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									Q & A assets certified asset test test

  registered asset assessment test
  registered valuer test set which subjects? Examination subjects established by the
depth of expertise?
: The asset valuation is a specialized, very technical subject, involving many classes
of assets, it requires practitioners both engineering knowledge, but also financial and
accounting knowledge, but also a certain practical experience. The current "asset
assessment study", "economics", "Financial Accounting", "electrical and mechanical
equipment basis for assessment," "building assessment based on" five test subjects is
based on the assessment of industry characteristics and the basic requirements set
practitioners . Currently equivalent to intermediate level economics exam title exam.
However, as the licensing examination is across multiple disciplines, the test subjects
for non-professional candidates becomes more difficult to some, but not unattainable.
Through the years has been more than 16,000 tests have certain qualities to join the
registered valuer in the industry to. Expected to more than 20,000 people.
  condition of the specific application certified asset test what?
: The specific application certified asset test conditions: all of the citizens,
law-abiding and have one of the following conditions may apply for certified public
valuers licensing examination:
  (1 ) to acquire the assets related to the professional assessment of (economic
management, financial accounting, engineering, the same below) secondary education,
related work in asset valuation for seven years.
  (b) obtain asset valuation related professional college degree, relevant work in five
years of property assessment.
  (c) obtain asset valuation related professional degrees, three years relevant work in
asset valuation.
  (4) obtain asset valuation related professional degree or second degree, postgraduate
class, assets evaluation related work in one year.
  (5) obtain asset valuation related professional doctorate.
  (6) do not have the academic requirements, but by uniform national economy,
accounting and auditing profession junior qualifying examination and obtain
appropriate professional qualifications and relevant work in asset valuation over six
years. / Center>

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