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An open letter open letter


									An open letter open letter

 an open letter to the Earth human

  human on earth:
  I'm from the endless reaches of the universe to the one intelligent star. I will pass
over you, when the earth, he was an acrid smell confused breath. So, I used
"telescope" to view, find that you constantly run the plant emissions to the air, the
water discharge wastewater. It allows you to be surrounded by these pollutants in the
atmosphere in the dirty. I was about to enter the Earth's interior to see what happens
when actually feel my side is being corrupted, this is your original emissions to air
and air in the chemical reaction took place the material to make my body hurt . So, I
had no choice but to fly out. This is me some of the measuring instrument has been
observed out of your thousands of pollutants, they will be very seriously affected the
normal life of mankind as a whole.
  final, my system devices obtained results: Because you humans to occupy arable
land, deforestation, and development of technology in your time, because there is no
reasonable environmental protection measures and increased the variety of pollution.
  poor man, clearly some of it! This continues not only to your future unthinkable, but
also affect the survival of our entire universe, environment, protection of the
environment it!
  high intelligence satellite
  X in X month X day

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document] collection with the order, thank the original author. /

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