbol of good luck as the cream, called "manna." presumably it is also a
grain of truth. Shuang Jie Bai Suya, dignified and sacred , colorless and transparent, a
symbol of purity. creams can kill some insects and bacteria, on the growth of useful
crops, so an experienced farmer made up saying: "after the first frost snow, warehouse
full of worry about years & rdquo ;. shows how much the role of akishimo.
  mood of autumn is the language of the poet can not be described; also the artist
brush can not be described; autumn mood to savor only motive; with eyes to feel; I
fall The environment actually have some insight. autumn rich cultural historical
heritage, so the fall is full of Qi. both Yue Fei, ji, Wen Tianxiang, Qu Yuan, or Gongzi
Qing, Xia Wanchun they praised the beauty of autumn, praised the excellent
motherland rivers and mountains. revel in them, light cover doors, and autumn as
friends, as partners with the autumn, and autumn peers, is my sincere desire!
  fall is a knowledgeable scholar, in frustration, difficult test Xiazou again; autumn is a
fair judge, it is clear the evil, between heaven and earth just to stay "just" word;
Autumn is the sprint athletes, across the endless obstacles, led us to move forward!
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