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									Poetry contest hands poem

 poem contest poem hands

  Today, our school held a "Poetry Contest", high-grade classmates, who went
multi-functional classroom "Poetry Contest"! Our team has done a race well prepared.
  process of the game there are three: a total of more than three rounds, round of the
answer, write answer and answering.
  first round begin! 8 (3) The class play is Zhang Wenxin, her memory has always
been a sometimes remember and sometimes forget that we are worried about her, and
fortunately, her back is Waves, there is no negative fortunately our expectations,
successful as she won 10 points. Our class I Ran and Li Yue also passed that round, a
total of 30 points this round, really good!
  second round, Chen teacher to write A paper distributed to all class lines, I saw
Zhang Wenxin, Li Yue Yu Tao Ran and with much discussion about this very carefully.
I hope they learn all right, but the results of only 10 points. 7 (2) classes of students
were all written on the 30 points, I was shocked.
  third round. Was watching the class poem, to give answer in hand, did not think
Steven Eugene anxious hand, scored 10 points out of the total of 110 points, while a
total of 80 points, too few. Liu true and raise their hands in the Pan, but wrong, 10
points deducted. Suddenly, so hard a poem, all classes not raise their hands, did not
expect, Shou Wei, two hands, is that in verse, is quite simply recite a good flow,
looking at his mouth while one of a shape and keep to thugs language, let us Mudeng
  final, Professor Chen said: "The first is the 8 (a) class, the second is 7 (2) classes,
and the third is 9 (2) class, the fourth is 8 (2) classes , the fifth is 8 (3) classes, sixth is
9 (1) class, the seventh of seven (1) class.
  through the game, so I know! Our knowledge is very little, and after refueling efforts
must be.
  This is really a fierce poetry game! / Center>

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